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  1. Funny you bring up Cream again, because I just remembered these are in production, and were in fact a source of the racing game rumors before TSR was announced, due to an associated video mentioning track pieces. Are the minimates related? Who knows, but the timing sure is curious. Someone at SEGA must have considered her important enough if she's still part of toy productions.
  2. Then she says other things? It's not that hard. Again, she's already had dialogue in the riders games, Sonic Battle, spent a chunk of Sonic X sassing Knuckles... One shouldn't need a 5 page essay to explain that canned dialogue in a racing game can be whatever you want it to be, nor explain why one character can or can't be used because she happens to be more reserved than others. Polite does not mean non-competitive after all. The notion that characters can't be in certain things because of arbitrary criteria is a strange one to bring up, and frankly not something I saw myself talking about at length, even in regards to a single character. So I'll add this note; The idea that you can't do things because one specific thing doesn't entirely fit is a dangerous concept to game development and design. The art of creative design is to overcome any such hurdles, whether it be programming, gameplay, art, or in this case character design (and lets face it, in this oddly specific case the hurdle is minor at best). If game development didn't work like that, we'd all still be playing Tetris.
  3. You can't pick and chose what counts and what doesn't based on what you like or not. Regardless, considering what has been shown of the game thus far, it stands that in-game banter is most assuredly not key focus of TSR. The characters don't really communicate (they just appear to have canned lines to actions), and least anybody bring up Tails again it stands to reason the developers aren't really focusing on dialogue all that much.
  4. How is the theme any different from Sonic Riders?
  5. Cream's "problem" is more to do with he fact that she's designed as more of a to-the-point Japanese child, which works well in Japan but it's a particularly complicated element to localise, because it just doesn't work in the West, and you kind of have to understand that to understand her as a character. Consider another franchise, The Simpsons (in the 90s), where Bart was ridiculously popular in America yet In Japan is was Lisa, simply because of how the personalities are perceived without them being any different at all. A character like Cream is complicated to localise, you can't just do it straight, like for example translating her honorifics comes off as rather contrived as we just don't have anything like it in English and western cultures don't tend to have kids act that way. So the only real way to localise a character like that is to capitalise on it. Sonic Rush and the comics sort of plays with this with her bringing peoples relationships and actions into constant question, it's a great way of doing it by having her play as sort of the pseudo straight-man. However as you say, it's not something I'd imagine the current writers of the games doing, and hence the problem. So yeah you're stuck with a character that at least in the west, only a chunk of people actually understand her. The kids like her because she's a rabbit, but that itself doesn't hold much weight for long without understanding a lick of Japanese mannerisms.
  6. If you are as upset about it as you say, it begs the question, have you done anything to inform SEGA of your point of view? I see this often with people who rant a lot about these sorts of things but do nothing to inform the developers actually in charge of the games, and then of course how would they know there's a problem? It's not immediately obvious if anybody from SEGA read these forums, let alone this thread. The Twitter accounts would be a good start. Aaron Webber may not be in charge of these sorts of things but I'd imagine he tries to relay feedback where possible.
  7. ... That is what they came up with? Chao? You have probably one of the largest and a very lucrative video game character cast, yet you max out at 15 and one of them is just Chao in a car. I'm not sure what to say. I suspect the way this game is going, Transformed is going to remain as my go-to party game. I'm not exactly captivated by their design choices thus far with this. I'm also beginning to wonder if @Cyndus and I might skip this one out right, we just aren't feeling it. I know from a technical standpoint people are putting a lot of work into it, I've been there, done that, and bought the tee-shirt, but I just can't escape the feeling that something seems... off.
  8. This line of thinking strikes me as odd, because why would driving a car be any "worse" than riding a hoverboard? Or messing with the fundamental properties of gravity while riding said hoverboard?
  9. So she can use hoverboards but can't drive in a kart racer? That's quite an arbitrary distinction you have there.
  10. Edward850

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The explanation of Blaze's absence always seemed to be a bit of a given. Arbitrary but sure, a playable hand. If I was to find something to be miffed about, where was Cream? Sure Sonic Team's use of her would leave much to be desired for some, but that's an excuse not an explanation, and let's face it Forces was clearly trying to be about the story. For a character whose purpose is (apparently) to play foil to Amy, and wanting to help everyone and anyone regardless of the situation, she was inexplicably absent. I'm curious to see if and when Ian Flynn cooks up an answer for that. Or if he's forced to cook up some weird 5 minute excuse due to the weird restrictions he apparently gets on some characters. I'm a sucker for the background details, for sure.
  11. Edward850

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    For the record, this is something that's already done by platform services, game developers don't need to implement their own service for this (and really shouldn't be). With Xbox Live, for example, any player with sufficiently bad reputation will be muted by default for all other players in the same lobby. ... Actually it might be something only done by Xbox Live at this time (I'm completely unaware on what PSN does or even has). Although again for sanity reasons, it really needs to be something done on a platform level, because if the platform does add it later you would then have a duplicate system that has no relation to the other, confusing late players.
  12. Edward850

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It does, but it rotates at the same rate that it orbits the earth, so the same side is always facing us. Known as Tidal locking.
  13. Edward850

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Generally curious, I've noticed you say things like this a lot about particular characters. Have you ever said anything to Ian Flynn? He seems particularly responsive on Twitter so you may get better answers to your concerns. I don't know if he reads this forum, and it seems like one of those things where he can't know if there's a complaint if nobody says anything.
  14. Edward850

    Sonic 2 HD

    Mirror 3, the Mega.nz one. No warning for me, but then I do typically run Windows with elevated settings due to the SDK stuff I have/need. Other than that, the EXE sure looks clean, and running it hasn't produced any obvious issues. Doesn't even ask for admin privileges.

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