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  1. Oh, so like, the movie has it's own PR account, and..ohh.

    At least the other one isn't 100% self deprecation like this one, this one right out the gate is just RTs about sanic legs.

  2. I honestly look forward to this game, even if it's a SUMO racer with only Sonic characters and l'm also optimistic about the team mechanics and stuff, but I really hope that part about "Conventional singles races" isn't talking about offline play with CPU team mates and it actually means a race mode without teams period - if so, then HELL YES.
  3. I don't know why I'm kind of surprised to see Big in it, but I'm glad anyway. Also digging the chao kart and Amy's car looks alright but not particularly special. Eveyone's renders looks great too.

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Big was a nice surprise out of the 3. Liked that his car resembles Froggy and his new render makes him look more cultured for some reason. Sort of like Asterix/Obelix looking rather than plain goofy due to his moustache/mouth but then again its years since we last saw him.

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      So much for retirement

    3. Alex2Beta


      @Rusty Spy Big was too big for the retirement home to contain him and it exploded to pieces, freeing Mighty, Ray, Nack/Fang, Bean and Bark. :U

  4. everything about the new smash left me stunned now I'm out of any words left to say.

    But daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn that was good. Cathartic I'd say after the wait.

  5. If we actually do get a new ASR or whatever Sega crossover kart game by Sumo (hopefully) then I fucking hope we get some Yakuza and Phantasy Star representation, hell get someone from Atlus why not, I'd love to see someone from Persona racing by Kiryu and Sonic. Also hope to have some newcomers from ASRT comeback with some of the racers from ASR like Billy and Robo & Mobo etc. It would be kind of a bummer if it was a Sonic only kart racer tho', and I wouldn't mind it and all but one thing I love about the two ASR games was not just how well they played but just having all these neat SEGA character side by side and doing something with them besides just having them just sit and collect dust. Although, I guess nothing is stopping a Sega Superstar game from being made by someone else, but it sure be great if it was actually made by Sumo Digital.
  6. I should have probably said this 3 hours ago but Happy New Year, SSMB!

  7. I don't think I have anything to even run it on, and if I'll ever get a Switch, I won't be getting it on it anyway since it doesn't sound too stable there. If I ever get a PS4 or my weak-ass laptop decides to transform into some kind of powerhouse desktop, then probably I will.
  8. Holy shit, I'm liking these reactions already!

  9. Damn, looks good. Didn't think they'd actually go with 3D models, I thought the polygonal Giant Rings were just a stylistic choice and just and weren't hints or anything, but look at that. I really like the bleak drop shadows everything has and the general look of it with those pillars, the "Emerald Chase" goal of the stages reminds me of Heroes, wonder how this will look in motion. Also loving the snippet of the Special Stage's theme someone was able to record.
  10. so there is a cutscene reveal, sort of.

  11. I can't believe your audacity!

    1. Mick


      Umm... okay?  Well I like that software program called Audacity.

  12. I quite liked the new Direct, was a good time.

    Also, the new idol duo looks great, particularly Marina, but Pearl is growing on me..Sort of.

    1. Marcello


      Pearl looks like she's part squirrel:


  13. I kind of doubt it will win, but wow, congrats to the Boom crew, to think the show itself would get nominated there and put up against Rick & Morty, Steven Universe and Gravity Falls is in itself a win in my book. They could've honestly gotten any other show nominated in Boom's place, so this is a surprise.
  14. Aright, here's everything else then. Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) Sonic 3D Blast's Saturn soundtrack is pretty damn good. Sonic Heroes I decided to go with mostly stage themes (and one Special Stage), I like the vocal songs and boss ones and all, but I seem to love the stage themes in heroes more, there's just so many good tracks in this game. Sonic Advance 1 Sonic Advance 2 Sonic Rush Sonic Unleashed Unleashed and it's Night themes are to die for, maybe I should've just made the list all about them, honestly. :V Sonic Colours Sonic Generations (PS3/360/PC) Generations' OST is pretty damn good, it wasn't easy having to pick which remi--track was going to be put on my list, but for sure Time Eater wasn't anywhere on my mind though, so I didn't feel too bad not giving it any points. :U (actually it's not too bad but compared to others on the list....eeeehhhhhh, yeah..) Sonic Lost World SLW's OST may be regarded as 50/50 of meh and good, especially compared others, but I gotta say, it ain't half bad. It's not amazing - but I enjoyed it enough. There ya' have it.
  15. At first I was "..fucking sushi..."

    Now I'm "This fucking sushi is not  actually quite bad"



    stop all these trailers I think I'm gonna die

  17. Odyssey trailer, holy fuvckd

    the spotlight was gooooood

  18. Don't really care about Xbox, but the conference but pretty interesting.

    OG Xbox BC tho'..

  19. Holy shit, didn't see that coming. I actually quite like it - but during the gameplay, I thought I heard strings, yet it was a synth, which isn't bad of course, just a slight surprise. I do agree that the rapping is pretty cheesy - and so are the lyrics, but I don't seem to care really since it all sounds pretty great overall.
  20. I'll go with 4 this time. Sonic the Hedgehog (16-Bit) Spring Yard is my go-to whenever I listen to Sonic 1 music, it's just that good. For a watery temple or ruins level, Labyrinth Zone sure has an interesting rhythm, which - - makes the level pretty neutral for me , since the cool track evens out the infamous design of the level for me. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-Bit) Emerald Hill is the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think of Sonic 2, and it's upbeat to boot, so I put it on first for it's sound and memorability. Sky chase feels great after Metropolis - like a break after it's challenge and hell, to ease you before the coming Wing Fortress and Death Egg. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Sonic & Knuckles Flying Battery Act 1 would've been my pick, but Act 2 was just so much better for me, it just feels more urgent. also fuck it here's Knuckles Chaotix too for good measure . KNUCKLES' CHAOTIX - probably will edit the post with more thoughts later
  21. Man, that trailer was beautiful. From the animation, to music - and fucking Stardust Speedway? Where'd that come from? I love this trailer more than the initial announcement of Mania just because of that animation and how it oozed with charm. Really looking forward to the game.
  22. That trailer, holy fuck!

  23. I'll go with SA1 and CD (JP/EU) for this one Sonic Adventure 1 (I fucking love this one) Sonic CD (JP/EU) ('tis one's beautiful) Red Barrage is probably my favourite of SA1's soundtrack, it's got a sax, a cool sounding lead synth and feels pretty cool and urgent at parts. Crazy Robo felt like a fitting track for Gamma's last battle considering his story. Knuckles' theme from SA1 is imo one of the better of his, even if I do enjoy his SA2 version. Also sneaked in Big's "And ... Fish Hits" just because it never fails to get me anxious and because it sounds like something out of a game show. I honestly felt a bit guilty having to even compare each track on how much I enjoy one- because Sonic CD's JP/EU soundtrack is blissful - I couldn't even rate one without saying all of the tracks were good. Stardust Speedway's Good Future variant is really cheery and energetic (but most good Futures in this game are, as an awesome reward), so I always try to make one whenever I play the game - whether I intended to get a good ending or not - it's just that good. I love Wacky Workbech's Bad Future theme, something about it sounds menacing at the beginning and yet so robotic - if that even makes sense to put..? Tidal Tempest's Past theme is interesting for it's eerie vibe and like the rest of the Past themes - I like how they wanted to get the point across with them being in the past by having them make use of the Sound chip within the SEGA CD unlike the others, gave them a nice charm.
  24. Ooooh this sounds like a fun thread. I'll go with SA2 for this post: Sonic Adventure 2 1.Space Trip Steps...For Meteor Herd 2.That's the Way I Like It...For Metal Harbor 3.Lovely Gate 3...For Egg Quarters 4.Rumbling HWY ...For Mission Street 5.Keys The Ruin ...For The Pyramid Cave 6.E.G.G.M.A.N. ...Theme of "DR. EGGMAN" 7.Deep Inside Of...For Canon's Core ver.3 8.A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...For Pumpkin Hill 9.Trespasser...For Lost Colony 10.This Way Out ...For Prison Lane I'll always have a good time hearing Space Trip Steps. Metal Harbor is full of energy and as a kid it made the level feel as iconic and memorable as City Escape (and it's theme is all good, but I feel I'd rather have another track take it's spot and have a shot).
  25. When I saw the thumbnail on Youtube, my heart kinda sunk..Like, I actually knew this was gonna happen ever since the damned rumour, the tweets from Dtoid writer, bland silhouette etc..And yet..This didn't look too bad I guess, I mean it's still and OC maker, but it looks neat gameplay wise - at least until I come to my senses. but if ya' were gonna put a character in with a hook shot swinging gimmick why not a lovable fishing cat, I mean c'mon. :V
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