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  1. Why did it fall nearly a quarter it's battle birds, witchcarters and hooligans winning isn't it?
  2. Maybe have Jon gray back. Oh wait Archie shafted him.
  3. I think I'll hold off until the whole arc blows over for 281&282 my opinions that is
  4. As much as I'm intrested in this special why can't they just release the main stuff already?
  5. Well it does have a comic series that is quite enjoyable. #flynn4sonic
  6. Also, in the ninties as comic book stores were now trying to sell faster than the publishers could produce. Unfortunately lead to a glut of books flooding the market. I mean a lot comic bookstores went under because they couldn't make a profit from these books. These stores may have bought that many to sell but probably never sold 70k a year. And what they don't sell goes to warehouses or are disposed.
  7. On tssz, I read the satam sonic series is getting dumped off Netflix on the 28th of February. Delays in the main sonic comic series, and no new main games! *sigh* this can't go on.
  8. What are they trying to push on us? Oh that's right their freaking main series that's what?!! Now I'm hearing complaints about the book needing to be cancelled because of this. I really hope not but I'm sick and tired of this.
  9. The problem right now is that Archie is more interested in selling its main series rather than liscensed ips like sonic and/or megaman. It sucks but liscenced books are expensive to maintain.
  10. Maybe there is a robot copy knuckles like a robot copy of Sally in the satam series. Though I'm not sure those are still useable.
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