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  1. Last Wednesday would have been MJ's 60th birthday!

    I'm pretty sure most of you didn't know about this also sadly deceased, cultural icon:


  2. Some interesting uses of the word for 'milk' ('leche') in the Spanish language:

    -When you really like something, you say that it's 'the milk!' (¡la leche!). The same thing is also used to express surprise.

    -When you're angry, you have 'bad/spoiled milk' ('mala leche').

    -When you beat up someone or hit yourself, you're giving (yourself) a milk.

    -The word also serves as an end-of-sentence interjection to indicate annoyance (like 'dammit', more or less).

    1. Thigolf


      Seems like they're really milking that word

    2. RedFox99



    3. Blueknight V2.0

      Blueknight V2.0

      I even knew that's the Spanish word for milk, I've watched enough of Dreamworks' Puss in Boots to know that.

    4. Ristar


      Spanish is fuuuuuun

    5. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      There's also cafe con leche that the locals seem to enjoy.

      There is an English word that is very similar in terms of usage but a loooooot more vulgar.

  3. Anyone knows who's this handsome guy in my new avatar?

    1. Sean
    2. Celestia


      I was having a weird hair day alright

      I want to guess someone in Yu Gi Oh? For whatever reason the style and design makes me think of that at least.

    3. Ajavalo


      It's from the manga/anime Bo-BoBo!

  4. The lyrics to Amy's theme song in Sonic Adventure give us an interesting little bit of trivia about the world of Sonic: there, sphinxes apparently are domestic animals/pets and grow beards, going by the fact that Amy had a cute one which she had to shave.

  5. The purpose of this topic to discuss the matter of adaptation of any well-known elements present in kart racing games to the team mechanics introduced in Team Sonic Racing. I think this is going to be way more interesting than I had initially thought; racing as a team vs. racing solo brings up a lot of potential in areas such as: Time Attack: we know this game will feature a Time Attack mode, but do you think it will allow team time attacks? In that case, how will your time be decided at the end? Maybe a sum of all three team members' times? Maybe only the best team member's time? Online rankings: in Online mode, not only will you be racing as a team of three, but your teammates might not be controlled by the AI, but by another random person! The rankings could be limited to Time Attack mode, as things would get very complicated otherwise... (I don't know much about racing game rankings, so I can't say much about this). Difficulty settings: will AI teammates' competence be dependent on a general difficulty setting, or will there be different difficulty options for teammates and opponents? Maybe the performance of AI teammates will be entirely dependent on how you set their vehicles' stats (which I suppose will be possible). What do you think? Are there close enough precedents in other racing games that we could go by?
  6. Well, since I rarely ever pay attention to rankings, I had completely forgotten about them *facepalm*. I'm going to create a new topic for this matter, because nobody has AFAIK yet talked about how will time attacks and online rankings be handled to accomodate the team aspect! The thing about AI "competence" would be a similar matter to the one above: adapting difficulty settings to the team aspect. I'm going to add this to the new topic.
  7. Something about the story of Sonic Adventure: Eggman seems to be fighting Tails in Station Square (Speed Highway -> Egg Walker) and Sonic in Mystic Ruins (Final Egg -> Egg Viper) at the same time. I suppose what happens is that Eggman goes to his Mystic Ruins base after losing to Tails, but the iffy thing is... it's still sunset when Sonic spots Eggman in the jungle, when it should've been night. I guess the best thing is to just ignore the time of day at that point, isn't it?

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Either A/ Time Zones are different or B/ Sonic was in a Tikal dream for a day. 

    2. Ajavalo


      Yeah! Sonic has just awakened from a Tikal flashback when he spots Eggman, that's a good theory!

  8. I'm thinking this is gonna be an unpopular opinion, but I don't see and have never seen what's the point of everyone asking for the option to do solo races. If they allowed individual racing in the main game mode or modes (which I suppose won't be the case), that would defeat the whole point of this game's existence. And, in non-main game modes such as exhibition and maybe Time Attack, I've always viewed the option as unnecesary because you CAN race solo whenever you want: you just ignore your AI teammates and gas ahead; the results screen shows the positions, so you will know if you've been first. Having a dedicated option is nice, but nothing to make a big fuss about, IMHO. Something I would want to get addressed is whether you will be able to choose the "competence" of the AI teammates, it makes more sense.
  9. Where can I find a tutorial on how to play Sonic Mania mods? I don't know how to apply them to the game.

  10. What? There are people here that don't think Team Sonic is a good team because Knuckles doesn't fit there? How? The bonds that link Knux to Sonic and Tails are much stronger than any rivalry he may have towards them. There's more than the three of them simply appearing in Sonic 3: Sonic and Tails saved Angel Island, and they have always helped Knux whenever he's needed it, he's got nobody else he can call "friend" or "ally", he knows that even if he generally prefers being alone. And, perhaps most important of all, let's not forget that Knuckles is above all a pure-hearted hero, who is always willing to fight alongside Sonic to save the world. He wouldn't go with anti-heroes/generally nasty guys Shadow and Rouge unless he has a reason (if Rouge also wants to "save" the Master Emerald, for instance), and definitely not with lesser heroes/more mundane guys Amy, Big and the like.
  11. I'm now reading the full BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo manga in Spanish -just purchased the 21 volumes online-, and all I can say is...

    Humanity doesn't deserve something this good, guys and gals. It's on a whole other level!

  12. Well, I just graduated today!

    That doesn't mean I've finished University, though, still got a few subjects left to pass.

    1. MightyRay


      Congrats! Best of luck passing those last few subjects!

    2. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Congratulations! You did it! :D

    3. Dejimon11



    4. Kiah


      Congrats! And best wishes wrapping up the final classes!

  13. Could someone that has been watching the Forces leaks explain in objective terms how's the level design for the most part?

    From what I'm reading, the officially revealed levels don't represent the rest of the game in terms of linearity. Some say it's good and some say it's still bad, that is why I want objective terms.

    1. JosepHenry


      Some are ok actually, is a zig zag of quality.

      I can't say more without spoiling.

    2. Diogenes


      they're exactly as bad as what we've already seen.

  14. I'm seriously worried about the future of Catalonia and the people living there: the regional government has been essentially taken over by radical, borderline supremacist organizations.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      The radicals of the world seem to be popping out of the woodworks everywhere.

  15. I've never been too much into Time Attacking Sonic games, but something I really, really like is Ring Attacking. Ever since I was little, I find a lot of satisfaction in not missing a single Ring and a lot of frustration in losing them upon taking damage -especially if I had above 200!-. Ring Attacking also encourages exploring as much of the levels as possible, instead of just rushing straight to the goal as you'll be doing most of the time. Sonic Mania is no exception, of course, so here I am uploading my first two challenges: The original Green Hill Zone Act 1 had 225 Rings in it, as any Sonic fan should know; its updated version in Sonic Mania has a whopping 596... not counting the extra 160 obtainable via Special Stage Rings and a goal post-triggered monitor at the end! This is a clear sign of how much the level has been expanded! Of course, only Knuckles has access to all these Rings, since he's got an exclusive section at the beginning with a lot of Rings there. Ah, the unique first act of Mirage Saloon Zone where you fly on the Tornado and hop on a moving train driven by Eggman! There is only a single, straightforward path through this level, much unlike in every other, but Ring Atacking it still poses a challenge due to autoscrolling in the Tornado section and weirdly placed Rings in the train section which require a Lightning Shield to be collected. BTW, you'll also see my favourite way of playing on the Tornado: holding down a Spin Dash to combo almost every enemy and earn massive score! Any of you like Ring Attacking too? Feel free to share your experiences and achievements here!
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