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  1. Kinda slapped it together but I may as well contribute to this.
  2. Thanks, and I most certainly did.
  3. Not much really.

    Just lurking here and there.

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. They both made me feel like I wasn't going fast which didn't make it much good at all. It was a good time waster but it wasn't really fun after playing it for more than a few times.
  5. I would like to see the best bits of 1 and 2 for example the air tank from 1 and the zero gravity from 2. Also if they were to make a third then I hope they make a good plot this time and add a lot more commonly known characters instead of more new ones to add.
  6. Replied, even though I highly doubt I'll even get an e-mail back saying I lost.
  7. I need to rent this game as soon as possible and see if it's any good to buy or not. From what I've heard from nearly everyone is that the gameplay sucks so I'd rather try it out first even though I'll probably end up buying it anyway.
  8. Looks really awesome, I wouldn't mind tht in my house any day. Too bad arcade machines are rare and that, they all cost a fortune.
  9. Hi I'm Phil, previously had an account here called ZPhil but all I ever ended up doing here was posting on a forum game per day and leaving again, thanks to the restart I have a clean start and now contribute as much as I can here. My main interests are Sonic (of course), Web Designing, Technology in general and Video gaming. Hope to see some of you around the forum. -Phil.
  10. Lol thanks, got it off Sonic Shorts Volume 5.

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      If my calculations are correct... this is the first status update that isn't a profile comment. :o

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Fuck yeah, found ya!

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    4. super saiyan weegee

      super saiyan weegee

      well diddily dee what's this i see

  11. Resident Evil 2 easily has to be my favourite Playstation 1 game I have ever owned. It would be a realy dissapointment if the remake was awful becuase any other remakes that have been made I wasn't really intrested in them, please don't screw up Capcom. Edit: Has anyone got any idea what console(s) it will be released on?
  12. Glad to see so many other people who likes the shorts same as me. Hope the 6th is going to be great. After watching this about 5 times I still find this funny as hell.
  13. Stop using a huge ammount of characters in their games. They didn't in Sonic Unleashed and that made the game much better just by doing that.
  14. Do you remember where you got those Sonic and Mario ragdolls for GMod?

  15. I have a wii but I never use it. Seeing all the reviews in the gameplay area are pretty poor I may wait until it drops down in value like Sonic Unleashed did after a month before I consider purchacing it.
  16. My favourite 3 would be these, Sonic 2 Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Unleashed. I still like a load of other games but a lot of the recent ones are just crappy.
  17. The Sonic Shorts collabs are a huge collection of flash animators making hilarious sonic scenes. If you haven't watched Volume 5 yet watch it at newgrounds here. If you haven't watched the others you can watch them here: Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4
  18. It looks just like any other classic Street Fighter just it's 3D.
  19. People are slowly running out of ideas to do in life, this is what people nowerdays are coming up with?
  20. With all those characters in the games now my favourite is still Sonic. Maybe it's just because I just played Sonic 2 again, and again and again for most of my leisure time a long time ago now. Although Sonic games are going downhill lately I still prefer Sonic to any other character in the sonic universe or whatever anyone wants to call it. My second favourite would be tails which kinda proves my point.
  21. Thinking of adding any awesome new features or ideas to the forum as you have a clean start?
  22. Glad to see that it's back even though everything is lost. Still, starting again is better than not. I#d really hate to see this place just vanish, one less awesome site to visit. Good luck with the new board.
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