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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday bud! Hope all is well

    1. Alex2Beta


      Thanks! : )

  3. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    I don't think I have anything to even run it on, and if I'll ever get a Switch, I won't be getting it on it anyway since it doesn't sound too stable there. If I ever get a PS4 or my weak-ass laptop decides to transform into some kind of powerhouse desktop, then probably I will.
  4. Oh, Denuvo and no Joker costume for PC.

    That's pretty great. fuckinghellwhySoEandAtluswhatsyourdealholyshit

  5. When I heard they uploaded Metal's theme, I thought it was going to be his Sonic 4 boss theme, was pleasantly surprised it wasn't. It sounded aright tbh, though I do agree that they could tone the dubstep down a bit, but coming from a person who couldn't really care about the US CD soundtrack, this was aright.
  6. Holy shit, I'm liking these reactions already!

  7. Sonic Mania Special Stage Revealed

    Damn, looks good. Didn't think they'd actually go with 3D models, I thought the polygonal Giant Rings were just a stylistic choice and just and weren't hints or anything, but look at that. I really like the bleak drop shadows everything has and the general look of it with those pillars, the "Emerald Chase" goal of the stages reminds me of Heroes, wonder how this will look in motion. Also loving the snippet of the Special Stage's theme someone was able to record.
  8. so there is a cutscene reveal, sort of.

  9. Sonic Forces OST: Theme of Infinite

    This, doesn't sound bad, I kind of enjoy it more than Fist Bump - which grew on me a bit. But man, I think I heard Crawling in there somewhere, was this a scrapped ending theme from Shadow The Hedgehog? :V
  10. It is interesting you joined SSMB on my 26th birthday.  You also share a birthday with my mom.  She was born on December 7, 1946.  So you're exactly 50 years younger than her.

    1. Alex2Beta


      Interesting, I recall someone else bringing up something similar to me some years back here.

  11. I can't believe your audacity!

    1. Foxboy Mick

      Foxboy Mick

      Umm... okay?  Well I like that software program called Audacity.

  12. I quite liked the new Direct, was a good time.

    Also, the new idol duo looks great, particularly Marina, but Pearl is growing on me..Sort of.

    1. Marcello


      Pearl looks like she's part squirrel:


  13. I kind of doubt it will win, but wow, congrats to the Boom crew, to think the show itself would get nominated there and put up against Rick & Morty, Steven Universe and Gravity Falls is in itself a win in my book. They could've honestly gotten any other show nominated in Boom's place, so this is a surprise.
  14. Aright, here's everything else then. Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) Sonic 3D Blast's Saturn soundtrack is pretty damn good. Sonic Heroes I decided to go with mostly stage themes (and one Special Stage), I like the vocal songs and boss ones and all, but I seem to love the stage themes in heroes more, there's just so many good tracks in this game. Sonic Advance 1 Sonic Advance 2 Sonic Rush Sonic Unleashed Unleashed and it's Night themes are to die for, maybe I should've just made the list all about them, honestly. :V Sonic Colours Sonic Generations (PS3/360/PC) Generations' OST is pretty damn good, it wasn't easy having to pick which remi--track was going to be put on my list, but for sure Time Eater wasn't anywhere on my mind though, so I didn't feel too bad not giving it any points. :U (actually it's not too bad but compared to others on the list....eeeehhhhhh, yeah..) Sonic Lost World SLW's OST may be regarded as 50/50 of meh and good, especially compared others, but I gotta say, it ain't half bad. It's not amazing - but I enjoyed it enough. There ya' have it.
  15. Going by that funny little image the Sonic account posted a while back, I guess Infinite was the teased "Chaotic Evil" then, I guess. If it was teasing it all that is. :U