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  1. Asking about what mandates do and don't exist and what you can and can't do with them is kinda pointless. They aren't things set in stone, they are things Ian has run up against in the here and now, and any aspect or scenario they involve can change day to day and story to story. For example, there is a supposed mandate that the main cast cannot have any explicit mention of parents. That exists right now because SEGA obviously don't want to commit to any plans involving that right now. But tomorrow may be different, say a mainline game changes it or the context may change or someone says "oh actually that seems interesting to explore now give us a fully detailed plan" and that mandate will no longer apply. They aren't some stone tablet if commandments (unlike what some people on twitter seem to weirdly insist they must be), it's just some note in an email that says to change X because Y.
  2. So you tell me: And then you immediately follow it up with telling someone else: Which is the very definition of trying to shut down discussion. You aren't going to get anything meaningful out of such contradictions.
  3. As was mine, so I'll give the cliff notes: A Shadow without any faults and who wins all the time would be boring, Futurama literally mocked this concept as a subplot and it's the single most annoying thing a player can do with their characters in a DnD game. He needs defeats to have his victories mean anything at all. The series and this issue is fine.
  4. Strange, I couldn't find any records of it being added or removed. Or maybe it's not all that strange at all. Don't get confused with new-old stock. I can still buy sealed boxes of 16bit PCMCIA Netgear NICs (they are endless), that doesn't mean they are still being manufactured. Okay now that's surprising. I wonder how that came about...
  5. Sonic Unleashed is currently available, and as far as I can tell, Sonic 06 was never available on a digital storefront in the first place. Remember it came out a year after the launch of the 360, and thus predates most of the Xbox Live storefront functions. Any supposed "delistings" of either of those games would have come from the halt of printing physical media. Which, well, yeah. You can't print discs forever.
  6. Sonic X already did that, both SA1 and 2. The two worlds shtick is far older than people seem to realise. And Battle, of all things. Very very loosely, but it was still there.
  7. Everyone has to do paperwork eventually, that's just life. Just like being seen reading a book isn't inherently indicative of any kind of personality or behaviour, every once in a while you need information that's written in a book, that's just life. No job requires you doing that exact job 100% of the time, that's just simply not how it works. Addendum: Heck, I'll play by your rules. You consider Amy to be the real resistance leader, right? Well a resistance leader that never manages inventory or personal would result in a fairly crap resistance. Reading a book down the line seems like a very real necessity if it has either sets of those information. In attempt to complain about Amy not fighting all the time, you've inadvertently created an issue that would in fact make Amy objectively a worse character (because it would mean that she was someone who never did the bare essentials of maintaining a resistance movement), which is something you yourself obviously don't want.
  8. Well the source code is right here if you feel it should be easy to implement, I'm sure they would be greatful.
  9. While that's a blatant given even without Ian saying this, do you have a video and time code?
  10. Except it's not even Heroes. Its cast is incomplete and the teams are malformed.
  11. He was used in the tail-end of the Archie comics as well, as sort of a body-guard/butler of Vanilla and Cream (continuing from the Advance 3 game). I'd imagine Ian Flynn will continue to use him the same way here.
  12. http://info.sonicretro.org/Cream_the_Rabbit http://info.sonicretro.org/G-merl
  13. In addition to this, while you need to understand Japanese as it got horribly lost in translation, 06 even spells it out. Silver goes back to the past to stop Sonic because he believes Iblis is released due to the actions of a "blue hedgehog". Blaze even notes this, and it's important to remember that during the events of '06 Blaze doesn't know who Sonic is, and thus has never met a blue hedgehog yet. So here's the trick, like how in English blue can refer to somebody who is depressed, in Japanese blue can refer to somebody who is naïve. The plot at this point was supposed to make you think if Silver was supposed to be the real catalyst of all his own problems as he himself is the naïve hedgehog. Again, the translation missed this completely so almost nobody (on English speaking forums) realised this detail at all. Of note that Ian Flynn did and has pointed it out a couple of times himself.
  14. How so? You still have a cast of 15 characters, you still need to model/texture/animate all of them, while only being able to reuse base character models (not even the vehicles). So you're still doing the same amount of work in that front. Only now you have a marketing team who have to reintroduce everything instead of just going "it's heroes but cars".
  15. It doesn't seem like that to me, but I'll happily agree to disagree. The decisions made for this game defy explanation so it's really making a mess of these threads. I mean all they had to do was take the Sonic Heroes teams and make that into a racer, and expand that out. It would have ironically been the cheaper option logistically speaking. Instead they went with a more confusing option while pissing off people in the process. It's really weird. Never in my time in game development have I seen something like this before.
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