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  1. I highly doubt you're gonna read this. Happy birthday! Time really flies by, I hope you have a good bar mitzvah (if you're Jewish). :P

  2. I'm gonna see Terminator Salvation soon, hoping it's gonna be great... Oh and I'm going to watch my first Star Wars movie today. XD
  3. I saw it two or three days ago. It was fantastic. Definitely the most touching Pixar film to date. I didn't cry though. I almost did when Carl started reading Ellie's adventure book... 90 minutes of pure fun... I also like the ending with Carl becoming Russel's father figure.
  4. And this marks the death of CN. Oh well, the Pan-European CN is still going fairly strong. Plus, if you want classic CN and relieve the good days - go watch Cartoon Network TOO. It's nostalgic.
  5. Yeah, I read that on Yahoo. It's interesting to say the least, but I'm sure the PS2 will still beat the DC. Too bad though, the DC is an overlooked gem.
  6. I think it'll be some choppy game just to make a quick buck. I'm getting tired of music video games...
  7. W7 sounds very promising, unfortunately I'll be sticking with XP SP3. Vista sucked, they fixed it in SP2 though.
  8. Are you sure Meshuggah are releasing another album? They released in '08 and they usually spend more time on their albums, so... Anaal Nathrakh? Marduk? Awesome. I'm also interested in the new Primal Fear album.
  9. Nobody cares. As for why I have devoted myself to one genre, it is the only genre I like, that's why. I like hard rock, some R&B, Chuck Berry, "Weird Al" Yankovic, some random nu metal riffs, but otherwise - it's all metal for me. In fact, I think The Beatles are one of the worst bands ever. The reason why I'm sick of modern metal posers is because of how people are led to believe they're metal. I know somebody who thought that he listens to metal all because "nu metal" contains the word "metal" in it. Metallica are a great example of a great band taking the wrong direction. Everything from 1991 to present by them isn't "Metallica", it's "Metalliposers". Yeah, I'm a strong critic.
  10. Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Actually, it's normal for most racing games to have rubberband AI, well arcade racers anyway. This especially concerns the police. They are programmed to bust you in any way possible. Once you beat Blacklist #2, things become total hell with the police.
  11. BZPower, NFSUnlimited, NFS-Planet, Bioforce Forums (my own forum), Hiper.co.nr (a forum that belongs to a friend from BZPower, currently under construction but surprisingly online), Absolute PlayStation Network (I should post more there).
  12. Yeah, I'll be watching this one. The first one was good. So I bet this one will be too.
  13. When will they ever stop? They should have realized by now they don't stand a chance. Many lawsuits have been filed... Demonoid, isoHunt... but they always manage to fight back and restore the sites in the end. They always try. SecuROM... ripping off their customers - can be cracked quickly and easily (older games). Newer games can take up to a week. Harmful to your computer. StarForce... well, THAT'S a beast. It can take up to 6 months or even a year to crack a StarForce game. It's very harmful to your computer as well. More than SecuROM. The Pirate Bay is especially notorious. Legal organizations are always on their trail. MPAA are after aXXo... I'm tired of it.
  14. Woah, a late reply...

    Yeah, I am 11.

    1. Uraraka


      now you are 16, that is interesting right?

  15. Is the Ham Sandwich thing a reference to Sheep in the Big City?

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