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  1. So I'm planning to upgrade from Xbox 360 to PS4, this year. Because, all my friends are PS4 owners so I would like to play online with them, the Ratchet And Clank games and hopefully this year's anniversary Sonic game is released on the system. Just out of curiousity is there a limit on how many times you can gameshare games on the system ? Only wondering because, I might do it with some friends. And is the Playstation Now worth purchasing as it's the closest we will get to PS3 backwards compatabillity. And didn't Sony say the had no plans for disc compatabillity. There are a lot of PS3 games, that I would love to get the chance to play.
  2. I'm pleased with this and will most likely purchase it when it is released. I enjoyed playing the older Lego Star Wars, and in fact it would be nice to see them ported onto the Next Gen Systems.
  3. It won't happen on Xbox 360, buddy. Due to microsoft ending xbox 360 support soon. But, I guess if your PC is powerful enough try emulating it via a Dolphin Wii Emulator and a PS2 one. Or you could buy a copy for the Wii, it will work on Wii U , due to it being backwards compatible.
  4. Is it possible to buy characters such as Tails, Knuckles,Shadow,Rouge etc in the game ? Or do u just have to unlock them. Btw, do you guys think characters such as Jet, Wave,Vanilla, Storm,Marine and Gamma will be released ? Considering Big is playable and so will mephiles soon. Sega should release Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver and Burning Blaze, plus Neo Metal Sonic in my opinion. Not forgetting the knights of the round table from Sonic and The Black Knight.
  5. Sonic Rush's Altitude Limit. Was very frustating due to it's apalling level design and bottomless pits.
  6. Ok. So I'm preparing for shots fired. Here are my unpopular Sonic Opinions. Shadow The Hedgehog, isn't a terrible game as some make out it is. It's story is terrible, and the language used in it shouldn't be in any Sonic game. But, the gameplay and music are pretty good. Sonic Rush, is a terrible compared to the advance games and Rush Adventure. Don't get me wrong but, I do like Rush, it's just not as great as a lot of people make out is. The level design is among some of the worst in the series and it is full of bottomless pits. I would like to see the game remastered on the next gen nintendo handheld,as it could have been the best ever handheld Sonic game, with better level designs and other playable characters as Unlockables. I must be the only one, who doesn't hate Sonic Chronicle's gameplay, and the music. It was my first RPG game and had fun playing the game, the puzzles were a pain in the ass I have to admit. Now for the music, it's pretty bad but I didn't mind listening to it. Angel Island and one of the boss themes were decent. Probably has the worst soundtrack for any game in the franchise, but I have heard a lot worst. And it would be cool if we got another Sonic RPG.
  7. So who remembers these games ? I became a Sonic fan, after playing both of those games on my first handheld console the PSP. They were both fun, replayable, underrated games in my opinion. The storylines for these games weren't too bad either, neither was the soundtrack. It would be nice if SEGA could make a third rivals game, altough it will never happen. One thing I would like to see is the series on the app store and google play store, so more people could play the games. I'd even be happy with a mobile spirital successor to the PSP games.
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