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  1. You seem to really like GIFs of disturbing faces for avatars, eh! I must say that your avatar always stands out a lot among the rest of them, my eyes are attracted to it!

    1. CleverSonicUsername


      I'll do my best to make sure my third is more terrifying than the last.

  2. I'm now remembering when SEGA barely showed up at E3 2016 and half of the Internet were screaming "SEGA is dead" and "Sonic is dead" and lost all hope for Sonic's 25th just because of that.

    Cue E3 2017, and SEGA has not one, but TWO Sonic games to expose!

    1. pppp


      I still say it was a mistake not to reveal the games at E3 2016, where the whole world would notice. The marketing for Forces in particular is baffling. We should have seen more than a full minute of footage by now.

  3. Nice response from the (Tax)man himself we've got here to someone asking about the Death Egg in Mania: What could this mean? It seems 'buttnik was unable to salvage his space station after the third assault in Sonic & Knuckles destroyed it. Or...?
  4. The Thunder Shield NEVER killed badniks in Sonic 3 when it shorted out in water. It was just a visual effect. That's really something they could add, but it seems it's not the case.
  5. Did any of you notice that Knuckles' shoes look almost exactly like the Spanish flag viewed from the side? I didn't until last month!


    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      his shoes are also the same colors as some of the flags of aftican countries like togo and mali


      oh and lithuania from europe 

    2. Solister


      He still have LEGO shoes. But yeah, funny fact. Especially if you think that red is the LEGO brand color.

  6. Take a look at this tweet by our quasi-official Japanese translator SonicJPNews and the rest of the thread: It's cool to read from Iizuka himself that "the Green Hill Zone has been played hundred times already *lol*" Do you know what would be even cooler? If they make a fourth wall joke abut GHZ in Sonic Forces' story. It's been hinted by Nakamura already lol!
  7. One thing that's clear about Sonic Forces: if the worst thing about it is that Green Hill appears, I have got nothing to worry.

    1. Blacklightning


      I'd be more worried about the level design than its tropes tbh

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      bruh, it's only april

      we totally ain't seen the worst thing about the game yet >:]

  8. I've just watched last Thursday's livestream, and Aaron and Sergio say near the end that they'll be playing Green Hill and Green Hill in two weeks. Does that mean they will play Sonic Forces, os just because of the meme?
  9. If Green Hill is outright mentioned in a cutscene, as has been apparently confirmed, that means it's going to be used to introduce some story element in a familiar environment, and should take place very early in the game. Probably Classic Sonic's introductory level.
  10. Well, another thing I got from that trailer is that boost energy seems to be scarcer than ever. Either that or the player didn't want to boost too much in order to better show the visuals and background events. But if they indeed want to take focus away from the boost, we could get more interesting level design. Also, more focus on platforming was advertised at the panel (that wasn't the case for Generations, if I'm not mistaken), and we have a few media articles to back that up.
  11. I'm not compleeeetely sure, but... didn't Aaron Webber confirm at the SxSW panel and somewhere before that there isn't a third Sonic? Because if this is true, the speculation on Boom Sonic, Adventure Sonic, Future Sonic can just end now. I'm not even sure we know everything that was said at the panel, due to it lacking an official stream and all...
  12. Whoa whoa, what's happened while I wasn't here?! Last time I was with it, the boost gameplay wasn't nearly as bad as what I'm reading here!
  13. Wait, what happened to Mike Pollock a few years ago?
  14. I'm very pretty sure Sonic Team definitely WANT to progressively give more use to the other characters at this point, despite most people's shattered expectations on the matter. It started with Lost World, in which there is a lot more character interaction than in previous games (from Unleashed to Generations), even if Amy and especially Knux didn't get to say much. Then we have Sonic Runners, where we see the main trio -including Knux!- actually working together for the first time in eons, and some side stories use other, minor characters arguably with better characterization than in the SA2-06 era. And now, the main heads behind Sonic Forces are putting focus into the story and characters come alongside a meaty story, even Othani said that the main theme of the game is about friendship! And the Chaotix of all people will be appearing! Long story short: they WANT to use the other characters more, but are held back by IMO unreasonable public opinion.
  15. Judging by what they repeatedly said on the SxSW stream of quality being their main focus now, I really don't think they are too confident. They'll want to show their effort more than ever, Aaron Webber is constantly suggesting this. The reason they aren't revealing too much stuff just yet is simply that, well, the game is still at least 8-9 months away, and they would run out of reveals along the way if they didn't hold back. And there's also a certain other game that comes out sooner and is now top priority. Just before the panel, many weren't expecting so much info to come out on Sonic 2017! The gameplay we got is considered a substantial reveal at this time.