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  1. Happy New Year, hope ya'll have a good one.

  2. Oh, so like, the movie has it's own PR account, and..ohh.

    At least the other one isn't 100% self deprecation like this one, this one right out the gate is just RTs about sanic legs.

  3. I don't know why I'm kind of surprised to see Big in it, but I'm glad anyway. Also digging the chao kart and Amy's car looks alright but not particularly special. Eveyone's renders looks great too.

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Big was a nice surprise out of the 3. Liked that his car resembles Froggy and his new render makes him look more cultured for some reason. Sort of like Asterix/Obelix looking rather than plain goofy due to his moustache/mouth but then again its years since we last saw him.

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      So much for retirement

    3. Alex2Beta


      @Rusty Spy Big was too big for the retirement home to contain him and it exploded to pieces, freeing Mighty, Ray, Nack/Fang, Bean and Bark. :U

  4. everything about the new smash left me stunned now I'm out of any words left to say.

    But daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn that was good. Cathartic I'd say after the wait.

  5. The Spyro remake looks fucking gorgeous, holy shit.

  6. I should have probably said this 3 hours ago but Happy New Year, SSMB!

  7. Oh, Denuvo and no Joker costume for PC.

    That's pretty great. fuckinghellwhySoEandAtluswhatsyourdealholyshit

  8. Holy shit, I'm liking these reactions already!

  9. so there is a cutscene reveal, sort of.

  10. I can't believe your audacity!

    1. Mick


      Umm... okay?  Well I like that software program called Audacity.

  11. I quite liked the new Direct, was a good time.

    Also, the new idol duo looks great, particularly Marina, but Pearl is growing on me..Sort of.

    1. Marcello


      Pearl looks like she's part squirrel:


  12. Going by that funny little image the Sonic account posted a while back, I guess Infinite was the teased "Chaotic Evil" then, I guess. If it was teasing it all that is. :U

  13. At first I was "..fucking sushi..."

    Now I'm "This fucking sushi is not  actually quite bad"



    stop all these trailers I think I'm gonna die

  15. Odyssey trailer, holy fuvckd

    the spotlight was gooooood

  16. Don't really care about Xbox, but the conference but pretty interesting.

    OG Xbox BC tho'..

  17. That trailer, holy fuck!

  18. I think I've already accepted and expect the possibility of an OC maker just because of the implications of those tweets from that Destructoid dude.

    but hey if it's not at least I'll be pleasantly surprised. :V

    1. Alex2Beta


      *accepted the possibility and expect the inclusion

  19. I'm excited about the switch, but one thing I'm curious about (hardware wise) is the Rumble HD 4K 3D Ultra VR & Knuckles.

  20. SA1 and Colours have granddad awesome music.

    1. AngelSlayerN64


      Image result for grandad boondocks gif

      Granddad is a true whippersnapper.

  21. Happy New Year, everyone!

  22. Merry EGGs-Mas everybody!

  23. Seriously, that stream with Aaron was pretty fun, I look forward to any new streams that the Sonic social team does, good stuff.

  24. a new daytona a new daytona a new daytona a new daytona HOLY fuck a new dyaton a new dyatna a ndjiasnjkdcdcdcd

    I can't even stop, this great! : D

    1. E-van



    2. Alex2Beta
    3. E-van


      I'm just so happy this exists. Never would've thought they'd be bringing this series back. :D

    4. Alex2Beta


      Arcade racers for life.

      Wonder if they'll raise other classic IPs out of the grave like..Virtua Fighters or Outrun maybe? :V

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