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  1. That makes them advocates for child murder from cops though. There's no logic in that
  2. I think they should look long and hard in the mirror if, even if this was the opposite race to the usual, it was still a Cop shooting and killing a 6 year old recklessly.
  3. Do you think having this spread on the news would do good or bad for the message considering its a Black Cop on a White person? I mean, we just mentioned how people seeing kids being beat up by police during MLK's walk was the turning point. Kids are (sadly) an easy way to make people look at things in another way.
  4. How the hell hasn't Trumps numbers dropped or the NRA hasn't said a WORD after his support for Stop & Frisk? THAT LITERALLY TAKES SOMEONES GUN AWAY! Where's the fucking outcry from the gun nuts!? Oh, it was aimed mostly at minorities and the law itself was racist? That explains a lot.
  5. So, is there any confirmation of beam clashes being in this game?
  6. Yeaaaaah, about that....... Zodiac Killer must be a masochist. He also probably hates his family and even wife. Who knows :V
  7. I'd be more than okay with Tim Kain as the President. It's why the Vice President exists.
  8. God, I just want the General Election to be here already so I can see Trump get his ass handed AND won't have to turn my volume up all the way when my parents are watching the news.

  9. Someone explain how when the US impeaches a President, it's not a coup, but if it's in Brazil, it is and is violating human rights via voting when the Senate voted for said impeachement?

    1. Hyp3hat


      Not that I'm 100% on what is happening in Brazil right now, but I believe the term 'coup' is being thrown around because the impeachment was organised behind the scenes by other political opponents, who could corrupt the process, the Senate (because Brazil has a pretty corrupt government) and turn the people against their target in the media so they could assume power? Or at least, that's what her supporters are saying, politics in that region are difficult to get a grasp on for an outsider.

      In an American context, it would be like if Nixon's opposition had staged the Watergate break-in and framed Nixon for it, the scandal of which lead to his impeachment and resignation. 

  10. Kubo has a 2% higher RT overall percentage than Finding Dory. Holy. Shit.

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Just saw it today with my sister.

      I loved it, so I'm so glad it's doing so well.

      (ratings wise, I haven't heard anything on the Box office.

  11. For PC, it depends on what type of computer you have. If you can't run the game at 60 FPS its kinda pointless. Though, if you can, you'll get a possibly better looking version, better controls (even by console FPS standards, I heard OW isn't very good on consoles control wise), as well as access to PRT (Public Realm Testing) to test out upcoming content or balance changes and give feedback. You should also be aware that the console and PC versions will be balanced separately.
  12. Actually, this was all NoA's decision and doing, same with the removal of all Nintendo Power scan archives on and RetroMag. You smell that? It smells like NoA's brewing up more bullshit again. Fuck Reggie and fuck NoA.
  13. What the fuck is up with Nintendo today? First the AM2R take-down and now the take-down of's Nintendo Power archives. 

    1. Polkadi


      Okay, hold the fucking phone, what?! Nintendo, come on, you're better than this.

      If Nintendo ain't gonna do it, we do it. And when we do it, they bring us down. Well, shit, they're gonna get a lot of hate if they keep going.

    2. MegasonicZX


      I kind of want to be mad about this and I am but at the same time I can't really say that it was the wrong thing to do since its within their rights to do it and while its the scummiest thing to do (especially doing it literally after the guy finally finished working on it) its just the way how copyright works *shrugs*.

  14. DC DID IT FAM THEY MADE A GOOD MOVIE! Also 3D was pretty good. Though, I'd suggest doing Early Bird or Matanee if you wanna see Suicide Squad in 3D.

    1. Saturday Morning Kirb

      Saturday Morning Kirb

      I'm not giving any crap to Suicide Squad, as I haven't seen it therefore I cannot give any criticisms towards the movie. However, I've heard some pretty negative things about it from friends and reviewers alike. And just like I am curious to hear about their opinion, I am curious to hear yours as well. What about the movie do you like?  

    2. KHCast


      Considering the majority says otherwise, I'm inclined to think they're still making meh-decent. Nothing marvel crazy.

  15. TIL Trump endorsed and supported a Political and Election Year Propaganda Film on his twitter. For fucks sakes.......