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  2. I'm split between the Genesis/Mega Drive era and the Dreamcast era, the Genesis era because that was the time I first played Sonic and so look back on it very fondly even if the games don't have the same amount of appeal as they used to. And the Dreamcast era for getting me back into the franchise. In all honesty I don't think its fair to really compare each era since the games have evolved and developed to match the tastes of their audience (the kids), and since I've moved beyond being a kid I'm not there key target anymore. I'd say people will chose the era that when they were the right age to be interested in it. So the older fans will pick the Genesis/Mega Drive era, the middle aged fans will pick the dreamcast, the younger fans will pick now (lord knows why?) and a few awkward people will chose the Saturn era just to be different. So with me falling distinctly into the 'older fan' category I'm going to have to go for the Genesis/Mega Drive era.
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  6. Hey guys I know its short notice (35 minutes) but I'm going to put out a quick cover show for Urth, cause I'm nice and I love you guys.
  7. A Venom movie? I thought they killed him off completely in the last film. Still I suppose this is the movie industry where you death doesn't stop your return. Should be interesting to see what they do since I felt Venom wasn't given enough screen time in the last spiderman movie.
  8. Okay I will admit that the times Archie have gone into the game story lines it has been inconsistent the Sonic Adventure tie in being a prime example, since then they keep the stories as either a brief introduction or have left alone completely, heck Shadow the hedgehog doesn't feature at all although there are references to the dark arms which may turn up later. I still maintain however that it isn't inconsistent, each plot is contained within 4-6 issues which can be read alone or as part of a larger whole, if you come in the middle of one of those story arcs of course its going to appear inconsistent, but your going to get that with any comic which has arcs that run more than one issue.
  9. I beg to differ, yes the plot is complicated and very difficult for people not familiar with it to get into hence accusations of inconsistency, but that's the nature of the beast when you create such an interesting and varied universe, there's just too much to follow easily. I think its a good thing that they have followed there own path rather than go down the road laid out in the games partly because there isn't the depth in the stories for the games that could support a comic... unless you expand upon them and then were back to people whining about how they don't follow the game law. Sonic Universe gives us a chance to see plots that wouldn't necessarily make it into the comic since they would take too long to do or distract from the main plot, so separating them and giving them a publication of there own makes sense to me. Plus they are going to the effort of trying to make every four issues stand alone so that you can read them as a story of its own, which just happens to fit into a greater whole.
  10. That would be a great secret un-lockable. Although she is really a Platinum games character rather than SEGA owned so I doubt she will turn up.
  11. I'm sure there building to something at some point in the future, an epic final end of the universe battle type thing, should be interesting, possibly Eggman verses Eggman Nega, or even another team up?
  12. The fact that he's an evil conquering dictator that would kill all the mobians if someone didn't stand up to him isn't enough?
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  14. Looks interesting, I look forward to seeing more. Looking at the youtube video it looks very promising, the Emerald Cave level shown seems to flow nicely keeping things moving, the other levels shown look good but still ned a little work. The sprites are OK, I think the Sonic one is from Sonic CD? Not sure about Tails, the thing is fans keep reusing the same sprites that are used in the game. It would be nice to see a different sprite sheet or at least have the art style edited, its not a slight or anything I just think it would be nice for a fan game to have a new sprites, I think it could help it stand out more.
  15. Yar, the Run be stowed nicely Urtheart, I also nabbed us a small supply of port for those with a sweet tooth.... errm... arrrrgh!
  16. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is really annoyed by that. On the plus side picked up Sonic the hedgehog 204 today, it's not bad although it goes a bit cheesy in the middle... I almost thought I was reading an early comic.
  17. It sounds like a cool idea, but its way too early to tell if this is going to be good, and it also depends on which fan/fans SEGA are listening to.
  18. Just read Sonic Universe 7, it was pretty good, lots of WTF moments as well.
  19. I'd love to see the soap shoes return, I'd love to get a pair.
  20. Loving the Comic keep up the good work.
  21. 'Sigh' and the merchandising hits a new low, and yet I still want one.
  22. I found them nostalgic kind of a blending between, AoSTH and SATAM, still didn't like them that much though, but I think that's due more to what age group its really aimed at.
  23. Okay for those people who don't know, Urtheart is having a bit of a break from the internet while he sorts out a few things, so I've volunteered to fill in on Wednesdays until he makes his triumphant return!
  24. Okay, Urtheart's been held up at work for a bit and is going to miss the start of the show so, I've stepped in to quickly cover for him, see you in half an hour.
  25. Well you know I'm going to be listening.
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