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  1. So wish I could go, if I didn't have finals I would have. But if anyone has a phone make sure to take photos so that those of us who can't go can still see some pretty neat stuff.
  2. Since Sonic Runners is being taken down, does anybody here have save files with all or most of the characters, buddies, events, etc. so that everything can be ripped before the game is taken down?
  3. Hmmm 29, wait.....! This year in Febuary.... it is a leap year! That means the last day in Febuary is... the 29th! INFO ON NEW SONIC GAME CONFIRMED TO BE CONFIRMED ON FEBUARY 29th. [lol, maybe, but I doubt it, just putting the idea out there if it isn't already out there]
  4. I created the script as @Drawloverlala Mentioned, and I did the lettering for this issue, since so many people have pointed out that it is not that great (it was my first ever attempt at doing letting when I did it for Sonic Mobius) I have decided to improve my skills in it and also in the meantime ask for help from others to make an improved lettered version so that it is more appealing, any suggestions anyone? Also the Concept for all of this script came from this one drawing that I decided to create one day. http://yarcaz.deviantart.com/art/Lost-Hedgehog-Tales-Special-1-draft-no-color-558710549?q=gallery%3AYarcaz%2F43940863&qo=60 Also really happy that so many people are finding out about this, and the Bumbleking part is moving and the groups are coming together at this site now. http://mythsofthare.com/archiesoniconline/forum/viewforum.php?f=4 The older sites (if still available will still be used and you can find out more about lost hedgehog tales here. http://sonic-mobius.tumblr.com/ http://www.bumbleking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8527 http://www.bumbleking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8424 http://bumbleking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7231 http://lost-hedgehog-tales.deviantart.com/ http://bumbleking.com/?page_id=512 http://archiesonic.wikia.com/wiki/Ian_Flynn's_Unused_Concepts http://archiesonic.wikia.com/wiki/Abandoned_and_Unused_Concepts I hope for more for the future, and the first issue of Mobius Legends was very amazing to accomplish with the team and support that we had from everyone. So that people know Basically Sonic Mobius is the equivalent of the "normal" STH comics, while Mobius Legends is the equivalent of the Sonic Universe comics. The first Sonic Mobius Issue will begin once we get more information about what Ian Flynn had planned specifically for what was to occur. So we will be continuing "At All Costs in "Sonic Mobius", while we will the the "true" versions of story arcs such as "Endangered species" and a few other issues in "Mobius Legends" along with any other specials.
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