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  1. B-But he didn't tell them to! Or, it was just a joke! I'm sorry, but when does telling someone that they'll be rewarded or saying "I HOPE YOU" DOESN'T FUCKING MEAN HE'S ASKING THEM TO!?
  2. "rather than something like 4 zones with potentially forgettable HD graphics." OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

  3. When was Generations main gimmick Modern and Classic Sonic together? I thought Generations' gimmick was celebrating 20 years of Sonic by taking stages from 20 years of Sonic games and compiling the best ones from each mainline 3D game.
  4. Look, I hate all of the Brutality stories that come out. Its absolutely terrible that it keeps happening. But, this one? This is the one that pisses me off the most. I am PART of the Autistic Spectrum so I actually understand a bit of what issues the person would have and why they'd need a therapist for this. This is absolutely DISGUSTING. It was already bad with all the other stories, but now you have the issue with a MENTALLY CHALLENGED PERSON on top of it. Fuck this cop and I hope to GOD he gets fired and taken to fucking court and LOSES.
  5. Nothing at all. The Police answered a call about a shooting though. There's a small possibility it was a planned ambush but its just that: A possibility. Eye witnesses say it was indiscriminate shooting though.
  6. In case this is brought up, the recent shooting in Baton Rouge was just that: A shooting. It wasn't aimed at the police, but they got hurt or killed in the line of duty, as that's part of the risk with their job.
  7. Would this be the first Military Coup in the 21st Century that's a good thing :V

    1. Patticus
    2. PSI Wind

      PSI Wind

      Hmm, well hopefully this is just a temporary thing until they find a replacement for erdogan

    3. The KKM

      The KKM

      you can only really judge coups after the fact

  8. News Flash: Some communities/cities/counties have better Police Forces than other. In other news, the sky is blue. You can't really use a good community to speak for them all, same for all the good cops. Just because my family served the right way doesn't mean ALL officers do.
  9. You know what? I'm voting for Hilary, but I'm just done. I'm not happy for that decision and honestly I just fucking give up. I'm numb over all this and whoever gets in, I don't even care. With Brexit, ISIS winning with fear, and my families views (Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking, I know), I just am DONE.
  10. Okay, that's better. Thanks. I still stand by my original viewset though that while I support BLM's main goal, it's hard to support groups themselves when there have been times where I simply don't agree with one group's actions at all and find it going against what I think should and shouldn't be done. BLM is more than a simple hashtag or name like ALM, but it still has issues in its own group that I obviously have no right to fight against as not only is it not my problem (in the sense of the groups that cause the issue) but I also don't understand what some of them have been through to make them do it as I've never experienced it. I'll fight against what I believe in, and that's stopping police brutality as its both unlawful and racist or phobic. That's all I really can do anyways. The first step in fixing that problem is, without a shadow of a doubt, stopping police brutality from happening with the majority, which are black people. After that, we can move on to the next minority that's the most vulnerable but that's not what people or even myself should focus on now.
  11. I don't mean the group, I meant the actual issue at hand here. I don't know if there's a "Minority Lives Matter" so I just group the other minorities under that name. I just explained that police brutality is a real issue for everyone but you need to focus on the majority first. In this case, BLMs goal is the first one we need to go on to solve. When I say ALM, I mean the rest of the people who has been unlawfully abused by police due to their race, religion, or sexual orientation. I COMPLETELY understand that BLM is fighting for everyone but we are focusing on their lives first as we should. If you have a better name to use for others who have been affected, I'm all ears. I don't mean this sarcastically, Nep. I'm being serious. I'm sorry if I angered you, I can see why.
  12. I personally view all the groups as the same as I do ALL groups of this type or size: In certain states or areas, they're great, polite, and level-headed. But then some are arrogant or rude. Instead of supporting a hashtag or name, I support the causes' main goal. For example: From what I can tell, the BLM group in Dallas are great people who have been supportive of the community but will make noise when needed, but BECAUSE of how they treat the community and others, they get more support from others. On the other hand, you have Toronto and what happened at the Pride Parade. It wasn't physically wrong but it was morally wrong of what they did. They acted selfish and prude during an event like that JUST to get attention and I cannot support some of their proposals that the Parade Managers had no choice BUT to sign. I do not like the fact that they want (and did) to shut even the LGBT police out of the parade as that isn't what the parade is about. The way I see it is that LGBT Officers that were in the parade showed that you can be anyone and that the LGBT community is really no different in what they can do. BLM and ALM are both on the same page, but we need to work on BLM's main goal FIRST before we can really work on ALM. ALM theoretically embodies not just Blacks or Whites, but ALL minorities. Black brutality from Police are the biggest in terms of minorities though, so that's what we need to focus on.
  13. I honestly would rather have another 4 years of almost nothing. That way, at least the Status Quo stays the same for 4 years and we can get better president candidates....hopefully.
  14. Yeah, this basically makes me have no issue in voting for Hilary anymore. The way I see it now is that President is just a title. They hire the Judges and can veto or Executive Power things, sure, but the House, Senate, and/or Judges can still keep them in check.
  15. Well one, it wasn't that. It was the whole Street Smart thing and what job she has. And two, from what someone said, the trailer scenes are really the only ones where she's really loud so yeah.