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    Spin reacted to Tornado in The General American Politics Thread   
    Obama's projected response:

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    Spin reacted to Diogenes in Homestuck   
    If you listen very closely, you can actually hear the shippers' heads explode.
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    Spin reacted to Mega in Homestuck   
    So, Hussie wants to make a Homestuck adventure game.

    It's already at $17k! This fandom sure works fast. Hopefully it'll be a success, because that sounds super cool.
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    Spin reacted to Solkia in The Ace Attorney Topic (DS, 3DS, iOS) - News in OP   
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    Spin got a reaction from Turtle Ranger CC14 in Retsupurae   
    I've never really watched much of Retsuprae, but I just watched the Pinball video... and it was absolute gold.

    They know more about sitcoms than I know about... pretty much anything.
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    Spin reacted to Octarine in Pokemon Black & White 2 [DS]   
    Fun fact: when I was younger and several degrees lamer than I am now and I was making up sets of gym leaders (because that's definitely not a thing I still do or anything, mnope), Marlon was my go-to name for my made-up water-type specialists.

    I also once created a garbage bag Pokemon when I was in grade three or four. All of my friends made fun of me then, but who's laughing now?!
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    Spin reacted to Mr. Awesomest in Homestuck   
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    Spin reacted to Soniman in Sonic Adventure 2 Discussion, Speculation, Media Topic   
    Wow....I could not care any less.

    Im sorry.
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    Spin reacted to DJ FLiGHTS in Homestuck   
    Remember how Doc Scratch said that to know LE's true name would be to know fear like no other?

    Nah, but really...

    EDIT: *rummages for more interesting tidbits*

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    Spin reacted to Carbo in Homestuck   
    This is my favorite update.

    It drives a twenty-foot pole into the heart of the cancerous miasma that is so much of fandom headcanon.
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    Spin reacted to Sean in The 2012 Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun!   

    No more cannibalism topics.
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    Spin reacted to Marcello in The Pokémanz Thread   
    There was a nice little Pokemon reference in Community Season 3 Episode 20 - Digital Estate Planning

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    Spin reacted to AAUK in So Square Enix sucks; "Won't Remake FF7 Until They Surpass It"   
    Sonic fans are complaining about an earlier game in a series not being remade with HD graphics? There's a novelty.
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    Spin reacted to #EndyGate in Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS)   
    Seeing as the games have followed a pattern of turning recurring Mario characters into final bosses (Bowser in PM, Peach in TTYD, Luigi in SPM) I wonder who they could use this time (Maybe a toad or Yoshi, or even the introduction of some new characters, like Wario, Waluigi, or Bowser Jr. or they could pull the oddest twist ever by making Mario (or some kind of Mario clone) as the final boss)
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    Spin got a reaction from Cola in Homestuck   
    So hey.


    It seems that the author just killed himself off.

    Only in Homestuck.
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    Spin got a reaction from Phantomime in Homestuck   
    So hey.


    It seems that the author just killed himself off.

    Only in Homestuck.
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    Spin reacted to Solkia in Sony PSP E1000   
    Would you rather buy a used console that probably works great, or a new console that's been severely dumbed down?
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    Spin reacted to Solly in 30 Days of Video Games   
    Favorite Song

    The Fragrance of Dark Coffee (Godot's theme: Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations)

    I've got more than one version of this on my iPhone...

    The song is the same throughout the course of the game, but it starts to feel different once you have the whole story in perspective.

    And besides fitting the character on multiple levels, it's just plain awesome.
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    Spin reacted to Autosaver in 30 Days of Video Games   
    It's called a road... it is called a Rainbow Road.
    It's the road that you goooooo
    It's called a road... it is called a Rainbow Road
    And you will know when you get there





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    Spin reacted to Jeffhog in 30 Days of Video Games   
    Curses! Forcing music lovers such as myself to choose...

    Killjoy. >3>

    Well, in any case, it's a bit of a tie.

    The song that I tend to get a kick out of the most lies in Sonic Generations. Now there's a lot of songs that I tend to love: the boss tracks especially, and obviously Crisis City, but...

    My choice for Day 23 is going to be:

    Spagonia ~ Rooftop Run: Both Acts 1 & 2 - Sonic Generations

    Now, while a good chunk of Generations' OST is pumped and action packed, there's one particular thing that I love about these songs, and especially the levels.

    Simply put, Rooftop Run's music tracks a freaking party in audio form.



    Now this is a party at its finest. The atmosphere (despite being literred with killer robots, spike traps, swinging axes and a warship) is full of fun and giddy happiness! The area's full of balloons (both of the helium and the hot air variety), flags of nations the world over, confetti, streamers, you name it, Spagonia's got it!

    The track in itself fully represents Spagonia's international festival (which I would guess follows immediately after Sonic saving the world from Dark Gaia in Unleashed). It's fun, it's bouncy, it makes me want to clap, jump, sing without end! It's joyful!

    Hearing the piano starting this one off with a repetitive yet catchy jingle with the violins joining in on the fun, then the guitar joining in with the constant percussion forcing you to move with the addictive rhythm...

    It's bliss. And to be honest, it fits the Genesis Hedgehog perfectly.



    Now this one is an entirely different story.

    While the Classic version complimented Sonic-then, this one clearly defines Sonic-now.

    A splendid remake of the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0piixxCTmo, Generations' take on the song keeps the already awesome piece as fast-paced as ever. But it feels so much fuller this time around!

    Ever since I heard this from the live show in Tokyo that went down in September (combined with Modern Chemical Plant and Modern Seaside Hill), I immediately fell in love with this piece. For one, there's a freaking piano taking the helm from the beginning. The violins have a much greater presence. The piece altogether, I feel, shows off Sonic at his finest: fast, fun, free, and so full of spirit that you'd just want to keep running. Just listen to this and tell me I'm wrong. Go on, I dare you!

    ...I thought so.

    I'mnotplanningaremixwithAptiva,whatareyoutalkingabout? >3>
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    Spin reacted to Diogenes in Do you like horror games? Do you like stairs?   
    No way man.

    I have been warned about stairs.

    They told me, dog.

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    Spin reacted to Tornado in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:: READ POST 11156/PAGE 558   
    Huge comic spoiler'ed because huge:


    I am, like, so happy right now.
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    Spin reacted to Axl.EXE in The Birthday Topic   
    Happy birthday, Spin!

    And once again, I discover that I'm the only person who ever actually posts here.
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    Spin reacted to Noir in 30 Days of Video Games   
    Erasing/losing a save file (Pokémon)

    Really? No one else thought of this?

    Limiting the number of save files to one in Pokémon is one of the cruelest things a developer has ever done. There comes a time when you just want to play the game again, and god is it some kind of dilema. It's not a matter of simply erasing things and starting over, you're erasing your friends and your hard, hard work and it's tough to decide whether to do it or not. I spent literally weeks debating whether to destroy all of my effort in Black to play it again or not (I eventually did, but not until after trading items and pokémon to a friend for safekeeping). When I restarted Ruby plenty of years ago, I honestly cried. I had a level 100 Blaziken I was abandoning and man, it feels bad. Yeah it's just a bunch of data, but that data is my friend. Having a battery die and losing everything is also more or less horribly depressing.
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    Spin reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing   
    Well now...

    Now looks like a good as time as any to post my views on the build I played at Summer of Sonic 2009... Why now? Well I went on holiday the day after... ever since then been to bored to do it.

    I was racing against a random boy, I picked Sonic... he picked... beat... I think... or was it Amy? Anyway...

    We played the beach level, because it looked nice, and I knew where there was a shortcut. I took the lead quite early on and the kid made this disappointment noise, however the representative at the time told him Don't worry, you'll catch him up my ears pricked up at that remark... hmmm was this a deliberate design idea... I would find out that it was.

    The game seems to have an elastic band style mechanic, no matter how far ahead you get, the AI will ALWAYS find a way to catch you up. No matter what you do.

    Also, until you learn to master the drifting move, which is not an easy thing to do, you will find it very hard to win races. Oh yes you'll win, but it won't be easy. Not by a long shot.

    Not sure if it was just the difficulty, but I noticed that a number of the enemy AI characters would always go for a said power up, this wasn't really a bad thing, but it did make me wonder if many races would eventually see a pattern to AI behaviour if they were instructed to always pick up a said item?

    The items themselves are fun and what you expect from a kart type game, some have a little twist, like one missile type bounces off the walls, it usually catches an AI opponent... human? That remains to be seen. But all seem to be themed on some kind of Sega game object which is cool.

    Graphics... Yes. It has them.

    ...The level was very beautifully detailed, couldn't blame or fault them for their design, it was a lovely level with lots of detail and colour. Each character can be easily identified during a race, so yes... it has graphics.

    Superstar moves... I'm in two minds about them, it's great that they're there, a special move is a cool feature... but the problem I had is that they would occur far too often/a player could get one very easily with little effort. This will make it hell for a lot of online games. The reason being is that some superstar moves are much more useful than others.

    For instance, Sonic's Superstar move is to get a huge speed boost, immortal to attacks/traps, and can barge other racers out of the way forcing them to slow down...... the speed can increase depending how fast a player presses a said button repeatedly.

    Amy's special move... she smacks her hammer to the left, then right... then left... then right...

    It's a great move... if... you have enemies at either side of you... this very rarely happens. It will certainly do very little to help you catch a leader. It's a defensive move if anything.

    Beats move, he sprays the opponents screen green... Not sure what this will do to AI players, but for humans it may cause problems. However, on the day the rep said that it wasn't finalised and would be getting changed.

    In my opinion, if these superstar moves are so varied in their ability to give you an advantage, I should not be able to get 1/2 of them per lap. Otherwise people who pick Sonic are going to have a big advantage.

    But... despite a few gripes I had, the game was very very fun. It's not going to be a classic that’s remembered for years, nor do I think it'll outshine Mario Kart, but it's really fun. Very easy to pick up and play (once you master the drift). It looks lovely. Lots of power ups and characters, it's pretty much what you want from a good quality party racing game.

    1970's trousers mode.

    Yes... 1970's trousers mode.

    After the race, the rep asked if either myself or the boy, had any comments/suggestions. I then said... "Yes I have one, and it's not a character request" To which the rep said "OH! Really!?" (I don't think he was expecting that).

    I then said... I think that after you have completed the game with all the default characters... you should unlock 1970's trousers mode..." There was a brief pause as the rep looked like I had just told him I was the fairy godmother. I then said "Basically, when you complete the game with all the characters, you can play the game in 1970's trousers mode, all the characters wear 1970's trousers, and the cars are decorated in 1970's markings and faded 60's peace signs. It'll be brilliant because it's a very colourful game and people will continue to play because 1970's trousers mode will be something that nobody will have ever seen before and nobody will want to say "I didn't unlock 1970's trousers mode!"

    The rep paused again, then he chuckled and said.

    "It's certainly a new idea... I'll pitch it to the dev team next time I see them, if only to see their reaction when I tell them that they have to put all the characters in 1970's trousers!"

    So there we have it folks, 1970's trousers mode may just happen if there’s a demand... so demand it! NOW! At all the feedback opportunities demand your 1970's trousers mode! Just think, 1970's trousers today! Tomorrow, 80's shell suit mode!

    We shall win this console war... with leg warmers! Who does not want to see Nights in leg warmers?
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