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  1. Happy Birthday MykonosFan! :D

  2. It's got around 4 more hours until it unlocks according to Steam.
  3. I would highly recommend looking back over the first 3 Advance games, and seeing how much script/dialog played a role in those games, then whittle down what you're doing to get to around that much. I haven't even gotten to the controls, much less the dialog, and I'm already seeing way too much for what would be attached to an Advance title. If you don't want to whittle it down, maybe breaking it from the Advance naming scheme would be a good step. As for the plot, I'd cut out the Chao Island/Chaos thing, and just have the introduced Terios character wreaking havoc somewhere in its place. Introduces Terios much earlier and cuts a lot of explanations about Chaos' character. The dialog isn't great, there's a lot of meandering and playful banter that just feels a bit empty. The playful quips seemed to cross the line to vitriolic like Indigo said.
  4. The closest thing I could relate to that bottom Sonic image would be 90's cartoon Sonic running, but I can't find any similar art and I highly doubt that's what it is anyway. Definitely interesting. EDIT: Googled "sonic running"...surely it isn't this fanart...? What makes it look similar to me is the shape of the white inside of his running feet, otherwise it is kind of a typical Sonic pose.
  5. the announcement of this bunch of coding has taken literal years off of my life
  6. I hate that anything Sonic Adventure makes me want it, nostalgia is a cruel beast.
  7. Gonna be road tripping it with a few of the FTCR boys. This is pretty odd but I'm not gonna complain.
  8. I'm so pumped to play on more N64 stages. I'm not being sarcastic either.
  9. As far as the gaming aspect goes, I'm rooting for Lara-Su's Master Amethyst Hunt with some rap BGM, don't fail me Ken
  10. Pitched in some. Sorry for not being too constructive about your progress in our Sonic United PMs a good while back, my personal life started demanding more and more from me and I just had to take care of those things.
  11. Did you ever post this on a forum called Chao Talk? Something about this seems familiar, but then again in the Chao communities a ton of "I'm working on a Chao game!" posts come up and fall to the wayside to never be heard of again, so I might be thinking of another individual, haha. However by having a screenshot you're way ahead of almost every other one I've seen! Which is to say I am very excited by the sounds of this.
  12. Just as much as he could have approved Boom, Taxman has said he was an important part in getting CD/1/2 Remastered going during Haruki's time there, so I wouldn't chalk Boom related feats as indicative of how he does things.
  13. To be fair, I'm not sure who to blame specifically for that mess, but I doubt that's Haruki's fault.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
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