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    Alex2Beta reacted to Dreadknux in #TSS20th! Classic Banners Return to SSMB   
    Happy June everyone! We're a little closer to The Sonic Stadium's 20th Anniversary (October 24th) and to continue our celebrations we've adapted the SSMB header so that you can see TSS' title banner evolution over the years.
    If you are viewing SSMB on Desktop, you'll notice on Sonical 2020 or Sonical Dark 2020, the header area includes a smaller 'TSS 20 YEARS' logo in the corner (always available in case you want a quick-link back to the landing page) and a random banner in the centre background. This area will show you a random banner from our 20 years in operation - from our very first logo from 2000 to our last banners back in 2015.
    We also have included almost all of our SSMB-user-created banners from back when we marked our TENTH anniversary in 2010. Man, how time flies - it's been ten years since that moment already! Some of the creators of these community banners are still on these forums today. We hope it will draw some positive nostalgic feelings for all of us.
    The next step here is for us to be open to NEW rotating banners. I'd like to explore ways we can have the community here today create the next generation of TSS/SSMB banners to mark our 20th anniversary. Let me know if you'd be up for getting your artistic hat on, and we'll formally kick off a campaign to create new banners soon!
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Bowbowis in Realism in Sonic   
    Funnily enough I recently challenged myself to go through Adventure 2's stages and see if I could find something comparable in the classic era. Lo-and-behold:
    Conclusion? SA2 totally fits with the aesthetics of the classic games.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Realism in Sonic   
    The rendering of Sonic's world has taken on a lot of different shapes depending on the mood the game has tried to convey and that's probably for the best. There's no reason to stick to just one thing when there are a variety of ways for games to express themselves. 

    I think it's interesting(read: incredibly fucking lazy) that entire chunks of the series gets dinged for supposed0 realism when we're talking about games that look like this, though:

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    Alex2Beta reacted to itsamike in The final battle: Deem Bristow or Mike Pollock   
    You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.
    The initial auditions for SONIC X were voice-matches. I was given clips of Deem Bristow and told to sound like him. The results of that audition speak for themselves, and are evident in the first several SONIC X episodes.
    Several weeks into the run, the production team informed me they wanted to lighten the voice to better service the comedy, specifically requesting Jiminy Glick-style peaks and valleys. I obliged, to their satisfaction.
    I'm an actor. (The goal of any working actor is to book as many rôles as possible, to the apparent dismay of some.) I adjust my performance to suit the script, and the desires of the director. In the franchise's darker games, I gave a darker read, as appropriate. For the lighter games, I play up the comedy to the best of my abilities.
    You can't please everyone. I don't have to be your favorite. I respect whatever opinion you have, because it's your opinion, and it's personal, by definition. The opinion that matters most is that of the producers, who choose to keep hiring me, and presumably approve of my performance.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Tracker_TD in The final battle: Deem Bristow or Mike Pollock   
    I think Pollock fits better on the whole; Eggman is a cartoony villain, and his character is less about being threatening and more about his ridiculous ego; he wants to build a giant city called Eggmanland. That Unleashed shows us is basically just a giant amusement park, and Forces... dropped the ball on, granted. You can mention stuff like his big ol' Station Square missile, but even that ultimately wound up just being comic relief at Eggman's expense. 
    Not that Bristow's wasn't fitting either, but I don't think it was any better just because it was 'darker'. Eggman's JP voice throughout the years isn't exactly threatening 24/7 to me either, but it suits him fine.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in Sonic YouTube Videos in Danger -- Important Update!   
    Ugh. What a rotten situation all around. I am STRONGLY in support of ending those creepy mass-produced "children's channels", but there's got to be a better way of doing that.
    You do know some parents buy games for their kids, right?
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Diogenes in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Nah bring back Captain Whisker, the actually-good alternate Eggman.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Kuzu in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    Even in a cute crossover like this, we still have to argue about our "ideal" versions of the characters lol. Its never going to end is it.
    Anyway, this was very cute and fun which is what I was mainly expecting. I don't watch KO much (though I might change that now), but I can tell the creators truly love the series and respect it's prestige with how many references they packed in. Like goddamn, there's one almost every minute but subtle enough that only long time fans would understand them while still being coherent. 
    Sonic & Tails were very fun here, and I feel the difference between how they're written here and how they've been written in the games is just a level of sincerity and the presence of KO kind of enhances that. In the games, they're just kind of going through the motions and reacting to everything with a very dry and lackadaisical attitude and the one time they did try to add some conflict, it fell flat and unconvincing.
    Here, it feels much more genuine and reaches a much more satisfying conclusion. The presence of KO means Sonic & Tails have someone else to actually bounce their characters off of, which makes for a much more interesting dynamic. We've seen Sonic & Tails together forever, so it was nice to have somebody included into that dynamic and kind of change it in a way that makes it different. Yes, Tails getting randomly jealous by some new kid is a bit contrived, but the story doesn't reward Tails for his jealousy like it did in Lost World and he doesn't let his jealousy get in the way of doing the right thing, which makes him much more likable here than in Lost World. 
    Sonic...doesn't actually act much different hilariously, it's just that his over inflated ego is compounded by KO fanboying over him, so Sonic himself comes off as less of a joke and more of an actual celebrated hero with status, so of fucking course he'd let it go to his head. It works for me because Sonic is still genuinely heroic even with an inflated ego; he's too full of himself to actually mentor KO properly (and Tails has to pick up his slack), but when the chips were down, he's still a hero (Jumping to save KO despite not knowing how to swim). Things like that make him feel like a flawed but still a righteous hero. He even reassured Tails that he'll always be his partner. 
    I know everyone has their own ideals on these characters should be written, but I was really satisfied with this overall.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    Tails in this short is insecure about his status as a sidekick in a way that makes sense for where they're trying to take it. Cartoon network shows now are mostly about teaching kids how to deal with  feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. It makes sense that it turns out Tails was worried over nothing once he and Sonic actually talk about it. A simple premise but it has the basic follow-through and resolution that Lost World doesn't. In that game Tails's immature feeling are validated by the story and nothing was done with it despite the longer runtime. 
    I'm pretty satisfied with Tails as a whole in this. I like the subtle characterization with him actually helping KO tangibly several times when Sonic proves to be a lackluster mentor. Sonic having an ego and being a bit of a blowhard is fine with me too. I think he's more interesting that way. 
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    artificially creating a problem with your $60 premium release and then charging extra to fix it instead of just fixing it is a textbook example of trying to exploit your user base. 
    Activision has been enforcing mtx post launch to avoid dealing with bad press for a little while now. It deserves to be called out for what it is: manipulative and exploitative.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Sonictrainer in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Some fanart from JoeAdok.

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    Alex2Beta reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Should SEGA replace Takashi Iizuka and Sonic Team and replace them with a new talented team?   
    Almost every time Sega has handed Sonic off to someone else the results are about as good as what ST can put out if not worse. Sonic Mania is the exception but even the things I heard about that game's dev through the grapevine werent pleasant. 
    Sega's management is fucked up. It's been an open secret for years. A lot of artists who have worked with them have said this outright. That needs to be fixed before anything else. It needed to be fixed back in the 90s before they chased Naka out the first time. Let alone the increasing pile of industry vets they've chased away since. It's still going on. Remember the Mania DRM incident and how Taxman openly expressed his disagreement? 
    They need to be uprooted. 
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Dreadknux in I'm Stepping Down From Writing At TSS!   
    Just wanted to jump in here and say that having Dave on staff writing things for TSS has been an absolute pleasure. We always try to make our news and articles sound really interesting with loads of personality, and Dave brought that by the bucketload. It's great that he found an outlet to follow his creative spark, on YouTube, so I'd like to personally wish him all the best.
    Anyway, he's not going anywhere anyway, he'll hopefully still be kicking about as he said.
    We're also going to be refreshing the writing staff at TSS soon, with fresh blood! We have some candidates helping out soon who we'll announce a little later, but if you're interested in helping write stuff for the blog side then shoot me a DM and we can go through some test pieces to see if there's a good fit!  
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Badnik Mechanic in I'm Stepping Down From Writing At TSS!   
    Might as well make this public now. I was gonna post this in announcements but didn't want to be cheeky...
    So I joined TSS in March 2012 and have written nearly 600 articles for the site, both news and original material, which is quite a lot. And.... Shortly into March this year, I made the decision that I would step down from my position as writer for the site.
    I figured given how long I've been effectively one of the main faces who brings you the Sonic news I should post a bit of a goodbye and why I'm putting down my keyboard to pick up a... uh... Keyboard!
    Why are you going?
    Some of you know that last year my health took a major nose dive which hasn't gotten much better this year. So does this have anything to do with that? 
    Yes... But not in the way you think. Since I started having the health issues, I've tried to do some productive stuff to help me through it, first I made myself a small place on the internets which I really need to get back to doing at some point.
    But I then started to take my video making a bit more seriously, something which I'd wanted to do for a long time anyway but never really had a the time and the response has been quite incredible, far beyond anything I could have imagined and I'd really liked to dedicate a lot more time to it, especially since it lets me talk about games outside of Sonic and Sega which is also something I've wanted to do for a long time.
    And aside from releasing these completed projects, the process of making them is also making me a lot happier, far more than when I was just writing for TSS. So I feel it's the best for my health and... just the fact I'm doing something that a lot of others are also really enjoying if I focus on that full time.
    When are you turning red (Retired Rank)?


    Well... Technically I'm already gone, I can't write for the site anymore, but I still have access to the staff area and something is being worked on which I've been dropping the odd input in so I imagine I'll wake up one day and find myself in the retirement castle with Flyboy Fox and all the other retired staff, I'll be sat in the corner working on videos, please visit and leave a muffin.. One with chocolate chips.
    But I've said I'll occasionally drop by for the odd guest article or help with a live-stream if they need a hand with something.
    Anything else?
    Not really, just like to thank all the wonderful people and friends I've met through my time writing on here, especially @Dreadknux for allowing me to write for so long without breaking anything (I'm still waiting for the money to fund my real life Death Egg).

    So I'm off to YouTube now to make videos, so feel free to subscribe to me there or follow me on twitter if you still enjoy telling me my opinion on Sonic is wrong! I'll still be a member here posting about the Sonikku and the Segagaga, but my new creative outlet where I make new content will be on YouTube and Twitter.
     So if you desperately miss my stuff or want to tell me it's 'wrong' I invite you to come along!

    Who is replacing you? Can they make nice sandwiches?
    I've not been involved in that conversation, but I think I know who my replacement is going to be and I hope you wish them all the very best. But I'll let them reveal that surprise in their own topic.
    Only I hope the reveal is something like this...
    But with my avatar on the hood, then when they lift it off it's their avatar.
    If you've made it this far, the moral of the story is @Dreadknux still hasn't funded my Death Egg!
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Dreadknux in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Just a quick note to let you all know that our review has gone live! Check it out here:
    Overall, I really enjoyed it! It's not beating out ASR or ASR Transformed, but in my head I don't think that was its goal; it introduces a lot of unique gameplay mechanics and if you look at it as a kind of experiment I think it's one that's paid off! I actually ended up enjoying the Team modes a lot more than the 'Standard' kart racing play (whether that's just because the tracks aren't designed so much to be interesting for solo / non-team play or not, I'm not sure), and I'll probably miss any kart racer without an ability to fling items to teammates now haha. 😄
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Diogenes in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Alright here's the gist of the story for anyone who can't be bothered to track it down:
    Also (very minor non-story spoilers)
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    Alex2Beta reacted to JosepHenry in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Wow. You guys are seriously not liking the dialogue/story so far? Cuz I have seen the entire script through leaks and I gotta say, this is the best written Sonic game.
    Is charming, lighthearted, characters interact naturally and have likable personalities, actually funny cuz it doesn't try too hard to make jokes, I really love this story. This is the kind of dialogue I really want in a Sonic game. Sure more stakes would be fine but here is a racing competition with a suspicious host, is not supposed to be a super epic adventure.
    funny how the game sonic and friends go race has a better story than the game which eggman conquers the world but that comes with the territory.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Diogenes in The “keep politics out of games” complaint   
    I've gone about this issue about as light-handed as I reasonably could. I've already said this is about significant numbers of people, not just a couple of randos, and that a creator's got the right to defend their work against these sorts of accusations. I'm not really sure how much more assurance you need that I'm not arguing for "someone said a thing, shut it all down!"
    I'm pretty sure when your photoshops and memes involve the current president of the United States that's sufficient grounds to say there's a political angle to them, even if it may not be a particularly biting one. And I don't really buy the humor argument; too often shitty ideas float by unchallenged under the cover of "humor" or "irony" or "it's just a joke". It's often a cheap way to cover up intent from people who still think the internet is something separate from "real life". And the kind of jokes we choose to tell tell at least as much about our beliefs as anything else we say.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in The “keep politics out of games” complaint   
    I have a lot to say here but crappy hospital wifi is a pain. I'll try and keep it short.
    Nintendo removing the stage is as much as a political statement as the stage itself. You are not "neutral" when you censor content. You're putting your foot down against that kind of self expression. I don't know about you all, but I think a trans person expressing pride in who they are on a platform for self expression is a far cry from any overt bigotry or hatred that should be removed from the platform and would be tolerated if it was something else like national pride. 
    And save the concern about billion dollar Nintendo's bottom line. You as a consumer have no reason to be concerned about that and wouldn't be if it was something you wanted.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Badnik Mechanic in A Teacher Just Showed Off Some Unknown Sonic 2 Music   
    I'm... I honestly don't know what to say!
    There's a bunch of questions in the Twitter thread, it seems that the cart was running off modified Genesis hardware.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Diogenes in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    "Enthusiastic character draws distant character out of their shell/becomes the one person the distant character can tolerate" is pretty much Shipping 101 so by my measure they're basically already married.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Diogenes in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    He's so gross.
    I don't even understand how they managed to make him look so gross. Like, he's legitimately visually repulsive. I thought I had actually started to get used to the design but no, seeing it in motion is so much worse.
    Carrey's not quite nailing Eggman but he's at least bringing the level of energy and eccentricity I'd expect. He'll probably be the best part of the movie considering Sonic is an abomination and nobody else leaves any kind of impression so far. Still don't know why he looks like that for most of the movie when they actually came up with a pretty decent look for him in the last shot though.
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Kuzu in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive (Part 2 Out Now)   
    I really don't get it. No other character besides Shadow gets scrutinized like this and it's honestly baffling to me that it's still continuing. We left this shit behind in 2005...
    Guys...its ok for Shadow to be a dick sometimes...because Shadow is kind of a dick sometimes. Please stop taking a lighthearted animated short as a serious benchmark for characterization...
    Anyway, yea I enjoyed this. Some punchlines didn't quite hit their mark, like lingering on Eggman's reaction shot too long. But the rest of it was great, and it was a neat way of tying into the game's mechanics on teamwork as well. Sucks that Team Vector never got a chance to appear though., 
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    Alex2Beta reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive (Part 2 Out Now)   
    It's very odd that only Shadow seems to have his personality and traits examined down to the most minute of details like this.You couldn't escape it in the IDW thread either. I don't really understand why. Especially for something like this. 
    He was entertaining and funny here. This was a confident portrayal of Shadow, showcasing his standing as a rival by utilizing his more negative traits in a cartoon short. It definitely was not this weird, over-the-top, "I hate friendship" portrayal done for the sake of being edgy and glorifying rebellion. They portray what Shadow was doing in too comedic a light and they very obviously intended it to be the absolute wrong thing for him to do.  I appreciate this being what separates Team Sonic from a team literally calling themselves Team Dark as well. Not evil like Eggman but not as teamwork savvy like the Primary Colors Gang. 
    Perhaps if this were something more serious and not competition based I could see the argument against it better but this is fun. I largely don't see how this could at all turn into any kind of serious, heavy point of contention. They raced in cars and made goofy faces at each other. Were I to dive that heavily into my personal perception of Shadow's character over something like this, I'd personally feel a little embarrassed.
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