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  1. Coin and Paper Money Collection thread

    Thanks. I also took pictures of the yen banknotes when I was on holiday in Japan (below). I partly regret not holding onto a 2000¥ bill, as they are rare in Japan (similar to US $2 bill). But I got a few of them when I changed money at my exchange bureau. They feature Okinawa (because it hosted a G8 summit in 2000), and apparently they are more common there. Also here's my collection of British 5 pound notes of different designs (and a £1 note, which is not seen much these days). Second row (left) is a new polymer note (as opposed to paper), like what they use in Australia and Canada. Third row (right) was a limited issue commemorating the career of Jack Nicklaus when he retired at St Andrews (2005).
  2. Coin and Paper Money Collection thread

    Hey, I meant to post these ages ago, then I was away for Weston Super Sonic and never got round to it. Anyway, here are some of my coins. Sorry the lighting isn't very clear with some of them; I should have taken during daylight. Top to bottom: British £1 coins British 50p coins Australian and Japanese coins Other coins
  3. Weston Super Sonic 2016

    Wow, both of you also coming from Glasgow? I'm flying from Glasgow to Bristol after work this evening, probably getting on for 11pm by the time I get to the hotel.
  4. Weston Super Sonic 2016

    I'll be honest I probably would have forgotten if I hadn't put it in my diary – hadn't heard much news about WSS since the ticket launch. Still, really looking forward it – gutted I missed last year due to illness, and will be good to see a lot of folk for the first time in a while. Anyone else staying at the Premier Inn? Couldn't really be much closer to the venue, so looks like I can get a lie-in Saturday morning! I'm staying Friday and Saturday night.
  5. Coin and Paper Money Collection thread

    Nice. Your Brazilian R$0.10 coin is shinier than mine – I once found one lying on a table in a pub in England. I like to collect coins and notes as well, but I don't pay above face value for them like serious collectors do – I only have what I come across naturally, on holiday or such. I also have coins from Australia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and coins and notes of the Euro and British Pound (if they are interesting or unusual issues). Will post photos of them later. Australia phased out 1 and 2 cent coins so I haven't seen them before (same with Canada although I haven't been there). As for your mystery coins below: The four on the left are coins of the Mark from West Germany (as it was then). Third on the top row is 5 Spanish pesetas. Coin in the bottom right is the variant of the Italian lira minted by the microstate of San Marino (popular with collectors). All of the above have since been replaced by the Euro. As for the others: The coin in the top right is a Swiss half-franc coin and is still in use today. I had to use Google/Wikipedia for the remaining coin (third on the bottom row). It is from the Philippines and is also still in use.
  6. I was also at the Play Expo in Manchester, didn't know any other forum/community members at the ASRT demo though. In the Q&A I asked S0L if the crowd recordings from Summer of Sonic are still being included in the game (they are). I think most of the other stuff has been covered here already (e.g. console exclusives besides Miis / Xbox avatars) Really looking forward to the game - I like the co-operative missions and item sharing. Not something I was aware of until the demonstration. (I've only been following the gist of the official announcements and hadn't read this huge thread until now!)
  7. Wow, someone else going to Summer of Sonic that's also from Edinburgh!

  8. Ponyhoof is a browser plug-in, and not actually a Facebook app. As such, it will only affect what you see on Facebook, not anyone else. It also means it will only display on computers/browsers where you have it installed. Anyway, you should install Ponyhoof now, it's hilarious! http://jointheherd.little.my/
  9. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    I have the same status, just ten minutes earlier (also in Edinburgh). A bundle of post arrived just after 11 though and it wasn't there — I was expecting it to be with Royal Mail (I selected First Class on Amazon).
  10. The Sonic Generations Review Topic

    I never trust raw review scores as a basis for deciding whether or not to play a game. The mood and content of the actual text of a review is more important, as is one's preference for different genres. That said, I would love to see this game do well and the critics are likely to influence its success, so it would be great to see a good few 9s.
  11. It does annoy me when I see that happen. It's not in my nature to say or write anything which I feel may offend or get a negative reaction from others; I don't know if that's entirely a good thing. As such I tend not to contribute to 'discussions' (and there are many of them) which look open to mudslinging going on. But I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'm sure I would write more if there were fewer people who have the attitude you describe.
  12. I wouldn't say 'most' people in the fanbase are stupid or mean spirited. Unfortunately they are often those who speak loudest. I was new not so long ago, but I simply stay away from what I don't like to see. Most of the people I have communicated with, and all of those whom I have met, have been very friendly, considerate people, so I haven't been put off.

    Here are my pictures from BirdCon: http://bit.ly/i4w3CJ And here is one of them: It was great seeing you guys, thanks T-Bird for organising it. I should do the same, then it would be a RetCon!
  14. Here are my pictures from the awesomeness that was BirdCon: http://bit.ly/i4w3CJ - thanks everyone who came, especially T for organising it