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  1. I mean that's a fair perspective, but to me all of what you've said is a perfectly valid reason to think its awful. Mediocrity in absolution is...well...bad - no redeeming features. And to me Forces wasn't just an average game. It was functional I suppose - fit for purpose, if you will. But that alone is insufficient for something that is designed to entertain. Boring, automated, lacking in depth. Lacking in any kind of character. Forgettable is in some ways worse than infamy.
  2. You're drawing way too many conclusions from a teaser that's not even made by Sonic Team. And it seems like you have an issue with the art style more than the actual technology at play here. I'm sure they could make Sonic furry and spikey like in the film, but they probably don't like the way that looks. I wouldn't mind seeing a soft velvet-like texture for Sonic's fur (rather than the aggressive spines), but honestly in a teaser trailer where you can barely see his face and is less than 30 seconds long in total, they're not gonna bother with making new model with new textures. They'll just copy+paste the model they've been using for CG for years cause its easier. In-game: sure they might use a spruced up model in cutscenes, but for most gameplay purposes they'll use a pared down LOD model with fewer polygons and flatter textures because it does literally nothing from a visuals point of view and only hurts performance. Unless they go for the movie-style super spikey look (which I personally do not care for) from how far away Sonic will typically be from the screen, in a high-speed game, you wouldn't even be able to see it. More to the point - we haven't seen what the game actually looks like. Its a CGI trailer. Whilst I doubt Sonic Team will muster something as jaw-dropping as R&C on PS5 (Gods I wish they would), this teaser offers nothing for you to make such make such assertions. It probably is boost again, because I doubt Sonic Team have the bollocks to create a brand new gameplay engine at this point. They're gonna milk the Generations Engine for all its worth. I just fucking hope they don't dumb it down to the extent they did for Forces. Too early to comment based on a Teaser trailer. But you're not going to get a game with a mega budget any more. Unleashed took absolutely AGES to make because of how big it was, but if you play the day stages its ultimately very short (hence the need for Werehog). Even if they slow Sonic down compared to Unleashed or even generations - higher speed requires bigger levels. The game will be short regardless of what you do. So the best thing to do is to operate with a medium budget and make a cheap-ish game that is short. They don't have the brand cache to charge top dollar for stupid shit like Nintendo does. I don't care about the length or scope or whatever else. I just want it to be a good game, both mechanically and in terms of game design. If its short. So be it. I would rather play the game wishing there were more, than having a really long, boring slog. This is the unfortunate reality of Sonic Team. It has been for the better part of a decade. Leaning too heavily on past glories. The one time they tried something new (Lost World) it was not really well received. For good reason mind, it was a mediocre game. I hope they have something new in mind, but I'm not expecting much. As long as whatever it is they do is good, I'll be happy. --- As for the teaser itself - its a CGI Teaser. Can't infer anything from a CGI Teaser. Its not been true for Sonic games and it hasn't been true of literally every other video game ever made in the last 25 years. This was just a hype piece with a vague connection to the actual game. Am I excited? Sort of? I miss the days where we would have intense debates over minutia - those were simpler times. Digital boost? Is it a boost or just an effect? Is Sonic in a digital world? Is it some new power up? Fuck it could just be 4K version of LASER Wisp. Want to see more. That symbol looks pretty cool. I always enjoyed it when Sonic games had some vaguely ancient/ruins type stuff (S3K, Adventure etc.) so I hope they lean on that. Also I sure am glad that they didn't deliver some insane hype trailer with a massive battle, teasing a war for the whole planet like they did with Forces. Cause lord only knows how that ended up. A simple teaser like this is so much better, because there's no expectation. There isn't enough for people to start headcanoning shit and ending up disappointed when reality misaligns with expectation. Here we have Sonic running in forest with digital effects around him, tracing a funky logo. Not unlike the Sonic Colours reveal with had nothing other than Sonic running along a forest from Planet Wisp. Simple and effective.
  3. I mean improving the lighting would indeed add more contrast - especially if its using some form of global illumination. Areas in shade would be darker and areas in light would be brighter. It looks fine.
  4. I'm sure Smith can do a better job if given proper material to work with. His iteration of Sonic sounds like a dork, because he's ostensibly been written to be a dork.
  5. If anything it looks like the 2010 Colours Teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys4PRXf0TYs
  6. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Forces is a listless game. There's nothing in it. There's no entertainment to be had. Notice how since that game has been released, talk about Sonic games in general has basically disappeared. Heck this Forum is a shadow of its former self from back when Mania launched. The damage isn't as explosive as 06 or Boom. Its just a sort of sad slide into irrelevance.
  7. Ah yes, remastering a game which includes remastered versions of old stages. The Sonic way. Living in the past.
  8. Your point about the boost mechanic is a reasonable one. Not all visions are good ones. One can lead to something good, but not great. But you need a visionary/creative director/game designer who is cognizant of what ideas are good enough for a "quick fix" and which ideas have a better long-term tragectory. There needs to be enough room to experiment with different models before committing to something and going with it to make sure you have that game out by Christmas. Less of that. There is a second half to why I say fuck the fans. Because I genuinely believe, even well intentioned fans like yourself, don't hold the answers. I'm a classic enthusiast as much as the next guy. I've written diatribe after diatribe about how the classic model in 3D is the best direction to go, but I don't have the answers. What holds the answers are the games themselves. For better or for worse, the best thing to happen over the last 30 years (lol) of Sonic the Hedgehog is the massive variety of games and massive variance of quality between them. You can just look at the good and bad in all of the games released over the last 30 years and use that as a guideline to help build the future. Everyone loves the classics and Mania, why? Go play those games and figure out what's good about them. Everyone hates 06, play that game and figure out why. You don't need to listen to the fans, because when you play the good games and when you play the bad games, and the average games and everything in between, things should become pretty clear. The boost formula isn't good enough? Well yes, after playing 3 or 4 of those games you'll probably be able to understand the limitations of that model. I don't even think you need to play Lost World to understand why that approach is ultimately hopeless. You can play all the adventure styled games and see where things went wrong, from what seemed like a promising start. You can play the classics to find out what the identity of the franchise actually is, and what made those games great. Does that work in 3D? Can it work in 3D? What's the best compromise? How should the level design look? Etc. An actually good game designer with experience, creativity and vision will be able to take from that and hopefully make something good, if that person is allowed to the time and care to do it. That's what I think at least. Perhaps that's too idealistic of me.
  9. The problem is that there are too many different and conflicting opinions amongst the fans around Sonic. This primarily stemming from the plethora of gameplay and story styles between the games, anime, comics, cartoons etc. Listening to all of these people would lead to some ridiculous mess that would end up pleasing nobody. What they need is a director with a clear creative vision for what the franchise should be doing, a bunch of competent developers behind that creative director/game designer and the time needed to see it to completion without having to meet meaningless deadlines. If some fans are disappointed by that direction, fuck them. The point is that the games should be good. Not good even, they really should be great. Greatness doesn't stem for focus tested, survey defined, generic garbage. If the game is good, if the story is good, people will like it. And if they're unwilling to accept a good game because it differs from what they were expecting, or deviates from the minute details in terms of story or whatever, then fuck 'em. Aiming to please every single branch of this broken and fractured fanbase is a hopeless endeavour. Once again, make a great game. A game comparable to any given Mario game, and people beyond our fickle fanbase will come pouring in to enjoy it.
  10. They need to actually do something good with their characters first. The main cast (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles...arguably Amy) have been static since the 2010. The rest of the characters were so badly written between 2000-2010 that they've been shelved. Make a good game first, then we can figure out what to do with the cast.
  11. So be it. A history of half-baked games tells me that if Sonic Team/SEGA need more time, they should do it.
  12. The only thing that could have fixed that game is a delete button.
  13. Forces was half a game. No more of that please. It will have been 4 years since they last made a game, so it better be fucking good.
  14. Its not really self entitlement to be brutally honest. Its simply just being cognisant of the fact that you are very likely to end up disappointed in a product made by Sonic Team. The last time this didn't happen was a year shy of a decade ago, and even that game; Generations, was barely an 8/10 to the wider gaming community. You are more than welcome to think what you will of pessimism and cynicism. That's your prerogative. But in the case of Sonic the Hedgehog, its not even cynicism or pessimism any more. Its just realism. I have simply lowered my expectations of what Sonic Team are actually capable of. They can say whatever the fuck they want, but words are wind. After 15 goddamn years of disappointment I want some evidence. And just as you consider cynicism pointless, I consider blind optimism and faith in a team with a suspect track record to be nothing short of naivety. And naivety is in many ways worse than cynicism. It leaves you blind to reality. More than cynicism, it is actually the vector for stagnation. I used to be the same way. I used to hear some nice words from Sonic Team. They've learned their lessons. They're taking their time with game development. And I used to hopelessly believe that it would yield in some progress. It did not. I just can't be bothered to give Sonic Team the benefit of the doubt any more. No matter what they say. As I've said. Words are wind. I want to see results now. And not just one game. String a few 8+/10 games together, and then maybe I'll be a bit more forgiving. Its not self-entitlement, cause I'm not really making any demands. The sad reality is I frankly do not care as much as I used to. I don't have the energy to get excited or optimistic about Sonic any more.
  15. I kinda get where he's coming from. The Sonic franchise is basically stagnant. It hasn't moved forward in any meaningful way since....Sonic Colours really. Everything since then has been tinged with an excess of nostalgia, and sorely lacking in any substance. The only game to not do this was Mania, but that game is still ultimately playing on Nostalgia, even though it has the technical and creative substance behind it. It at the very least attempts to take what Sonic 3 and Knuckles built and expand on it in some way. New levels, new mechanics, and a return of long lost characters with new play styles. But even with all that its cashing in on "the classics were great" mentality - perhaps reminding all those dumb bandwagony fucks that yes, Sonic was indeed good back on the Genesis/MegaDrive. The actual 3D 'main series' games have gone backwards since Generations. Lost World was a cute little attempt at trying something different, but it seemed a half-baked attempt that was criticised just enough to put the fear into SEGA to go back to Generations' playstyle - except in Forces it was worse in every meaningful capacity. If I were Iizuka I would be pretty jaded about the whole situation.
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