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  1. "Reduce to core basics= Success" is very far from my point. What I was saying with that quote was more contrary to the idea that Sonic's been reinvented so much that it's unrecognizable, it's recognizable but it has gimmicks on it. I did mention a return to basics would be very feasible, but for it to be successful yes that would mean analyzing what made them good in the first place and what fleshed it out, also one of the "core basics" does seem to have gotten lost; emphasis on physics.
  2. OK about his compromise thing, as I said before, Id' say the core idea of Sonic is there, it's a platformer game with an emphasis on speed, the main method of attack is a spin dash or homing attack,and the idea is you move "through" the enemies in order to beat them, the rest is gimmicks. I'd say without boost,gameplay roullete, parkour or what have you, you have what is essentially a Sonic game, you also have what is essentially a classic Sonic game, or Sonic's SA or SA2. This isn't so much a cry for "no more gimmicks", so much as a counter to the argument that Sonic has been too radically invented; repeatedly, for there to be a clearly defined idea of what a "Sonic game" is. Though I do think more of a return to the "core idea" would be very feasible for the fanbase and new players alike. I also kind of think Sonic Team has kind of worked along the lines of "We need a GIMMICk, a massive gimmick that's blatantly obvious throughout the entire game...no, two or more big gimmicks." and it seems almost like they're trying to find one that sticks,but it's not going to.
  3. In that case, current interpretations of Knuckles and Shadow just kind of seem...there, I wouldn't say I can gather much from them to say what their personality is. They've been around for like what... a minute. For all that bragging Knuckles doesn't do shit like he probably should, but he's kind of just kind of "here for 20 seconds and has to say something" and that's what happens when Sonic Team doesn't actually want him to do anything. EDIT: just realised the OP mentioning Mario&Sonic @ Rio Olympics If we're talking Mario&Sonic at Olympics, I'd say characterizations do seem a bit odd throughout the entire Mario and Sonic series and I take it with a massive pile of salt The example of Shadow does seem rather excessive to me, he seemed to at least respect Sonic after SA2, even if there was dislike. I'd more easily imagine him saying something curt but text doesn't easily carry tone of voice I guess.
  4. Comparing Knuckles' scene here to Boom! Knuckle's idiocy seems like a REALLY big stretch to me, same goes for Shadow. Knuckles had something to be proud of, and he was gullible largely because he's socially awkward, not just because he was "dumb". and Shadow is a jerk but he doesn't decide to beat up Sonic for no reason like in Boom.
  5. I'm slightly surprised NiGHTS JoD didn't get a Japanese dub, I guess NiGHTS wasn't as popular in Japan?

    1. Green Eyes

      Green Eyes

      Also if English was the "native" language of the game you'd think they'd try a bit harder with the voice-acting, sheesh.

    2. Dizcrybe


      Japan can't tell bad English voice acting from good English voice acting anymore than we can tell good Japanese voice acting from bad Japanese voice acting (despite the insistence of the contrary from some of us). That's how we get stuff like Resident Evil and (I believe) Deep Fear for the Sega Saturn, and there was one more that I can't remember the name of that was Japan-exclusive. Having the voice acting be in English isn't done with an English-speaking audience in mind, it's done because English generally sounds cool to a Japanese audience. Furthermore, the game was probably voice directed by a Japanese person who isn't fluent enough in English to know what sounds natural and what doesn't.

    3. Green Eyes

      Green Eyes

      If anything that makes it slightly more confusing as to why'd they'd get someone to fakeBrit for so hard for NiGHTS, wouldn't it sail over Japanese peoples heads?


    4. Green Eyes

      Green Eyes

      Will and Helen too, but they were actually passable while NiGHTS was on a slipper slidey accent adventure

    5. Dizcrybe


      Will and Helen could barely stay in their accents for 30 seconds.

    6. Green Eyes

      Green Eyes

      I don't remember man, some Brit I am.

  6. Looks cool to me! There's some art that's super-duper hard to find and could do with a nice clean version. If you don't mind a challenge there are some particularly awkward examples like this. It's so cute though.
  7. I don't know how I feel about finding out Rayman's hair isn't real. I mean I guess it was a throwaway gag??

  8. It's not so much my logic, Sonic X seemed to suppose that Chris felt alone because his parents were always out, but he does have other people who love him, it may not be ideal but It didn't neccisarily justify the "sad lonely rich kid" angle they seemed to be going for.
  9. Not even sure that was supposed to be the point of Sonic and Chris's friendship. Chris struck me more as a supposedly lonely kid who Sonic took under his wing and wants to be tough like Sonic, he's supposed to be relateable in that he looks up to Sonic and seeks comfort from him and at the same time tries to break out in his own way and become his own person, however, this is kind of already the point of Sonic's relationship with Tails, and possibly Amy, too. I'm not exactly sure I could really relate to Sonic representing Chris's childhood either, the idea of "saying goodbye to your childhood" just never really made all that much sense to me.
  10. I think it depends a lot what genre and characters we're dealing with, it's more socially acceptable for certain genres or characters to be live-action, or "realistic"(as in, fantasy creatures made of realistic animal parts and textures) and more acceptable for others to be animated and highly stylised. If main characters are human,or genre is a bit more serious or adult-orientated, then it tends to be more socially acceptable for the work to be live action or "realistic" 3D CG as opposed to drawn cartoons or more stylized CG. When dealing with mostly inhuman main characters or lighter settings (which usually tend to go in-hand), then the opposite is true. That said there is a bit of rift in animation where it seems more acceptable for "kids" cartoon's to deal with real-life issues while adult cartoons are much sillier.
  11. I think it was the themes that were in mind. But yeah, the themes are good, level tracks not so much. Some of them do veer into corny/edgy territory but it doesn't bother me all that much. I will never get over Never Turn Back. Almost Dead can get lost though.
  12. I'm quite happy with Windows 10 as of now, but I'm not liking the look of some of Microsoft's business practices, they've said some vague stuff and I can't help but sympathise with suspicions that Windows 11 will be subscription-based service. Hearing that Microsoft's just kinda invited themselves to install Windows 10 on a load of people's computers doesn't help.
  13. Wasn't there a rumour going around that in one of the Sonic Boom episodes, Knuckles gets is name legally changed to shoulders? Wonder if we'll get that in Season2...or maybe it's just a rumour. It's doesn't exactly sound like a great premise but there will probably be something else going on if it happens.

    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Shoulders is the name of a play character in  the episode cabin  fever... 

  14. What is the goal exactly, a 1:1 replica? Copying Sonic channels assets may not be a good idea,and neither would including the fanart sections, legal issues yo. Translations of the text would be superb though.
  15. For some reason I forgot to mention Roger, I kind think he' fitting for Boom! Sonic; he strikes me as older, and Roger's lower tone is fitting to his less cheerful personality. He's definitely improved since after Lost World,too, so I'll be keeping an eye out for how thing's go in Project 2017.
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