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  1. Sonic Mania will be the first Sonic game in a very long while without Red Star Rings, won't it?

    Nothing at all has even suggested their appearance.

    1. VEDJ-F


      Technically, the Premium version of Sonic Runners Adventure has it beat. 

  2. Taxman just revealed his Sonic fanchara on Twitter, do you think we'll see it in Mania? His name is...

    ...Sonic the Ledgehog!!!

    1. McGroose


      Fucking Yee in the corner

    2. VEDJ-F


      That's Yee in the corner. that's Yee in the spotlight. 

  3. Well, we have been told nearly from the beginning that: 1. It is longer than Generations. 2. We don't have to worry about the high ratio of returning levels because it is a big game. Take that as you will.
  4. One thing I get from this is that they had a standard-length game of original levels, then they added a bunch of reimagined zones on top of them. More proof that this game is gonna be HUGE! In all honesty, this is one of the reasons why I totally welcomed the reimagined stages all the way since last year's announcement, because I know they'll extend the game's length considerably -all-new levels are harder to produce-.
  5. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BZjYwMjRlMTItYjBlYy00ZWU0LWI2ODktYTJkMTY1Y2ZkZjU4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjMxNzQ2NTQ@._V1_UY268_CR23,0,182,268_AL_.jpg

    Looking at this poster, it seems Tails and Knuckles will be close to Sonic(s) in Forces, more than the rest of the supporting cast. I'm glad they have become relevant again since Runners, and I hope Sonic Mania warms the general public up towards having them be playable in a 3D game.

  6. I think you're being a bit too harsh when you say that Forces is lacking a clear direction. It's been advertised from its proper reveal as "Sonic's forces vs Eggman's forces", so that's why it must have so many characters, you can't make "forces" with just Sonic, Tails and Eggman.

    And the three gameplay styles are all Sonic-like, not even close to the SA times of gameplay roulettes. I can see the custom character as a step towards implementing playable Tails and Knuckles and other cast into the modern style of gameplay.

    1. Diogenes



      I think you're being a bit too harsh when you say that Forces is lacking a clear direction. It's been advertised from its proper reveal as "Sonic's forces vs Eggman's forces", so that's why it must have so many characters, you can't make "forces" with just Sonic, Tails and Eggman.

      maybe, but you can easily make "sonic's forces vs eggman's forces" without classic sonic, original the character, a whole new villain, and a random assortment of previous villains chosen without regard to their current status

    2. Ajavalo


      Honestly, I'm pretty intrigued. We still don't know much about the context of the story or the characters' reasons.

    3. Lord-Dreamerz


      If they at least allowed us to play as some of Sonic other allies such as Blaze. Knuckles. Amy.  ETC... instead of Classic Sonic and OC... it would actually feel more like Sonic focus vs Eggman forces. Just make each character based on Sonic's gameplay with few differences to keep it not hard to program and deal with.

  7. Hey, do any of you think Knuckles is a salty guy?

    Because, you know,... NaCl's!!!



    1. VEDJ-F


      Because Sodium Clorine

      I can't spell Chlorine today.

    2. Polkadi


      That's Sodium Chloride, VEDJ. Can't science today either.

    3. VEDJ-F


      No, I was literally just spouting out the elements as they're listed, not the compound they form. 

    4. Polkadi


      Not exactly how it works, but alright. Was just a little confused.

  8. I'm LOVING all the chatter between Sonic and friends in Sonic Forces! In all honesty, this feature was one of my favourite things about Heroes -excluding some cases of meaningless and annoying shouts and excessive exposition, as in Rise of Lyric-. These conversations are actually meaningful and immersive. It's somewhat similar to Team Sonic's interactions in Sonic Runners, which I also loved!

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I just hope Omega and Big appear so we can hear their current voices say more than four words each.

    2. Kiah


      Same. If we can't get them playable at least let them talk and interact with one another! Not that Sonic Generations nonsense where Sonic wouldn't speak back to them. 

    3. Venom Wisp

      Venom Wisp

      Rise of Lyric and 06 is how you should NOT do character interaction ingame. But it's one of the things I loved from Heroes (and to a MUCH lesser extent, Shadow the Hedgehog). Just, don't make a quote sound 90% of the time like EGGMAN'S ROBOTS or LEAVE IT TO ME SONIC or NICE GOING SHADOW  jesus fucking christ

  9. There is nothing to make up for, that Sonic Forces track is also amazing and is getting near universal praise. I'm really liking that Chemical Plant Act 2! The bouncy substances reminded me of a level in DKC:Tropical Freeze with bouncy jellies! This is so far the least tame re-imagined act we've seen, and it looks RAD. Now, about the GHZ boss... It certainly looks like we weren't supposed to see it... Let's wait for today's stream to see whether Aaron and Gene make weird faces. It fits with the "walking contraption" description we got a few month ago. Eggman seems to be chasing after our heroes with his PINGAS ready!!!
  10. Gotta ask you something about you username, The Deleter...

    What do you delete?

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Hopes... Dreams... That seven page essay I was about to print out, but clicked out of without saving accidentally...

      Y'know, the usual stuff *shrugs*

  11. Well, we still don't know pretty much anything on the role of Sonic's friends. The fact that they communicate with Sonic during the levels brings me back to Sonic Heroes and that's a good thing. Even if some lines might be annoying, I reaaly like that kind of friendly chatter about the game's events, it helps fit the gameplay into the story -and that seems to be the goal, going by Nakamura Shun's words!-.
  12. I have to ask you a question about your username, Tracker, after seeing it for a long time:

    What do you track?

    1. Tracker_TD


      I track




  13. After so many Sonic avatars, it's finally time to dress as the enemy! :ph34r:

  14. So, we can expect big new infos in 2-3 weeks. June 5th-12th is the week before E3, it makes perfect sense! Mania should be releasing late June or, slightly more likely, early July. This is going to be the first big Sonic appearance at E3 since 2013, isn't it? If you can call 2013's first proper showing of Lost World "big". Are you guys excited? I sure am!
  15. I'm seeing clockwork tower elements in the sloped path to the right, not sure if it's the low quality deceiving my eyes. That teaser image had what looked like a gear, so why not? And what's that thing to the right of Sonic? I'm seeing a bearded guy with yellow eyes, no body and tiny legs! Seriously!!!