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    Drawing, anything related to comics, gaming, anime/manga. I also am a huge a fan of Kamen Rider.
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    United Kingdom
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    Good ol London Town.

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About Me

Hello, hello, hello!

If by chance you decided to have a gander at my profile and have time to spare, please have a seat as I tell you a little bit about myself.

I be Miles, or whatever name I am using at the moment on this fancy name changing feature our fine beast of a forum has. I'm an artist, probably not an occupation many are unfamiliar with here but that I be, I've worked on STC-O in the past and have been a sonic fan artist for quite a few years, previously I was known as SHADOWPRIME but due to recent change in attitude I now go by ARQ-11 on several sites where I post artwork. I'm a fan of many things, many things japanese though, from anime to music to men in rubber suits beating the ever living tar out of each other. (and by that I mean tokusatsu, like kamen rider and super sentai and not gimps...)

That wasn't much of a life story...I got a bit lazy halfway through so there ya go, hope we get on well with each other -salutes-

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