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  1. My god when was the last time I updated my profile on here?

    1. Komodin


      Welcome back.

    2. vger


      Back? I never really left, I just kind of wondered off... yeah okay point taken

  2. It just takes a bit of time to find your feet in a new place, once they get to know you, you should be fine.

  3. I wouldn't worry about it, the admins are friendly enough around here and your just starting out here so they are a bit cautious of new people.

    I like it around here, although most of the time I just lurk, I'll occasionally post something when I have something to add.

  4. lol better, having fun on the SSMB?

  5. Hi orangehedgehog1984... hmm seems a bit of a mouth full do you go by anything shorter?

  6. Yeah it was awesome to meet you as well, I respect anyone who can wear Sonic pants all day... especially in that heat.

  7. Yes I will! Err what were we talking about... Darn it!

  8. That's what you think! All I need is a bit of practice and I'll be wiping the floor with you!

  9. As do we all.

  10. DDR is on my page?

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