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    Sonic Unleashed
    Shadow the Hedgehog
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    All of us metalheads know 2009 is going to be a great year for metal. So many albums, so many concerts... so little time.

    Anyway, here is a list of my Most Wanted albums this year (which are the main bands releasing album this year actually):

    For a full list, see here.

    Anthrax [Worship Music; 2009]
    Cannibal Corpse [Evisceration Plague; February 3, 2009: Released]
    Slayer [summer 2009]
    Megadeth [september 2009]
    Napalm Death [Time Waits for No Slave; January 2009; Released]
    Kreator [Hordes of Chaos; January 2009; Released]
    Obituary [summer 2009]
    KISS [summer 2009; the ultimate return of KISS; will tour; first album in over ten years]
    HammerFall [No Sacrifice, No Victory; February 20, 2009; Released]
    Gorgoroth [Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt; 2009]
    The Devil Wears Prada [With Roots Above and Branches Below; May 5, 2009]
    Static-X [Cult of Static; March 17, 2009; Released]
    Rammstein [2009]
    Mastodon [Crack the Skye; March 24, 2009; Released]
    Lamb of God [Wrath; February 24, 2009; Released]
    Immortal [2009]
    Iron Maiden [2009]
    Heathen [The Evolution of Chaos; 2009]
    Queensryche [American Soldier; March 31, 2009; Released]
    Dream Theater [black Clouds and Silver Linings; June 23, 2009]
    Behemoth [Expected Summer 2009]
    Children of Bodom [TBA 2009 or 2010; Cover Album]
    Saxon [into the Labyrinth; January 2009; Released]
    Killswitch Engage [June 23, 2009]
    Suffocation [blood Oath; 2009]
    Scorpions [Taken B-Side?; 2009]
    Sonata Arctica [2009]
    Rush [Fall 2009]
    Kamelot [TBA 2009/2010]
    Breaking Benjamin [TBA; 2009] (not really metal but with all the alternative/metalcore movement these days...)
    Heaven and Hell [The Devil You Know; April 28, 2009]
    Deicide [summer 2009]
    Kalmah [2009]
    Mayhem [Expected 2009; no actual info known; may be slated to 2010]
    Morbid Angel [TBA 2009; may be slated to 2010]
    Sepultura [A-Lex; January 23, 2009; Released]
    Nile [summer/Fall 2009]
    Exodus [The Atrocity Exhibition… Exhibit B; 2009; Rumored June]
    Necrophagist [summer 2009]
    God Forbid [Earthsblood; February 24, 2009; Released]
    (not metal, but I'm still sort of interested it) Green Day [21st Century Breakdown; May 15, 2009]

    Dimmu Borgir [2010]
    Nightwish [2010]
    Godsmack [2010]


    Man, I don't know how I'm going to keep track of all this.
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