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  1. I’m back, and that is Nack!

  2. Lol, it looks like one of those adverts you'd see dumped at the bottom of webpages. Like, exactly that but just lifted onto a blank shirt. Edit: Ah I'm sorry Rabid-Coot, I basically came to the same conclusion as you did. 😛
  3. Who remembers Knuckles Chaotix? I didn’t. :P

    (Man, these videos just keep getting shorter)

  4. Knock knock, its Knuckles!

  5. Lol, I guess the dude forgot that there was more than one writer for the Endgame saga. 👀 Both Gallagher and Bollers had a hand in the build-up issues and the proper #50. Then again, Penders isn't above diminishing the importance of other writers on the book...
  6. Punny writers are gonna be the death of me. But hey, its Metal Sonic!

  7. My character’s evil twin swears at Ken Penders

  8. Last one I'll submit in a little while. :)

  9. Hope she made lotsa spaghetti!

  10. Was Ken Penders ever good to begin with? I discuss that with my evil self in this week’s video. xP

  11. Hope yall like anime-inspired cutscenes.

  12. Lol, that "Royal Secret Service" patch pretty much embodies Ken Penders' writing. Its got the original, simple Acorn symbol, but its shoved behind an edgy-looking knife, which seems to have been given the most detail compared to the rest of it.
  13. Be it being kidnapped by a giant ape or reflecting on her thoughts, the character of Sally is getting more focus, finally!

    Yeh, I'm posting on here too. :P

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