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  1. I personally can't wait to see some box art with a 'u' in it
  2. Oh, I thought they did that to make us less confused by keeping some consistency within their naming. But now that you mention it, they must be in a World er Galaxy um whatever of their own Also psikeout, thanks for the congrats, finishing my degree feels SO GOOD, I wish everyone could feel like this
  3. I finished my degree today!

  4. It is a shame there aren't any Sonic games released before/during the summer now but that's not too bad for me as I still have a few games left to complete. I've barely touched my Wii/PS3/DS this year so after my final exam tomorrow, I intend to finish the games still on my list. I might even buy Sonic 06 (don't judge, I really want to see what it's like for myself - I liked ShTH and Heroes afterall so I'm expecting to not hate this ). But um..yeah..exam..revision: "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!" (Eggman quote - I don't agree, I just wish SEGA had released the details on Colours after I had finished my exams so don't hate)
  5. But Sonikku you had another act to support - the Welsh Cypriot act They even did better than us - how can Cyprus pick a better British act than we did, it makes no sense
  6. I removed my girlfriend's face to protect her identity...or something. But I like my desktops nice and bland. This is my Win7 one obviously, my Ubuntu version looks practically the same except the programs would be Linux ones and the obviously the taskbar would be at the top and Ubuntu 10.04 (even though I hate the new location of the close window buttons). As my screen is so big as well, I tend to have things taking up half the screen each. My firefox takes up the left half of the screen when open and then all my skype/msn convos on the right half. This is so much easier with Win7 as well now, I used to hate resizing everything so I love the new feature When programming as well it's particularly nice as I can have a pdf or text file open that I am coding from, usually some sort of specifications sheet for my work.
  7. It's more that we put up most of the money for the show each year than anything else - lord knows why, we always end up bitter and sad But hey, Eurovision never makes sense - can't wait for next year
  8. Last place woop woop! But hey, we made the finals, that's good at least But Germany, what on earth - not even my German friends can understand. Graham Norton's commentary is always the highlight of the show though
  9. The Swedes looked good this year - very potential top 5 (if not top 3). But that's the way the new system works, instead of the politics coming into play in the final, it comes into play before. Azerbaijan look like they could do what Norway did last year though and walk away with it, they're getting quite a bit of media coverage too (EDIT: and they finally got some good points to match the hype). And as far as it goes for the British entry, I always get happy when we get any votes - it makes a change from when the politics meant we got none But I didn't write any of this, I'm not a fan at all - I've never seen a single final since 1998 when I first started to watch them with my sister. And last year I was too busy in the library revising to watch it on iplayer *Runs away in shame that he watches (and enjoys) the Eurovision song contest only to go back to watching it* Doesn't listening to Graham Norton just make you giggle as well lol *Runs away again - I swear I'm not watching*
  10. lol, thanks for caring about me - I thought noone did :-P

  11. Hey, you got no friends or comments. BE MY FRANNND.

  12. Dennis Hopper has died at the age of 74 following a battle with prostate cancer. BBC Article He was a great actor, particularly on Easy Rider and Apocolypse Now. it's a shame to have lost him.
  13. mulletboyjay


    I love reggae, probably about 60-70% of my ipod is reggae! My revision music the past few weeks has been a mixture of some old school hip-hop and reggae - something with a beat seemingly helps me concentrate But certainly, you get a few (well very few I guess) white/european reggae artists, there are a couple of Swedish and German artists but they're usually more mainstream but with dancehall vibes. I'm actually listening to 'Young Gifted and Black 2' as I write this, good mixed album (especially disc 2).
  14. That's where my mummy comes in I think. I'll order games and have them sent home for someone else to send on - still works out much cheaper. In fact, I can order from websites and have them send to Sweden for almost the same price so probably cheaper (and less cheeky) than asking my mum to do it.
  15. Well in Britain we have a lot of price competition - particularly with the supermarkets, they often release new games for the first weekend (if not longer) for £25. On the continent, it tends to be more expensive - somewhat to do with the exchange rate, thus it being more now than it used to be. In Sweden (and all of Scandinavia), it's hideously expensive. Even in GAME (it's now a European chain), I could buy Mario and Sonic for example for £30. here in the shop (less than £20 on amazon) and when I went over at easter, it was still the equivalent of £60. A DS game over here costs a maximum of £30, with £25-£30 being about average but over there the same games are £45 - not even most console games cost that much here. It may seem like I've gone very much off topic but I am moving to Sweden in the summer and thus am worried that I'll never be able to afford any new games again or even preowned for that matter (their preowned stuff is more than new games cost here, crazy). So with Colours for Wii and DS, I'll have to get my mummy to post them to me But when I was in the states a few years back, I loved how cheap all the games were (again, probably a lot to do with the exchange rate at the time - back when £1~$2, those were sweet times
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