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  1. For the record, this is something that's already done by platform services, game developers don't need to implement their own service for this (and really shouldn't be). With Xbox Live, for example, any player with sufficiently bad reputation will be muted by default for all other players in the same lobby. ... Actually it might be something only done by Xbox Live at this time (I'm completely unaware on what PSN does or even has). Although again for sanity reasons, it really needs to be something done on a platform level, because if the platform does add it later you would then have a duplicate system that has no relation to the other, confusing late players.
  2. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    It does, but it rotates at the same rate that it orbits the earth, so the same side is always facing us. Known as Tidal locking.
  3. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Generally curious, I've noticed you say things like this a lot about particular characters. Have you ever said anything to Ian Flynn? He seems particularly responsive on Twitter so you may get better answers to your concerns. I don't know if he reads this forum, and it seems like one of those things where he can't know if there's a complaint if nobody says anything.
  4. Sonic 2 HD

    Mirror 3, the Mega.nz one. No warning for me, but then I do typically run Windows with elevated settings due to the SDK stuff I have/need. Other than that, the EXE sure looks clean, and running it hasn't produced any obvious issues. Doesn't even ask for admin privileges.
  5. Sonic 2 HD

    At risk of a BSOD? That's not a warning that exists. Are you sure you're quoting the right person? Worth noting that Windows will warn you about unsigned programs it has never seen before, that's standard procedure. Doesn't mean it's automatically malware, but it could be if the source is untrustworthy. Basically it's saying "we have never seen this program before, and nobody has verified it. Here be Dragons."
  6. Sonic 2 HD

    Common misconception, but BSODs with modern Windows (will, since Win2000) are Kernel level issues and cannot be caused by user level software under any circumstances. Instead, you need to look at your drivers and hardware.
  7. The Xbox One OS is built using modified Hyper-V layers, one for games (exclusively sandboxed) and another shared one for apps. The 360 backwards compatibility takes advantage of the Hyper-V server in that it's literally just another Xbox One game, but designed specifically to run the 360 game's bytecode alongside the 360's operating system (slightly rebuilt for purpose). Effectively, the Xbox One think's it's running a normal game, and the emulated game thinks it's running on a 360. You'll note that I mentioned it's an exclusive sandbox, which does mean that each game needs its own copy of the OS (about 500MB), but it also needs to be repackaged, which is why they all have to be digitally downloaded even if you have the disc, and also why they need permission from each publisher for each game. As for the technical details, it's the same emulation code for each game (either as some kind of offline/online recompile or something else, as the 360 was a PowerPC processor, not x64), but the performance they are getting out of it for software emulation has left some engineers completely gobsmacked, to say the least. They just recently patched Halo Reach, which went from utterly dogged to actually mildly better than the 360. That's somewhat normal for anything bottlenecked by the GPU, as only the CPU needs emulating. The games, however, are not modified at all. They are exactly the same as their 360 counterpart, in fact Microsoft in most cases wouldn't be able to modify the game, even if they were allowed to. TL;DR It's in incredibly well made custom Hyper-V running the 360 OS running the original game untouched. Super note: If you're paying attention, you may have noticed this means the Sonic games on backwards compatibility are run via XOne OS::Exclusive HyperV->360OS::Backbone Genesis Emulator->Sonic ROM.
  8. Happy birthday!

  9. The Ace Attorney Topic (DS, 3DS, iOS) - News in OP

    No they didn't. Get off my lawn and what-not.
  10. The Ace Attorney Topic (DS, 3DS, iOS) - News in OP

    Yeah, that's not going to be very likely. The trilogy already explained that detail, which you seem to have missed.
  11. Sonic Robo Blast 2 - v2.1 has been released

    It's kind of impossible to play the game in software, as it's still being rendered in an 8bit surface. It's only an option nowadays if you want to risk the pallet being reset mid-game (Vista & 7) or play the game at a really small resolution due to performance loss from the surface being emulated (Windows 8). If they didn't want us to play the game via an apparently unsupported method, perhaps actually supporting the proper method would have been a good idea? They need to chuck the game into a 32bit DirectX layer, and put the actual world renderer into a texture surface, to allow it to run on a modern system, smiler to how ZDoom does it. Or you know, actually support the OpenGL method they include a batch-file start up for, even. Also, the chasecam issue was the fact that neither camera is actually inverted when the gravity flips, which makes playing the game kind of a mess afterwards. Cyndus's issue was that they actually removed the camera flip from first person, and the 3rd person camera was for some reason made worse. I.e they went out of their way to gimp a feature. Why. Why would you do that? Also, every criticism I make, outside of level design (as I actually have to play this), is going to be programming related, as that's what I do. I'm a programmer. It would be weird if I didn't. And you know, there isn't much excuse for my mouse control to randomly lock up and send me flying of a ledge.
  12. Sonic Robo Blast 2 - v2.1 has been released

    Seeing as this thread exists, I might as well post this here for the all of two people who listened to me and Cyndus's podcast we had here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXq0buJ3S6vOerj2KeKpL3n7QF-hPg3DP Basically, myself, Cyndus and a couple of other random people (The Dark Archon and Yholl) play through 2.1(.1) in co-op. This game needs... improvement, to say the least. The resources they create are all fine and good, but it's almost like nobody it paying attention to the engine they are using. This is kind of a problem when that's the thing you actually need to play the game.
  13. The cars don't move, or the main screen becomes static? (Yes, they are two very different things). If it's the latter, The only thing I could think of is try disabling motion-blur, as it seems like it's about that time it kicks in. And if that fails, switch everything to its lowest possible setting, and then go through the process of turning stuff back on until it breaks again. This also assuming you have already correctly updated your graphics drivers to the upmost latest version.
  14. Any new information on the PC version?

    That has everything to do with whatever engine NiGHTS runs off only being designed to run at 30FPS to begin with. It's too problematic to change such behaviour without rewriting the core behaviour to account for interpolation (which is not even remotely simple either).
  15. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!

    So the release date for the PC version changed, on Mighty Ape, from the 9th of December to 22nd of February 2013 (estimated). Isn't that a little... late? Granted, it says estimated (and Mighty Ape may just be picking random dates), but the PC version couldn't possibly be that far different to warrant a ~3 month difference. Now begins the waiting game, I guess.

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