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  1. yah I'm sorry I don't want to sound entitled, but I honestly regret my Fighter Pass purchase and getting zero info on the next six, means I'm saving my money this time. I'm not blindly buying into something like this ever again
  2. lol that would be badass, also wasn't there a missing datamined Papu Skin? Immortan Papu would be hillarious
  3. Fighter five is totally gonna be Jesus from that "I Am Jesus" game or baby Yoda you heard it here first folks, consider me a certified leaker cuz I said so
  4. "Rustland" has to have a legendary skin for poor Geary right!?
  5. I think my biggest takeaway was that missile that hit him at around :44, those things can barely hit my opponents in a straight line, let alone someone with USF at a slightly twisting area
  6. Basically I stand by my disappointment at "Go" and I don't consider him looking girly as a compromise for what could have been a cool female protag, just find it kind of annoying like no anime's geared at kids can have cool female protagonists unless it's like an all girl cast. Now with that all being said, I'm going to wait to hear more about the premise and some of the plot points before deciding if I'll give it a shot or not
  7. I dont disagree that Misty and Iris kind of sort of weakly applied to catching and battling but like others said it was lackluster, this seems to imply the new person is a second protagonist which I think would have been really cool to have been a girl, since so many other similar shows always reduce the girl to just being the waifu, cheerleader, or bossy girl "ruining the main boy's fun" which are shitty roles for girl imo, especially since the games seem to be opening up to appealing to more girls Now I know people are gonna knock me for having an invalid opinion having SAO as my pfp, but that doesn't mean I dont think SAO should handle girls better too.
  8. I'm sorry to bump this topic. and I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here. I imagine it's nothing, and it's from 11 months ago and nothing's come of it, but I just found it super random. So I was listening to music on Youtube the other day and was listening to the song "Unheavenly Creatures" by Coheed & Cambria, and well, I saw this comment. This is obviously still up and on the official video for the song. Again I know it's probably nothing, just not really sure what to make of it other then I suppose Sonic if a fan of Coheed & Cambria?
  9. I hate that i have everyone except N Trance, it's really annoying >.>
  10. What kind of Challenges would you guys like to see going forward that could be more fun? something definitely has to happen with all the constant boring ass battle mode ones
  11. ...I didn't mean to come off as condescending or gloating or mean...sorry, I just wanted to basically state that the Time Trial this time around are far harder in certain stages in particular than in the original, i'm really sorry if i came off poorly i truly didn't mean to
  12. Lol sorry to rain on you Jango but I beat all the N Tropy AND Oxide ghosts in the original as a child, twice. N Tropy is waaaay harder in this game, Oxide Station was a particular bitch and Tiny Temple was another pain in the ass, hopefully you doing the Plat Relics will have helped you since i haven't done those yet, but I just unlocked N Tropy last week and it was way harder then I remember in the original
  13. I got motorsports tawna now as well, but i'm having a problem with the pit stop, I have every current character except N Trance, he will not appear in the shop 😧
  14. I haven't tried hard mode but I've had no issues with normal mode so far, I find myself losing the comps fairly easy in a ton of stages, sure some stages are a lot harder then others, but I haven't found to much balance issues at all, in adventure mode so far I've passed Papu, and haven't lost at all so far in the mode. Not trying to knock the people saying it's too hard, just don't find that myself.
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