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  1. Well, I expected to see boost, what I ( and probably everyone else) didn't was 3 different playable modes..Yeah, that is pretty curious. Even though from the teaser I was already expecting boost, I'm still a little "eh" on the Boost style and way before the game was ever announced hoped for Sonic Team to try something better than that. Though, honestly, I'm still excited about Sonic Forces and I'm happy to see a lot more going on in levels (giant robots crushing everything, missiles striking etc). A little disappointed that 2D sections are coming back when Classic will already do just that. Nice to hear other characters will be a little more involved in the story and levels - even though they're unplayable, I do hope they won't be annoying, and it'd be great if you could replay the levels without any jabbering from Vector or Knuckles unlike with Lost World with Deadly Six taunting you with the same old lines.
  2. I'm excited about the switch, but one thing I'm curious about (hardware wise) is the Rumble HD 4K 3D Ultra VR & Knuckles.

  3. SA1 and Colours have granddad awesome music.

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      Granddad is a true whippersnapper.

  4. Happy New Year, everyone!

  5. Merry EGGs-Mas everybody!

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy today!

  8. I wonder if this will only be the case for level themes that were composed by Masato Nakamura..Unless all the levels will have this ( I hope not, Emerald Coast won't be the same otherwise). Though I do like what I heard, it's not too bad. I hope we'll get some Richard Jacques's stuff, only because the two Sonic games TT worked on had him composing. Would be a neat reference to sneak in a something out of 3D Blast (Though what's stopping us from getting a Super Sonic Racing sound alike? :U ).
  9. A look at the level one again, but this time we can actually hear the music. The level starts at 5:58 in the video. Also a return of everyone's favourite phrase in Sonic games! Spoiler'd
  10. Good to hear the shows premier will get a better timeslot over there. And ooh boy, more characters from Sonic's world in Boom for Season 2? Oh man, I'm too stocked to even question how their personalities will be in the show or how they'll be handled - This is still pretty cool. I kept thinking it was Tony's, not sure why but I'd think Tony would have the fortune and ego for some kind of weird cool car to flaunt around in. Wonder what situations will call for Blue Force One ("One"??), Driving on wet muddy grounds? Going through hot areas with scorching terrain? Traversing mountains or ice?
  11. Seriously, that stream with Aaron was pretty fun, I look forward to any new streams that the Sonic social team does, good stuff.

  12. a new daytona a new daytona a new daytona a new daytona HOLY fuck a new dyaton a new dyatna a ndjiasnjkdcdcdcd

    I can't even stop, this great! : D

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    2. Alex2Beta
    3. Falonso14


      I'm just so happy this exists. Never would've thought they'd be bringing this series back. :D

    4. Alex2Beta


      Arcade racers for life.

      Wonder if they'll raise other classic IPs out of the grave like..Virtua Fighters or Outrun maybe? :V

  13. This is amazing, Knuckles and Tails's animations are soooooo good to look at. And I'm really surprised on a random day we'd get to see a new stage, in this case, a Desert with saloon elements integrated such as spinning seats and occasional rag-time piano walls, floor and ceilings - and despite the talking, from what I could make out - the level's theme is bliss. It would be pretty neat if one of the 3 characters shown on the posters appeared as a boss, like Nack - It feels way to fitting in a dessert/saloon level to have him there as some Act 1 boss, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

    Oh man, I didn't even expect it.