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    Playing sonic games, Watching Sonic The comic, Playing Non-sonic games, 3D modeling (At times) Drawing (also at times)
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About Me

So hello, welcome to my profile. Indulge yourselves in such things that my About Me page does not offer what others do have, and sit back and think why you're reading this text as you continue to read it.


I like :


- to attempt to poorly 3D model

- to attempt to draw..Something resembling a drawing

- vidya gaems

- Mountain Biking

- somethingsomething


EDIT: Moved back to Russia for reasons.




I used to be a Russian, but now I live in italy. I also have a SoA forum account, I sorta gave up on it, It was a load of fun and all..But the SEGA forum just has about...ALLOT of flamers, some topics are as pointless as a ball.

                                                           Welcome to my profile, its just all about mii! Or is it!?

Well, I'll try not to write a giant useless back story here, I'll make this short as a Daytime unleashed level....And as sweet as SWEET mountain zone (Okay, not really sweet...But I'll try to make this as short as possible without making it a "i liek 2 maek tings....Dats al...yue") Okay! So, I like to 3D model, but to be honest I do not have mad or insane skills and knowledge, so don't put hopes up as saying " So..Did you ever make a 3D model of a giant building? Or at least a human?" I am bad at those. And the program I use for the 3D modeling....Don't laugh, its Blender 3D, Reason? Its free, and is a good start for me to 3D model, should I waste about 20 Euros for a more professional program just to suck at? Anyhow, I'm not all digital, I sometimes enjoy drawing concepts (Not just Sonic kinds) but thats rare, I sometimes draw on PC using SAI, which is pretty neat. And to sum things up, that avatar you see I'm using is a fan character, Its names will be changed (And I even made a better version of the character, he's a mouse, not a hawk any longer). And do not think I'm some person who is only good on PC...I have other specialty's, just forgot...Honest!

And a funny quote to sum things up!


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