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  1. I think the Dark Mobius arc, was the only one to have a prologue and epilogue in the blog (Sonic Genesis also had some, but that was in a GN I think, so I'm not sure I can post them here). Prologue Epilogue
  2. Yup. Here's the screenshots I made when the blog was still up.
  3. Do you guys think it could also be a clue ? Ian Flynn has been followed by the official Twitter Account of Sonic and in binary code, it says "hidden meaning". Pontac for Boom, Flynn for the 25th birthday game ?
  4. So has it already be confirmed by the leaks, how many levels will there be on the 3DS? 2 or 3 acts + Boss for each of the seven zones?
  5. Yeah, that's another problem... I hope the Archives and Sagas will be left unchanged.
  6. I'm really curious to see how he's going to sell his Lara-su Chronicles. With this trial, he fu**ed pretty much every echidna's lover because they're never going to appear in Archie so they're probably going to boycott Ken's comic, and I don't think the kids will buy a She-Knuckles look-a-like when they can have Sonic. So who will buy this? Ken's hardcore fanboys and Flynn's haters... so what.. fifty people, a hundred maybe?
  7. We can still hope, that there has been an agreement and that the trial has been concluded by a win-win situation... we can still hope...
  8. http://www.kenpenders.com/ It seems that Penders will publish his Lara-su Chronicles.
  9. 4 : Penders wins but makes a deal with Archie, in which they can use X or Y character and Archie pays royalties to Ken.
  10. It could happen, when Future Mogul tells his story, Naugus already has the two Chaos Emeralds from the G.U.N., so maybe the "action" will be in #247 (or after the crossover) and will have something to do with Sally derobotization or even what Sonic will do to save Sally. So wait and see.
  11. And Future Mogul never says there is a traitor, he only says that one of the founding member took action that destroyed the team. So Sally's sacrifice in #230 was the beginning of Sally being robotiziced, the derobotization of Bunnie, Antoine in a coma, the death of the "Freedom Fighters",... So I don't know why it's such a disappointment for you guys...
  12. Butler.. how can he still do art for this comic, I don't understand... And also, Knuckles wasn't aware of the Death Egg nor Sally Robotization, but he knows that there is a Team Fighters, aaaah phone calls off-panel :a
  13. Or Ian is really a good troll and he's going to keep us with thoughts like that until after the crossover, and that will be is true Master Piece.
  14. Thanks for the spoilers Chaoscontrol14 ! So...
  15. Taken by Illustrious Q at Bumbleking.
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