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  1. I'm fine with people disagreeing with me. I'm not fine with their reasons. Plus, you're all assuming the only way of going about a reworking of his character would be a significant change up to the point of him being unrecognizable from his initial characterization. And if he was rewritten in a way that made him more popular, the initial premise about his previous characterization falls flat. Truthfully, none of you want to accept the very plausible possibility so you just focus on what you already don't like about him and make it seem like it's impossible to move on. I know a handful of people disliked Amy for her stalker, possessiveness. These days, she's practically an entirely different person. It's a lot more common to see positive reception of her.
  2. It's really your own fault for thinking that. I never said that he had to be completely different. I just suggested a few additions and better writing of his character. You're either intentionally misrepresenting what I'm saying to justify your reaction or you just don't understand what I meant, even if it was stated very upfront. I get that. But I specifically asked for a different version of the character. I'm getting the impression that you guys aren't listening because you read a word and it reminded you about something you don't like. If you're going to ignore me, I'll kindly bow out of this conversation.
  3. That can happen to any series. And if future publishers collect the same writers of said characters, if the original creators sell them the rights or if the creators are just fine with them being used, that's fine too. As in a different version of the character that led you to having those opinions in the first place. You don't have to agree, but it makes zero sense to complain about someone's characterization when we're talking about a different iteration altogether.
  4. A refurbished Chris Thorndyke, and by extension his family and friends, would be excellent. Give him the ol' Batman treatment and gadget him up with Sonic related tech (Extreme Gear, something akin to the Tornado Walker from SA2,). It'd be sick if he got Sonic themed power armor too. I'm hoping the president and the General will play a more active role. In fact, why not throw G.U.N. as a whole in the mix? I wanna see the world government's reaction to a single guy seeking world domination. False dichotomy. That's really more your opinion than anything. Recurring characters are a thing. Archie had a whole bunch of new characters towards the end of its run. IDW seems to be going for the long run, and even if they're an anthology thing, the possibility of them being killed off or leaving the story through any other means exist. It's also odd hat you give the possibility of having good characters "ripped away" but ignore the same possibility for bad characters.
  5. It looks like SEGA's opting to disassociate with them altogether. I mean, why would they not inform him? Did they only want to reveal the news once? Is the partnership that big of an issue? It's also interesting to note that they said the comics are up for grabs by other companies in the future. This has me thinking if Archie and SEGA ever had marital disputes. It's not like the discussions have to stop. I mean, it's going on right now as we type. People talk about things that finish all the time.
  6. IDK, Archie gave Sonic plenty of TLC these last couple of years. In any case, I hope it gets to a publisher with Ben Bates. His art was crisper than Iblis on a summer day in Cali.
  7. It was actually Sonic Universe #3, but none of that has anything to do with Omega's reaction to hearing about his brother. PrebootArchie!Omega was a blood knight with no sense of remorse. He couldn't be developed in the same way in the games or in the way I described because he had no sympathy for life. He changed because he literally felt what his brother felt, not out of an admiration for him. This implied that he wouldn't have taken any interest in hearing about him prior. Shadow's episode in Sonic Battle took an entirely different direction then the scenario I described. Shadow regreted that he was made to destroy and said that the world could only know peace if he was dead. Shadow has, since SA2, saw value in life. Rogue pointed out that he was afraid of his power. Omega embraced his destructive potential. Assuming he was initially a kill bot, he only learned how to value life after his adventures in Team Dark. And even then, he's still strongly violence oriented. Shadow and Omega's development start on opposite ends of the spectrum.
  8. So first off, who the hell am I and what the hell is this?I'm an irregular poster here, but really, who the hell cares? Why do I matter and why am I deserving of the precious short time you have on this planet?If you were expecting some long winded anecdote about my past, why I love Sonic, and what led me to the inception of this project, YOU WERE WRONG.This is a Sonic forum. That means fast. If you're doing a Sonic but you're not going fast, you're doing it wrong.So long story fast, I had a few ideas for a Shadow Fanfic some years back, thought about it but never materialized it, read Ultimate Spider-Man, figured "Hey, this isn't a totally horrible alternate take on a classic," and then thought "Hey, you know what'd be great? A BLT with extra cheese and a Red Bull. Oh, a Sonic fanfiction isn't too terrible of an idea either."Taking cues from US, US is an alternate take of Sonic the Hedgehog mythology/lore that seeks to, while modernizing is the wrong term, make sense out of the cluttered Sonic canon by offering explanations for how the Sonic World operates, why the characters behave the way they do, and utilizing concepts that the games and comics have yet to optimize. Or in other words, it rationalizes the universe with the added hint of originality.Now, you're probably thinking "Hehehe...Nice try Azul. We all know Sonic fan fiction is a dime a dozen. Spare me the cringe collage of inaccurate characterizations, wish fulfilling concepts, and OCs."Again, YOU ARE WRONGFirst of all, that deduction you just made is a heuristic that you've convinced yourself is correct even though you've never read it. You might have seen a few...or a lot of bad Sonic FFs. Or you might just be biased. But, the world is on a much large scale than your individual experience up to this point. You might think nothing can surprise you or that you've seen it all, but if that was the case then you wouldn't have bothered reading this far. In fact, that defeats the purpose for trying anything ever.It's called curiosity.Second, while I have no problem if you're just not interested, you can't really form an opinion about this unless you actually have a gander at this. You can say "Yeah, this'll suck," but what would be the rational foundation for that thesis? Even if you have familiarized yourself with my past writings, assuming I've got the exact same skills as I did back then is just another heuristic. As time goes, people grow. Not only that, but it's also fairly condescending to think you can predict my rate of growth based on a few patters you've convinced yourself of seeing in my behavior.Ironically, this turned into a fairly long winded post anyway and became more about why you should read my fanfiction and less about its premise. But, you read this far. You took time out of your day to hear me out. You can either decide that you've wasted your time and go about your merry way, blissfully ignorant in spite of deceiving yourself out of laziness. Or, you can satisfy your curiosity and take part in the next great adventure of your life.After all, you've made it this far. And yet, you haven't even touched the tip of the tip of the ice berg. You've merely made a passing glance. So come on in. The water's fine. (And don't try to be clever by saying "I can't swim." Get a lifeboat you weeniesaurus.)Whoops, I think I dropped something. Clumsy me.Don't forget to comment! If you're willing to complain, surely you're willing to offer me advice to better myself. Really let me have it. I'm a glutton for punishment.
  9. Thannnnnnnk you. I'd be interested in seeing how either Sonic and Amy would interact with Omega. Sonic because he shares Omega's "Gotta destroy Eggman's bots," fetish as Sonic and I'm curious to see as to what kind of comparisons Omega would make between Sonic and Shadow. I'll be it'd be something along the lines of "I CAN DESTROY YOU JUST AS EASILY. AFTER ALL, YOU ARE JUST AN INFERIOR PALETTE SWAP THAT LACKS HIS RANGE AND VERSATILITY." And Sonic would say something like "Oh no, I agree. By the way, did I ever tell you about the time he never beat me?" Whether it'd be a fight, a team up, or a conversation, these are two characters that would definitely have some interesting chemistry. Now, Amy and Omega is probably something that might go over your head (or not, I try not to condescend). But, let's not forget that at one point there was another E-Series robot that went rogue. Interestingly enough, Omega only knows of his brothers through battle records. Amy would surely make a comment about meeting Gamma at one point. You might (or might not) think that Omega's detached from any thing sentimental with his whole "Kill first, ask never" mentality. But, have you ever considered the possibility that Omega's one of the most outwardly emotional characters? Like seriously. He talks about being the best of Eggman's creations and wears that title with pride. Sure, that could be a deduction based on comparisons from data in other robots' performance assessment. But, he also assumed he could take on Shadow, some random ass thing he's probably only seen recordings of, without anything to go on besides "I'm tough shit. GG, loser" (But given what happened in 06, at least 200 years down the line in a possible future, he was able to best him for whatever reason but that's another conversation). Also, his entire purpose for joining Team Dark, aside from Rouge's suggesting, was to get back at Eggman for simply forgetting about him. If he was some cold hearted, unfeeling death tank that merely functions on whatever prime directive he was given, then he would have never joined up with Shadow and Rogue in the first place or formed a close bond. That also defeats the purpose of most of his commentary in Sonic Heroes. He has selfish desires. He is a being of autonomy. He is capable of learning. And if he's capable of learning, then he's capable of being curious. Amy would be the first person (technically second to Rogue in Sonic Battle) to make a comparison between Omega and Gamma. Because of his pride which may or may not be backed up by supplementary information, Omega would simply dismiss Amy's claims, calling him "an inferior specimen." Amy would then go on to explain his more noble qualities; his sacrifices, going against Eggman not out of spite or vengeance but because he honestly believed that what he was doing was wrong. Even though Omega most likely already knows that there is value in people aside from their destructive potential, he at no point internalized it. He's a trigger happy, vengeful driven WMD. He joined with the military probably because it opened more venues for him to kill bots (or because Rogue asked him). For the most part, his self-value has been defined by how much he can destroy. He knows he can help, he knows he can fight for the greater good, he knows he can form relationships. But has he ever really thought of himself as anything more than a weapon? According to getting an E-Rank with Team Dark in Sonic Heores, Omega sees Gamma as a level for him to overcome. He greatly looks down on him. Obviously, he was never close to his older brother or otherwise he may have taken a very different path of development. The two are essential opposites: Gamma saw the world as beautiful and something worth protecting. He didn't agree with his creator's purpose but he loved his brothers enough to want to free them from Eggman's tyrannical grasp, even if that mean killing them one by one. He'd rather they die with freedom then live a life of servitude to a malevolent mad man. E-102 valued life. He cared for other people. He saw meaning in more than wanton destruction. He didn't care about how much he could destroy, rather he was concerned with how much he could protect. And he sacrificed his own life to protect the planet he knew so little about. This would probably confuse Omega. "AN EGGMAN CREATION THAT DOESN'T HAVE A HANKERING FOR EXPLOSIONS AND SHIT? YEAH, RIGHT." But at the same time, this could arouse his curiosity. Even if he's not exactly the same as Gamma, he might see that they're both at least somewhat mindful of others. Gamma used violence as a means to protect. Omega uses it as a means. Given some time, Omega could grow to admire Gamma. Perhaps after learning a little bit about the world that he's a part of, he might learn that there is something else to fight for than his own pride. Perhaps even a WMD can learn to see the value of a simple smile or being free in the wind.
  10. I'm a little tired of treading the past for the umpteenthbillionth time.
  11. SO. SO. SO. SO. HOLD UP. SO. So...About 4 months ago, I had this crazy idea for a fanfiction...so check it...One Punch Man is a man of punches, is he not? I mean, it's in the name. BUT. BUT BUT BUT...Touma Kamijou...sorrry, TouMAN is also a man of punches. Also, he totally looks like a young Saitama. Sort of... But seriously. I've been working on this since the summer and finished about two weeks ago. It totals at 244 pages right now but that could change once I fanalize the edits. I was originally going to upload the whole thing as a PDF, clad with illustrations just like the Index novels but 1) finding artists who are willing to do 8-12 illustrations for free is a tall order and 2) the people I've shown the preview to have been waiting a while so I figure why not just post the parts I already finished editing. So without further ado, here is One Certain Magical Punch. When two fists cross paths, a story is born! Feedback is appreciated but I don't know why I bother anymore since I rarely get comments >:(
  12. Tfw Sonic and Tails use friendship and math to win the day.
  13. 1. End it? No. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Amy's crush on Sonic is the foundation of her character and one of her biggest aspects. I don't care how crazy she is regarding Sonic but I do appreciate the somewhat softer approach the series has taken in recent years. Actually, I think a softer approach with a sign of neuroticism is the best way to go. Good for serious and funny moments. 2. In reality, it probably doesn't go any further than a hobby ala astrology. Making her a wizard is a stretch and a subversion since she's never been depicted as full on magical in the main series. 3. Again, it's been said before but Amy's been depicted as more caring of the critters in Lost World. It's a bit of a stretch, and frankly kind of ludicrous in retrospect, to think an army of critters could stand a chance against an army of Eggman robots when they capture them all of the time. Plus, I'd personally rather see an army of Sonic's friends then an army of tiny animal buddies that always need saving fight Eggman's robots. For starters, the main cast has been under utilized for a decade now. And I don't think Amy would need help taking out a base of robots. 4. That's really unnecessary. Sorry to be blunt but Amy chasing Sonic on foot is part of the charm of their dynamic. Because you'd have to be batshit insane to chase someone who can break the sound barrier in his sleep on foot and the though of that is ludicrously hilarious. All in all, count me as a member of the Amy Doesn't Need Fixing Club.
  14. Dudes, imagine Big trying to fit down a Warp Pipe.
  15. Sonic has this tonal flexibility where it can range from generally light hearted with a dash of calamity or high stakes with a pinch of humor here and there. There's always trace amounts of both of these traits in every game. The ratio just varies game to game. Sonic could have a tone similar to any of the properties listed in the survey. Some would work better than others. I'd like to see Sonic and Spidey team up and make the world's greatest quipping duo. You could just not vote. Ignore the whole thing altogether. Kind of doesn't make sense to willingly expose yourself to something you have so much disdain for.
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