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  1. Kind of a delayed reply...just like the game! It has been pushed back to December 22.
  2. Either Sonic Mega Collection Plus (PS2) or Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (X360), depending on which console I last played a game.
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 FUEL is by no means a good game (hello autogenerated repetitive huge open world and cheating AI!), but I enjoy the racing (on the easiest difficulty though) and hunting for liveries/viewing spots (in short bursts). Need for Speed Undercover was already not a good game in the X360/PS3/PC, and everyone says the PS2/Wii version is even worse, yet not only I find the PS2 version better than the X360/PC version, I'd rank it among my top 5 NFS games (with the other version ranking among my bottom 5 NFS games).
  4. While I would like to see the signpost/capsule ends to return, my favorite ends are the Advance 2 ones since they mesh so well with the game's overall speed design.
  5. To be honest, I found Okuu much, much easier than Orin once the 'OMG SUN DANMAKU' shock wore off. Her patterns are simpler than Orin's with the dificulty coming solely from the huge bullets. Hell, once I reached her final spellcard on Easy, I captured it on my first try while Orin's S6 spellcard is the only one I can capture with any degree of reliability.
  6. PS2: Ace Combat 5, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge PSP: Ace Combat X, Ridge Racer Xbox360: Gears of War, Ridge Racer 6, Sonic Adventure (via Dreamcast Collection) Currently attempting to S-rank all AC missions, so I'm replaying AC5 and ACX. Crawled past rank 4 in MS:AE; I don't think I'll be able to get to rank 6... The other day I was thinking of Ridge Racer for some reason, so I tracked down RR6. Also got a friend to lend me RRPSP, and he convinced me to play GoW. I admit I bought the Dreamcast Collection exclusively to play SA.
  7. Hmmm...definitely Puyo Puyo is my favorite non-Sonic SEGA franchise, I've played all of them (some in several consoles!) and I can't wait to see what SEGA has in store for the series this year.
  8. While Sonic's 20th anniversary project is interesting on it's own, I'm currently more interested to know what they have planned for Puyo Puyo's anniversary... (Puyo Puyo 8 plz)
  9. -A pair of shirts -CL$10000 (About US$21) -A new wallet -About 10 bandannas So yeah, now I have 23 bandannas to accompany my 10 baseball caps. I'm drowning on them D:
  10. I'll just say that Sonic wanting to thrash the park without knowing if Eggman had ulterior motives kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, we all knew Eggman was plotting something anyway, but at that point in time he didn't knew if the park was part of some plot. In fact, I'm unsure what role the amusement park has in the story; Eggman didn't need to build a park solely for the tractor beams, no? And for the purposes of his mind control beam, wouldn't it be better if everyone was back at earth instead of at the park? So they could also be hit with the beam? I just can't see where the park figures in Eggman's plot.
  11. Not much of a story but...my cousins got a Genesis with Sonic 2 (can't remember the year), I went there to play, found it to be a neat platformer, and since then I've been following the blue blur.
  12. @Shadzter: The iPad can load both iPad-specific apps and iPhone/iPod apps.
  13. Half my country would disagree with you. (The other half is too busy playing Winning Eleven).
  14. Eh, I don't really care much about how the Wii version turns out, as I don't have easy, permanent access to one. Now the DS one, I hope the gameplay is similar to the Rush series, so I can pretend that is Rush 3 . Also I wish SEGA announced a Rivals 3
  15. So Aquaslash's post reminded me that I didn't discuss the Rivals games, so I will do so now! -Sonic Rivals: First of all, if you try to approach this game as a standard 2D Sonic game, you will utterly hate this game. That said, it's a very good game for what it is, with very good levels given the restrictions needed to make the game work (ie: mostly linear levels). In fact, Sky Park is one of my top 10 Sonic 2D levels. -Sonic Rivals 2: This game fails the same way that Adv3 fails: level design that doesn't mix well with the main gamepĺay. With the addition of the Freeplay/Chao-finding mode, the stages became more exploration focused/less linear, which I felt hurt the racing gameplay somewhat, with Chaotic Inferno being the most fun stage due to it being the most linear. Also fuck whoever thought of the second acts battles.
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