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  1. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who attended SoS without all of the fans turning up this wouldn't have been possible.

    With regards to the signing queues; I'd also like to thank everyone for their patience with us, we tried to get through as many people as possible as quickly as we could but in the end we could only get through so many.

    Other than that I hope you all had a great time, I certainly did helping to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

  2. While Sonic 06 does have a few bits where it shines (music and character models), these can not out weigh the broken game play horrible story and terrible loading times, I think this did a lot to cement peoples opinion that Sonic had finally past it's sell by date and SEGA have been fighting to prove them wrong since and still are.

    A re-release of this game even if they fixed the game play and loading problems (which they wouldn't do as it would cost too much to do for a re-release) would do more harm than good.

    Let's just all do what the end of the Sonic 06 story did, forget the whole thing!

  3. I'd have to say the final episode of Babylon 5, *braces for blank looks and people going huh?*

    It was the culmination of five seasons of story where you had really got to know the characters and because they were so well written and interesting I really developed an understanding and liking for them, so seeing the last episode where we see the last days of the main character *no spoilers here* and how the go about he end was really beautiful and saddening.

  4. From what I understand this legislation is targeting cheap alcohol, like the store own brand lager, it won't add anything or very little to the cost of normal branded drinks. From my perspective I view it as a good thing, cheap lager and other cheap spirits are only really bought to get drunk cheaply and quickly.

    Honestly if it manages to reduce hospital admissions and alcohol related deaths then I stand behind the idea.

  5. As I was looking for jobs, I asked my mom about my problem with my resume: How can I get a job with NO experience? She told me to go for internships, and, as reluctant as I am, agreed with her. while I almost left the conversation, she shouted that I should go into the Medical Engineering field for internships.

    I don't find a problem with Medical Engineering; its just not my true forte. I rather something related to me. y'know? I figured since I know a lot about computers and media that I can get experience from the Internet/New Media/Digital Media field first, then branch out to somewhere else; which begs the question, why do we need more scientists and engineers in America?

    I think we have too much of them...PopSci has some person or people on every page.

    I apologise in advance for this but this is a topic very close to my heart.

    Why do we need more scientists and engineers?

    Wow that to me is very short sighted, scientists and engineers are the innovators which make the world of tomorrow possible. As an engineer myself I will admit I'm a little biased in my thinking, but put simply without engineers and scientists we wouldn't have a lot of the things we take for granted today. Why do we need more? To continue making the world a better place to live, and more specifically to the Americans, to maintain your military superiority over the rest of the world.

    With regards to the Internet/New Media/Digital media options, well anyone can do that, and a lot of people do, hell I do it in my spare time for fun and I don't make any money off it. There's a lot of competition in the field because anyone can do it so if your looking to make money in life your going to have to be able to do something very special that no one else can do in the field.

    Honestly speaking you want to try and get into the Medical engineering field, at the very least go out an internship in the sector so you can find out if it's really for you. If you don't like it you at least say you have gone out and done this to employers and it may help directing you towards what you really want to do with yourself.

    It's up to you in the end what you do but the Internet/New Media/Digital Media field is the easy route that is well travelled with little chance of financial reward, science and engineering is harder but at the same time offers in my view far more rewards in the long term, at the least it looks better on your CV.

  6. I take it the "original three" you mean is Sonic, Tails and Dr. Eggman? For a second, I thought it was Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, but unfortunately (and I do mean unfortunately, as I love Knuckles) everybody's favourite echidna has taken a knock in recent years. Which is a great shame.

    I did actually mean Knuckles as the third but thinking about it he has been rather absent in the last few main games, rightly so considering his job, but I can't see it being too long before SEGA brings him in for a nice big role. Eggman is the other main player but I've put him on the outside in my mind since he's the bad guy of the series, I'm not saying he's a side character and certainly he's more than just a plot device, I just don't consider him a main character maybe because he isn't one of the heroes.

  7. My favourite side character would be Blaze at the moment, she is a character which is very driven to do what's needed, and I respect that a lot.

    I would also agree with Glenn above, Tails is an awesome character but I don't think of him as a side character as part of the original three I think we can classify him a little better than side character, or that might be because I think he's just that good.

  8. Hamlin may be pissy and a douche, but I don't think he's a traitor. I actually think they will think that at one point, but his views are just different and he is sour, but that doesn't make him a traitor. Douche, yes. Traitor, no. Usually a traitor goes with the flow until it's time to act otherwise to not draw suspicion to themselves.

    I have to agree Bebe, Hamlin has been the front runner for the traitor for a long time, while I don't believe he would deliberately do something to betray the freedom fighters, I do believe he is pardon the pun 'pig headed' enough to do something monumentally stupid that will end up messing things up royally. My current idea is putting in a kill switch for Nicole in case something like the Iron Dominion taking over the city happens again.

  9. You seem to be concentrating on the main characters, we already know that most of these characters go on to the events in 25/30 years later which kind of rules them out, but there are characters that are close to the main story yet won't be missed if they turned out to be evil or something.

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