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  1. anal fucking rules

    1. KHCast


      Are you like new here or...? Lol

    2. Singapore Sling
    3. Blacklightning


      Really not sure how you thought this would go. Bye bye, I guess.

  2. Why is every Abridged series the source material but they just act incredulous about things?

  3.  Why is every Abridged series just the source material but louder.

    1. Heckboy


      stop hating fun ugh

  4. I watch gay porn in my garden shed.

    I lie to everyone that my father's dead.

  5. Watching Fox Kids like a stone cold badass.

    1. QuantumEdge


      God, I remember that channel all those years ago.  Made me feel like I was seeing stuff I wasn't old enough for.  Terrific stuff. 

      Bring it back here Disney.

  6. miles "ho tendencies" prower

    1. Wraith


      This is my favorite post on this site

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Damn man, look at them hoe tendencies. 


  7. I'm not trying to be obtuse but you really could say that about nearly every 3D Sonic game.
  8. That situation isn't even remotely the same. Tails's story is about becoming his own person and defining himself by being inspired by Sonic, but not defined BY Sonic. The scenario I'm proposing is continuing Shadow's arc of contrasting the idyllic past with the more confusing, ambiguous future: if we have direct flashbacks to Shadow's past, what exactly is so off about using Classic Sonic for flashback levels? It certainly fits, and even further fits the nostalgic tone of Shadow's flashbacks (and hell, why not make a cute Classic Shadow for those flashbacks too, if only to emphasize his innocence in the face of tragedy). Tails's story is about becoming his own man, which really has nothing in common with Shadow's story in SA2, which is about him staying true to how he is defined by the wishes from his best friend. They are, quite literally, the exact opposite story.
  9. Y'know, you could go even further than that? One of SA2's biggest narrative flaws is that it presents this philosophical question about redemption that, at no point, Sonic ever really participates in. Ignoring that Shadow really doesn't make a decision either (he simply remembers what Maria ACTUALLY wanted), you could actually use Classic Sonic to help tighten the parallels between Sonic and Shadow. Imagine Classic Sonic stages showing you the halcyon days of simpler times, emotionally preparing you for the more ambiguous questions Sonic's now facing with Gerald's schemes and Shadow's declarations of humanity's sins. It could even work both ways: Either it's Generations style time travel, so "Things were so much simpler back then" as Sonic ponders how to handle Shadow, OR it's Forces style alternate universes and there's a culture clash going on between Classic, maybe Sonic slowly learning to temper his own impulsive nature by confronting and controlling his simpler self. Classic Sonic would've EASILY improved SA2. Shadow being so focused on the past, and a blurry, unsure past no less, gives you the perfect window for his inclusion.
  10. ...they'd be way better? Seriously. Sonic Adventure 2 gets by a lot on style but the story is astoundingly undercooked. I'd pay real money for Classic Sonic to cutesy goofball his way through a GUN base or something. I'd play that.
  11. These decisions aren't as objective as you seem to think they are.
  12. This new inaccurate version of my favorite property doesn't resemble the inaccurate version of the property I grew up with. Better hate on principle.


    1. Heckboy


      sometimes i wanna punch god in the face

  14. This honestly isn't that far off from the Wolfman/Perez stuff. The Teen Titans comic this team came from was the dirty, grungy, disgusting series where Wolfman decided the best way to show Terra was evil was having her actively sexual with Slade (Wolfman's own words, "Wow! That little girl's a slut!"). This level of grimdark grotesqueness is, frankly, more honest to the original sensibilities of this specific team than any TV show has been yet. The Murakami show is insanely revisionist. Teen Titans Go is much truer to the spirit of the original as well, but we know how much nerds love that show. Seriously, some of you guys act like the Murakami show is the only take on the characters, when it wasn't even the first time the Titans were animated. Believe it or not, you weren't exposed to the original incarnation of near-century old characters when you were born in the final fourth of their current century and not every interpretation has to hold to some specific, arbitrary vision of what a property should be like. This show seems fine. I even kinda like how it looks. The darkness is a bit ridiculous, but no more ridiculous than how obnoxiously lighthearted everything else has to be. It seems more of a taste thing than any actual quality. If it retains the grossness of the original concept while staying as far the fuck away from Wolfman's stunted sexual politics, I'm a happy guy. I could do without any of the reductive perspectives on sexuality, but am more than interested in the Titans still having a level of unsightly grime. If anything, that dumb Dick and Jason clip was the first red flag. And "Fuck Batman" is hilarious and Linkara is a dipshit.
  15. I know something is a masterpiece because it was really good when I was five.

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      back when i was a baby games were for ADULTS

    2. Heckboy


      every SA2 fan

  16. Right, but my point is that it seems a bit silly to herald Mega Man as this beloved, sacred work when Fully Charged is really just doing for Mega Man what Mega Man did for Astro Boy. There's really no difference, except for the fact Fully Charged is still called Mega Man (And given Legends, Battle Network, Star Force, et al., that seems very arbitrary to me). Why can Mega Man get praised for some kind of uniqueness by just changing Astro Boy elements, but when Fully Charged does it (MUCH less drastically than other incarnations of Mega Man, no less) it's bad? Granted, I've only seen the two part premiere of Fully Charged...but it's not really that bad. I even really enjoyed some elements of it. I think it was one of the few times I ever gave a shit about Dr. Light, bare minimum. It just doesn't seem like the slaughtering of a sacred cow (a sacred cow that was another, more insightful story with all the edges filed off, no less) people make it out to be. I've seen way more drastic tonal and conceptual shifts than this. Mega Man was an accomplishment of masterful game design. Its "mythos", such as it is, was always a bit of arbitrary nonsense.
  17. Didn't most of that come from Astro Boy.
  18. I support anything that makes nerds cry this much just on principle. So I'm fine with this show existing. Though for real if fucking RWBY of all things can be some celebrated icon I really don't get how this is any different.
  19. Piss.

    1. QuantumEdge


      Welcome back Sling.  Glad to see you haven't changed too much : P

    2. Singapore Sling
    3. QuantumEdge
    4. Singapore Sling
    5. QuantumEdge


      Nothing much.  Been getting a bit tense with my new work schedule, but other than that I've been good.  And you?

    6. Singapore Sling

      Singapore Sling

      Not too bad. Work was kinda rough for me too, but now that summer's dying down it's been getting a bit chiller.

      If you'd like, you can hit up my PMs and I'll give you my Discord if you want to chat more consistently. I only get on these boards pretty sporadically but I'm on Discord basically all the time.

    7. QuantumEdge


      Sure, no problem. 

  20. teletubbies movie ending EXPLAINED!!!!
    posted 1d ago by lore gamer

    1. Heckboy


      does it also explain who tinky winky was talking to in the post-credit scene?

  21. Ken Pontac killed my dog.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      wow, how dare he

  22. Too bad Crisis City is rad as shit. I also find the notion of dismissing or ignoring something because it's "bad" to be pretty silly. Particularly in a franchise like Sonic where, let's face it, the whole thing is fairly silly. I'd rather a series make use of its elements, rather than trying to ignore some and convince me it was always its, likely skewed and coldly market tested to appeal to neckbeards, image of quality. There're aspects of Sonic I hate I wouldn't want ignored if they felt there was a good reason to return to them. Gerald being tied to Gizoids is fucking stupid, but it's no reason someone can't take that and make something cool out of it if they wanted.
  23. ...What? No it doesn't. "You only see me as a piece of meat" is a term (most stereotypically used by women, to men) that they only see them as the body the men find attractive. I haven't seen the episode yet so maybe there's context I'm missing, but I assume the joke is a spin on it in the way classically oriented sitcom writers like Freiberger would spin it: that it's both funny that the man is saying it to the woman, in a classic sitcom role reversal gag, and the fact that the context is presumably not at all romantic or sexual, thus putting a second ironic spin on the usage of the old phrase.
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