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  1. Freedom Fighters coming when???
  2. Just a reminder that according to his song in Sonic Adventure, Knuckles gets it on by himself.

  3. Wouldn't Sonic 3's music be covered by a work for hire contract?
  4. How old is Penders now? Personally I feel that if he doesn't get this out in the next four to five years then it's probably never going to come out.
  5. Hard to believe that it's almost been 10 years since this legal shit started, and this is still no closer to getting released.
  6. Still miss this comic series despite all it's flaws.
  7. God I remember how Archie Sonic had no many stupid parody zones(universes)as part of their multiverse. Sally Moon was very fucking stupid. I remember that someone on Bumbleking joked about those zones getting destroyed during Eggman Nega's war with the Zone Cops.
  8. The whole "Two Worlds" nonsense. It just makes no sense, and there's nothing in the games that hints at it. It really feels like something Sega just made up out of the blue. Just really bad world building.
  9. Probably my favorite Archie Sonic moment, from issue 220.
  10. I liked the Bunnie x Antoine pairing. It was nice to see a positive comic book marriage especially since since the big two(DC and Marvel)really seem to hate marriage nowadays.
  11. How long has Penders been working on "The Republic" now? I remember him first talking about it back in 2010 just before all the legal shit started, and I remember watching the sneak peak(it's shit, trust me) of "The Republic" when he posted it on Youtube back in 2011. It's 2018 now, and 2020 is only a few years away so ten years I guess. Yeah I think that it's safe to say that it's never coming out.
  12. Sad that I can't make the Satam/Archie Sonic characters in Sonic Forces character maker.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      You can make Bunnie. Sorta.

    2. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      I made Bunnie and there is a mod for her too it you have it on PC.

    3. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      You have to be a bit creative, but you can probably just barly make Sally and Antoine.

    4. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      Sally as an hedgehog, perhaps? And Antoine as a dog?

    5. NikoS


      Bunnie mod

      Also i made 'Twan (sorta) as a wolf.

    6. Blacklightning


      After all that horseshit about the Avatar being made for self-inserts, it's a fucking crime that the customization system ultimately turned out so damned shallow in the end.

  13. Robotnik sounds better to me since it sounds villainous. Eggman doesn't sound like a villain name to me.
  14. Issue 12 A Timely Arrival written by Michael Gallagher Dr. Robotnik decides to get rid of Sonic by using a time machine. Sonic ends up in prehistoric Mobius and meets his ancestor Sonugh the Boghog, and his friends who are basically just cavemen versions of the freedom fighters. They are living in fear of the evil caveman Ivo Robughnik, and are planning on going underground to hide from him. This causes Sonic to worry that he'll evolve into "Sonic the Mole" instred of a hedgehog. Meanwhile on Mobius Prime the freedom fighters steal Robotnik's time machine in the hope that they can bring back Sonic. Back in prehistoric Mobius, Sonic teaches the freedom fighters ancestor's how to plant hedges so that they can use them as hiding places, and Sonic gets sent back to his own time. Another boring story. Plus this story is basically non-canon due to the fact that we later learn that Mobius is a post apocalyptic Earth. Bold-Headed Eagle written by Angelo DeCesare Sonic falls off a cliff and meets an eagle named Cyril. Cyril's people were roboticized by Robotnik, and Cyril has survived by hiding, and believes that he's the last remaining member of his flock.. Sonic encourages Cyril to try flying again. Cyril lands on a branch that was under his nest and finds more birds from his flock that were basically under his nose the whole time(dumb written). Robotnik and Snively arrive in their rambot. The rambot knocks Sonic off the cliff, and Sonic is saved by Cyril. Another boring story. The Lynx is a Jinx! written by Angelo DeCesare Sonic meets Larry Lynx who has bad luck, and brings bad luck to the people that he meets. Robotnik captures the freedom fighters, but in the end Larry's bad luck saves the day. Kind of boring, but this is the best of the three stories that's in this issue.
  15. Personally I'm not a fan of the whole "Two Worlds" thing. To me it just makes things more complicated.
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