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  1. I'd be totes up for an SA1 remake if only to have a more elegant retelling of Gamma's story. Probably had the most robust character arc amongst all characters in the show and remains poignant because he stayed dead. Shadow's would have surpassed it, if it wasn't ruined by him being arbitrarily revived and subsequently shat on by his horrible excuse for an origin story. 

    1. Speeps


      Assuming they'd be the ones doing it, I wouldn't trust Pontaff to write an "elegant retelling" of a Sonic game in a million years.

    2. Nepenthe


      Ignoring the unnecessary Shadow tangent, I'd be up for a remake too if Sonic Team were committed to weaving the gameplay and narrative together as they originally did before, even if alternate gameplay falling out of favor means there would have to be changes to some of the components. But that change means that they would be on their own in terms of creating the content versus simply upscaling the original, and I have wavering conference that they could.

    3. Milo


      ^ On that note, assuming they'd be the ones doing it, I wouldn't trust Sonic Team to give any of the older Sonic games anything resembling a decent remake in a million years.

      *Was referring to and paraphrasing @JmTsHaW's post, but I agree with Nepenthe too.

    4. Nepenthe


      I think SA1 would definitely benefit from current quality control standards. It would look, sound, and feel better no doubt. My main concern would be whether or not they'd have the chops to maintain SA1's early 3D "wild west" spirit in any new material they'd have to conjure up for the game as they translate it into the modern age. I mean, practically everything about it is nearly antithetical to the way Sonic is seen and marketed today. That's easy to maintain if you're just remaking everything, but SA1 would never realistically be remade in the Gens sense where the same level design and assets are just remade/upscaled.

    5. Marcello


      I'm up for it if they change every line of Knuckles' to "Oh no".

    6. Scar


      @Nepenthe You make a good point. Would Sonic Team be able to faithfully remake and improve what made SA1, SA1? I'm not 100% certain, but I'm sure if they tried to (given that Iizuka is at the helm) they could. The real problem is that Sonic Team since Unleashed have been in playsafe mode with respect to narrative in Sonic games. For whatever reason, the whole video game industry believes that sonic games can't have stories let alone GOOD ones and have an irrational hatred for any of the supporting cast. So instead of trying to improve stories and alternate characters and whatnot, they just removed them.

      Boom tried to go back to that old methodology, but failed spectacularly with the gameplay so nobody really noticed that, hey, the Sonic cast ain't so bad when written reasonably well.


      Up for debate. I'm sure Pontac and Graff COULD do it justice if they tried. So far it seems they've been told to go full cartoon. If they were given an existing story and told to refine its structure, remove inconsistencies or oddities and improve the dialogue, they could probably do it just fine. Of course this is an assumption. They could fail massively.

      Ultimately, such a remake would need to come from an internal impetus. Someone on the inside who is a fan of and is interested in retelling that story with modern production values and all-round improvements.

      Gameplay-wise is a whole other can of worms.

    7. Speeps


      I'm... not too sure. I'm not even certain they actually know who Gamma is considering that interview from a few years ago where Pontac admitted to not knowing anything about the Adventure games.

      Mind-numbing personal bias aside, the way Pontaff characterise the Sonic cast is vastly different to how they're done in Adventure 1. I mean for an example, just look at the way Eggman talks in the last parts of Tails' story and compare it to the way he talks in Sonic Lost World.

      I guess they could do it with enough research, but I just don't think they know enough about the series to pull it off well enough.

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