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  1. I'm not compleeeetely sure, but... didn't Aaron Webber confirm at the SxSW panel and somewhere before that there isn't a third Sonic? Because if this is true, the speculation on Boom Sonic, Adventure Sonic, Future Sonic can just end now. I'm not even sure we know everything that was said at the panel, due to it lacking an official stream and all...
  2. Whoa whoa, what's happened while I wasn't here?! Last time I was with it, the boost gameplay wasn't nearly as bad as what I'm reading here!
  3. I'm very pretty sure Sonic Team definitely WANT to progressively give more use to the other characters at this point, despite most people's shattered expectations on the matter. It started with Lost World, in which there is a lot more character interaction than in previous games (from Unleashed to Generations), even if Amy and especially Knux didn't get to say much. Then we have Sonic Runners, where we see the main trio -including Knux!- actually working together for the first time in eons, and some side stories use other, minor characters arguably with better characterization than in the SA2-06 era. And now, the main heads behind Sonic Forces are putting focus into the story and characters come alongside a meaty story, even Othani said that the main theme of the game is about friendship! And the Chaotix of all people will be appearing! Long story short: they WANT to use the other characters more, but are held back by IMO unreasonable public opinion.
  4. Judging by what they repeatedly said on the SxSW stream of quality being their main focus now, I really don't think they are too confident. They'll want to show their effort more than ever, Aaron Webber is constantly suggesting this. The reason they aren't revealing too much stuff just yet is simply that, well, the game is still at least 8-9 months away, and they would run out of reveals along the way if they didn't hold back. And there's also a certain other game that comes out sooner and is now top priority. Just before the panel, many weren't expecting so much info to come out on Sonic 2017! The gameplay we got is considered a substantial reveal at this time.
  5. Anyone else excited to finally see the Chaotix again in a big game? I've always liked them since getting to know them in Sonic Heroes! They're funny and their detective skills will definitely be useful in a game like Sonic Forces!

    1. Conando


      Are they in Forces? I wasn't aware there was any new info other than that gameplay video.

    2. Ajavalo


      Yeah! Gameinformer and IGN heard Tails, Knuckles, Amy and the Chaotix talking to Sonic via radio!

  6. That doesn't say anything about the second acts of the new levels, and the portrait we've all seen in Mirage Saloon act 2 leads me to think that maybe Eggman's not showing up there
  7. Scar, you literally explained the strongest points created by the boost gameplay, which made me love it almost as much as Sonic's previous playstyles. Thanks a lot, I wouldn't have done it better myself! Mastering stages with boost gameplay is no easy automatic feat, not even close, they create different types of challenges when compared to, for example, classic gameplay, and it allows for more impressive setpieces, which I'm a big fan of.
  8. I'm now remembering Endri's post on Sonic Retro about the Sonic gameplay he saw years ago. He said it wasn't Lost World style or boost style... and that he liked it. I wonder if that piece of gameplay has finally made it into Sonic Forces, many years have passed so who knows? But if the third gameplay style is indeed something completely new that, according to a Sonic Retro guy, Sonic fans will like, I'm interested in it! C'mon SEGA, show us that mysterious third style!
  9. Something about the gameplay that almost nobody seems to have noticed: there are no Homing Attack reticules! Assuming this will remain in the final game, do you thing the Homing Attack is better without the blatant lock-ons on targets?
  10. I will say this: if the third gameplay style is indeed close to that of the Adventure games... That would make me very, very happy!
  11. Btw, let me give the reason why I really like the Wisps as a permanent addition to the franchise: What has Sonic done ever since he started adventuring? Rescuing animals, right? The Wisps are also little animals he saves from Eggman's exploitation, except they are alien and capable of giving the rescuer a useful energy rush. Yes, some of the Color powers are a bit useless and/or unfun, but some of them such as Laser, Drill and Rocket are perfect addition to Sonic's gameplay because they're speed focused! They let Sonic bring his trademark speeds to the sky, underground and underwater! So I wouldn't mind seeing them in this game and future ones.
  12. Explanation for Wisps? That would be easy, they joined the Sonic resistance. It was confirmed in Sonic Runners that they liked Sonic and his planet and are now willing to help him whenever necessary.
  13. Well, I don't know if it is really that much work to put the same boss in two locations, even with different boss arenas for variety. The boss object is already programmed. And I'm all for putting somewhat hidden content for those who like exploring.
  14. Spring Yard Zone act 2 and Collision Chaos zone 2 both have two alternate signpost exits. And many Sonic 3&K levels have different starting/end points for Sonic and Knuckles. What's the message I want to get across? DEFINITELY expect certain acts in Sonic Mania to have two starting or end points (maybe even three!).