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  1.  not cool man

  2. You honestly think conservative voters will blame the Republicans for this? The real shit is gonna hit in 2019 at the earliest and if the Dems are in control, they'll blame the Democrats because they are THAT fucking stupid.
  3. https://go.twitch.tv/psiwind Alright......lets do this.........Sonic Forces on PC

  4. Famitsu is the country's biggest and most well known gaming magazine, so no, not really. Famitsu reviews are pretty bad too, as Tracker pointed out. Let me add another: Mighty No.9 got a 32 also
  5. Alright, I think it's high time for me to answer the question of what in Mania was an illusion as well as what the Phantom Ruby is, and where Infinite goes (at least, my theory). So, lets start with the Phantom Ruby first. The Phantom Ruby is not an invention of Eggman's. At least, the real one isn't. The one we see in Mania is in the game. As the one put into Infinite. But, why exactly is it smaller than what it should look like? After Classic Sonic and Phantom Ruby are pulled into the Wormhole, the Phantom Ruby is the first one that shows up in the world, probably because its much smaller. Eggman uncovers it and does some tests on it. What he finds is that the Phantom Ruby can create illusions and transport objects across the world as well as dimension transportation in the appearance of the Null Void. Now, obviously this is a very powerful tool that can easily help Eggman finally win and take over the world. But, why have one? He's a scientist and we've seen fake Chaos Emeralds before. So, Eggman starts working on making fake Phantom Rubies with less power in their numbers but can help negate or power the real Ruby. Thus, he creates fake rubies and spreads them around the world in certain areas as well as testing them like with the Chaos fight in the comic. The problem in this though is that he needs to break the real Ruby apart and put a piece in it to power the fakes. After making enough, he goes on to his next plan: Make a catalyst for the remains of the Ruby. This is where Infinite comes from and what we see at the start of the game. Next is the question of where Infinite went to after his last fight near the end of the game. As we know, he just flies away saying he can still fight. https://i.gyazo.com/41ebff4d223636885c1e362ce373df43.mp4 What Infinite realizes is that his time is almost up as a living thing, but he can still fight Sonic and co in SOME form. And that form would be the Death Egg Robo. We can figure this out via 2 ways: 1) The area where Infinite flies too is a tower that seems to have either the power supply or the Death Egg Robo itself. and 2) This line from Eggman After Infinite goes into the Death Egg Robo, he now suddenly shows up as an Illusion for the Resistance. Sure he's shown up before as Illusions against Sonic or those lankey things in Metropolis, but to my knowledge, never as an Illusion against hundreds of creatures in its normal form. There's also the fact the Death Egg Robo comes near the same area Infinite flies towards. So, that would certainly back up my theory on Infinite being powered by the real Ruby. So now, the last part of the theory. What is fake and what is real in Mania? The most obvious thing thats an illusion would be none other than the Hard Boiled Heavies. The MOMENT you and the Egg Robos are transported to Green Hill, the robos suddenly change form drastically. This would be easily explained by the HBH being illusion versions of the robos. Now for the stages, those are all real. We never see Infinite straight up change an area into something its not. We see warping the senses like turning Metropolis sideways or upside down for the players perspective, but we aren't transported to another area. Same for the fight in Mystic Jungle vs Sonic. But we do see twice that the Ruby can transport things to other dimensions, so we know it can at least transport people to other areas. Eggman is also clearly piloting actual mechs and is always involved in Mania. I highly doubt thats an illusion. The only other thing that might be an illusion is the Giant Catekiller Heavy Magician summons twice. But how could the Phantom Ruby transport itself and Classic to the Forces era? Easy. The Little Planet's power in turn made the Ruby's power stronger. We know the planet is highly powerful and Eggman has used it twice in both Sonic 4 and CD for power. That would explain the computer Classic Eggman is using near Little Planet. He figured a way to control the Ruby as well as power it. The Null Void also actually makes an appearance in Mania. As Egg Reverie. tl;dr The Phantom Ruby is real, Mania's locations are real. The HBH are fake. Oh and one more thing. About the Ruby being indestructible now: Eggman says its a good DEDUCTION. He doesn't actually say correct. So no, that was just Tails making a guess.
  6. I think by illusion, they mean Reality or Dimension warping. It's both there and not.
  7. Sonic fans: What I want from the next Sonic game after Lost World is a better and more focused story, a return to the Boost Mechanic, and it has to be on next gen systems too. Sonic Team:
  8. God I guess its a good thing I'm asking for Forces for my birthday. I will be streaming my first run through the game with no commentary btw

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Are you gonna make a post for whenever you get to it? I wouldn't mind tuning in.

  9. Well I'm at least asking my dad to buy it for my birthday on PC lol. At least then if I don't end up liking the game I don't feel like I wasted money on it. But I won't lie. The absolute negativity surrounding the title everywhere I go might end up making it hard for me to actually enjoy the damn game. I do plan on streaming it. Personally, I'd rather we either just go back to Adventure style or Lost World style gameplay rather than boost because I don't care much for boost. Something I find funny is ever since the Boost was announced to be back, I've heard "WHY DOESN'T SONIC TEAM TRY SOMETHING NEW!?" but, they did, in 2013. I'm one of the few people on this damn earth that actually thinks LW is honestly just a good game and the gameplay style just needs to be tweaked and worked on a bit more. Also, I beat Sonic 06 on 360 and PS3 and also completed Lost World 3DS, which is so far the worst 3D Sonic game I have ever played. I highly doubt the game will be that fucking bad. I just want a demo at this point.
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/psiwind

    guess I gotta do a new game on Generations due to modding fucking up my save file rip

  11. Wrong. They have ruled at the moment that some parts can stay. They will do a full review of it in October.
  12. http://twitch.tv/psiwind Forgot to advertise this last time but I'm speeding through LW as a test to make sure I can stream again. So far so good

  13. I am so fucking sick of this vitriol HATRED over the 3DS over the last year.

    1. TCB


      I ain't hatin

  14. Maybe this is all some huge viral marketing for the game
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