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  1. Project Z.O.N.E

    Thank you so much I don't really have specific tools I use just mechanical pencil for start, pen for inking, than a box of crayola pencil crayons, and metallic 1$ store pencil crayons
  2. Project Z.O.N.E

    Concept art/designs of Slasher
  3. Project Z.O.N.E

    Update with Character number 3! Z.O.N.E Commander Slasher "The Human"
  4. Project Z.O.N.E

    First Story Pic! Check me out on DA for the story description https://stratusasterion.deviantart.com/
  5. Project Z.O.N.E

    Thank You! I have a lot of fun colouring her hair EDIT: Here is another pic of Alice, in a more casual fashion
  6. Project Z.O.N.E

    Topic Bump with character 2! Meet Alice Carinae! She is the heroine of my story and you can read more about her bio on my DA Page! Includes character art, concept art and old concept designs.
  7. Sonic Forces may have destroyed the series storyline

    In defense of some of these aspects (trust me there is PLENTY to complain about Forces) but the Death Egg I don't think is ever outright stated to have been made in 6 months, the Little Planet only appears every once in a while in its canon so it makes sense for it to not always be around, and than the comics sort of explain some of the other things. Silver came back in time to warn Knuckles who appointed himself leader of the resistance, and the Eggman robots are made with the Phantom Ruby so most of Eggman's tech could be tossed up to Ruby Illusion (including the death Egg) mind you yes Episode Shadow basically ignores the Shadow Comic and Infinite's design sorta ignores his backstory clip in Ep Shadow but still At least the comic media attempted to make SOME explanations.
  8. So, the reason why Infinite became evil...

    I dont think the issue is that the series tone cant be dark without feeling out of place the issue is the writing team and to some degree the tops at sonic team. They dont seem to have the creativity to seemlesly integrate it, so we get these rushed try hard attempts shoe horned in. Look at series like pokemon they are clearly marketed for kids but there is some dark shit in those games but they dont usually sacrifice the integrity of the game to shove it in your face going "look look grown up stuff!" they know their fanbase. Sonic team doesnt particularily seem interested in uniting their fanbase at least anymore I genuinely think they tried with Unleashed but the negative reception really halted their gears and made them seem sorta jaded like whats the point so now we get these half baked wiplash inducing tones in the games because its like throw dark stuff to those fans toss classic sonic in and utter a few kid jokes (true dat Tails? Really? >~>) and it feels disjointed and like there is not much effort
  9. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    I knew infinite wasnt modeled properly. I detailed that in a post on the infinite being evil topic xp
  10. So, the reason why Infinite became evil...

    Dunno if anyone's been able to rip models or anything from the steam Version but I'm curious if Infinite was modeled with a face under the mask. In the episode Shadow cutscene Infinite's mouth muzzle part doesn't match the one he has in the comic, and obscuring it leads me to believe he doesn't have a modeled face, but for a brief moment he appears to have an eye in the cutscene as well, and in certain cutscenes you can see that his eye underneath his mask is separate because his face structure is like all the other characters but his mask is pointed so I'm really curious to know how he was modeled in game. Here is examples of all the design cues I mentioned. Obviously the design difference from the comic to the game model could be chocked up to either laziness or lack of communication between game team vs comic artist (concept art may have differed on his design?) but it seems weird that if he has a modeled face what use is it obscuring it in Episode Shadow?
  11. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Pretty sure I know the answer, but with Super Sonic being locked in the game, is he disabled when playing as Shadow or vs the bosses?
  12. Vocal Music In Sonic Games?

    Absolutely agree I love them and have discovered some great music because of this franchise and I hope it sticks around!
  13. Vocal Music In Sonic Games?

    With the release of Sonic Forces and it's slew of vocal themes and while I await full version of "Infinite" I thought I'd ask is anyone knows, how do vocal tracks come to be in Sonic games? I know during Shadow the Hedgehog's release it was stated that Sonic Team wanted to use "Broken" By Sins of A Divine Mother, but where unable to due to not being able to get a hold of the copyright, so they asked A2/Mona Lisa Overdrive to do "Chosen One" to sound similar to "Broken" so this leads me to believe "Broken" was considered cool and they wanted something similar but wasn't necessarily written FOR Shadow or the game. So my question than is how does a vocal track come to be? in the case of Infinite's theme was the music composed first than lyrics and Dangerkids was asked to sing it? did Dangerkids write the lyrics and if so were they told "This is the kind of character Infinite is (kinda wasn't >.>) write something along those lines using this music we have composed for his boss theme" or did the vocal track come first and the boss theme is remix of that? This can be applied to most tracks in the games, what is the artist given when they are asked to do a song, and has it changed since it started? And did artists like Julien-K, Zebrahead, Crush 40 etc have a little more freedom back in the day v now in terms of songs like "Infinite" & "Fist Bump" as Zebrahead & Bentley Jones have seemed to be able to remix their own songs to fit their style more allowing me to assume they had their own credits to the songs beyond just performing them which cycles back to how much info are they given about the song/game beforehand? Sound off opinions or if anyone flat out has the answer (Speaking of Sins of a Divine Mother I don't think their 2 songs "Broken" & "All of Me" ever really got official lyrics since the ones online sound wrong to me.)
  14. Sonic Forces - OST Thread

    So I presume Infinite's vocal theme isn't in the game files either? Just want that song in full >.>
  15. At what point did Sonic Forces lose you?

    Playing the game. One by one things started to disappoint me, like I said in the leak topic I really REALLY wanted to like this game but there is just soooo many missteps. To me it almost feels like the game that was supposedly in development for 4 years wasn't 4 years straight, it feels more like this game was started around Unleashed but after the negative reception Unleashed got they shelved the game and opted for simpler back to basics sort of thing with Colours and the game sat there for a few years while they improved the Boost formula and brought back Classic Sonic, than they shifted to Lost World and that got pretty poor reviews too so they figured okay lets get back to boost but rather than try fine tuning it further they were just like "Hey we have that game we started a few years ago lets pretty it up and finish it now." and thus Forces came to be. Because it almost feels to me like Forces might have felt better if it was suuuuper early in the boost gameplay's life cycle like if fresh off Unleashed we got Forces, introducing Classic Sonic back in and removing Werehog, but now that we've had Classic Sonic already, we've had boost gameplay improved (WHY IS DRIFT GONE!?) this just all feels soooo inferior like its more steps backwards than it is forwards, Classic Sonic plays like garbage but it feels even worse next to Mania and kinda IMO next to Generations too, like I feel he plays worse now but that could be attributed to his level design. Overall I had HUGE hopes for this game, it felt like it was what I wanted back, since, while I grew up with Sonic 2, I loved experiencing the stories of Modern Sonic gameplay in my early teens, but this story was an absolute mess, the gameplay is mediocre at best but feels even worse when compared to the games before it being better so it kinda makes in inexcusable. I wanted to like this game, I wanted to like the story, I wanted to like Infinite but it was just misstep after misstep.