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  1. Sonic X already did that, both SA1 and 2. The two worlds shtick is far older than people seem to realise. And Battle, of all things. Very very loosely, but it was still there.
  2. All this work going into Crash Team Racing and its marketing is just making me me wonder what the heck SEGA was thinking with TSR, especially with them being released so close together. In fact, do you know what this reminds me of? Two students doing a school project. TSR comes up with one seemingly original idea but doesn't do any follow up planning or research, does the bare minimum to get a "passing" grade (with no long term consideration of the consequences) and spends most of the day posting memes. Meanwhile CTR goes back to basics making every part of the project look good while working beyond the materials provided to them. And given the not great financial situation Activision is in after breaking off with Bungie it just makes this whole situation between the two games weird. I mean holy shit, that character roster. I don't think I'd ever be able to unlock everything in CTR with my limited free time (without some serious dedicated effort anyway). And no that's not a bad thing as it means I'd always have something new to find whenever I came back to it.
  3. Everyone has to do paperwork eventually, that's just life. Just like being seen reading a book isn't inherently indicative of any kind of personality or behaviour, every once in a while you need information that's written in a book, that's just life. No job requires you doing that exact job 100% of the time, that's just simply not how it works. Addendum: Heck, I'll play by your rules. You consider Amy to be the real resistance leader, right? Well a resistance leader that never manages inventory or personal would result in a fairly crap resistance. Reading a book down the line seems like a very real necessity if it has either sets of those information. In attempt to complain about Amy not fighting all the time, you've inadvertently created an issue that would in fact make Amy objectively a worse character (because it would mean that she was someone who never did the bare essentials of maintaining a resistance movement), which is something you yourself obviously don't want.
  4. It's not the N64 version, it's the PC (Steam/GOG)/Xbox One remaster.
  5. Well the source code is right here if you feel it should be easy to implement, I'm sure they would be greatful.
  6. While that's a blatant given even without Ian saying this, do you have a video and time code?
  7. You sure? Sonic Rush and Chronicles do not give that impression. Not to mention the Archie comics while they were still running. From what I can tell, "but she was never really interested in adventuring" is only a recent opinion and I'm yet to see any concrete evidence to that in this thread, meanwhile her behaviour in the previously stated is a contradiction.
  8. This feels like something you should be sending a BumbleKast question to, as nobody here will know the real answer: https://bumbleking.com/bumblekast/
  9. Except it's not even Heroes. Its cast is incomplete and the teams are malformed.
  10. He was used in the tail-end of the Archie comics as well, as sort of a body-guard/butler of Vanilla and Cream (continuing from the Advance 3 game). I'd imagine Ian Flynn will continue to use him the same way here.
  11. http://info.sonicretro.org/Cream_the_Rabbit http://info.sonicretro.org/G-merl
  12. In addition to this, while you need to understand Japanese as it got horribly lost in translation, 06 even spells it out. Silver goes back to the past to stop Sonic because he believes Iblis is released due to the actions of a "blue hedgehog". Blaze even notes this, and it's important to remember that during the events of '06 Blaze doesn't know who Sonic is, and thus has never met a blue hedgehog yet. So here's the trick, like how in English blue can refer to somebody who is depressed, in Japanese blue can refer to somebody who is naïve. The plot at this point was supposed to make you think if Silver was supposed to be the real catalyst of all his own problems as he himself is the naïve hedgehog. Again, the translation missed this completely so almost nobody (on English speaking forums) realised this detail at all. Of note that Ian Flynn did and has pointed it out a couple of times himself.
  13. I see the problem more as this: What is this game supposed to be? In something like Mario Kart, they make a point on throwing in as much of the cast as they can and then some. It's a party game after all. So with Mario Kart 8 they ended up with upwards of 30 characters, great, the point of the game is firmly established. With the All Stars games you had the same thing, it was about getting as many SEGA properties as they could in one game, with Transformed hitting around 30, with some redundancy granted, but MK does the same and the point is still obvious. Even snuck in some characters from another studio altogether (Team Fortress 2, if that had to be explained). Great. So here I am utterly baffled as to what's going on here; The point here isn't like the All Stars games, it's about Sonic, not SEGA, so only the Sonic cast is present. Fine, that's workable. But I'm brickwalled with the whole 15 characters thing. This game as proposed would mean the first thing asked would be about is the cast because that would be the main point of a mascot racer, to show off the cast, but they aren't doing that here with just 15 characters and the "safer" ones at that. There's no other draw to this game other than it being a weird exercise in "let's make a kart racer but different" with the rather fundamental mistake of having untested mechanics as the only selling point. If you are selling a game based on the brand, you need to have your brand front and center, and if you are selling a game based on a "fresh new gameplay concept" you need to have some kind of approachable backbone to it or something to fall back on it turns out not to work out quite as you anticipated. This game does not appear to have either at the moment, and it has me horribly concerned. Granted I suspect they'd need the larger cast anyway. Something about this sort of game having a small budget (if that really is the problem here and not just plain unnecessary cutting of corners) strikes me as a hindrance for the title regardless of the context, especially with nothing to hold its userbase together like crossplatform multiplayer. The variety is really what sells these sorts of games in the long run, it'd be like making a licensed car racing game with only Fords and Holdens. I'm probably rambling at this point. A kart racer is something I'd love to develop for if the opportunity ever came up, so this whole game just seems to be striking a nerve I guess.
  14. How so? You still have a cast of 15 characters, you still need to model/texture/animate all of them, while only being able to reuse base character models (not even the vehicles). So you're still doing the same amount of work in that front. Only now you have a marketing team who have to reintroduce everything instead of just going "it's heroes but cars".
  15. It doesn't seem like that to me, but I'll happily agree to disagree. The decisions made for this game defy explanation so it's really making a mess of these threads. I mean all they had to do was take the Sonic Heroes teams and make that into a racer, and expand that out. It would have ironically been the cheaper option logistically speaking. Instead they went with a more confusing option while pissing off people in the process. It's really weird. Never in my time in game development have I seen something like this before.
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