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  1. I've never felt as put out about this franchise as now. Forces is an aberration of such magnitude I have to wonder who allowed it to be released. No effort whatsoever.

    Makes me quite sad.

    1. Biggs


      At least we have Mania buddy <3

    2. Blacklightning


      I think it says a lot that I had more fun with 06 than Forces.

      At least I can laugh at 06. Forces is just completely numb all the way through.

    3. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      @ScarThat's Sonic Team for you.

      Forget that at the time SLW came out they already knew what didn't work with 3D after getting it wrong so many times and still failed. They outright failed to build upon the Boost gameplay and somehow took away from it in the process.

      Zero feeling of progression, a story that took itself too seriously and did nothing with its established setting, making Eggman boring

      I'd argue this was a bigger mess than Sonic Boom.

    4. Strickerx5


      Eh, I still find it better than just about every game we've gotten in the past 6 or so years (excluding Mania of course and maybe Fire and Ice but I didn't play that so idc). Though, that isn't saying much and it's still not a good game by any means.

      It's just that even with its flaws, it's still technically competent (which lets be real here, isn't something you can just look over as far as this series goes) and does have some moments that I do consider good. I think the "meh" status a majority have given it is a good placing for it as, imo, it's no where near as offensive as other games but simply isn't anywhere near the realm of "good". I honestly expect most people to forget that it was even a thing in a couple of years.

    5. Scar


      The game wasn't even trying. No effort in it at all.

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