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  1. She may be a bit too genkiesque but she fits in just fine, I don't know why people are having such a big problem with her. Especially as we have gotten worst character designs like the original fairy queen design and a cheerful witch isn't a terrible thing to have. Also commenting on someone earlier saying how serious the zelda series is....motherfucking tingle is enough to destroy that. Plus her moveset looks fun as hell! It looks like it chains together really well, also if anime things aren't your thing why are you even looking at this game, a big part of it is pretty much influenced by ludicrous animeesque attack patterns.
  2. "You must be eating a lot of carrots these days" What? The dialogue in that strip is awful, it's a blessing we have the writers we have now! Also wow yeah the art, even with help from much more capable artists the lack of skill shines through.
  3. Ooooh that was really good, really nice lighting there.
  4. Got it changed, thanks for the heads up! But man, been getting a fair few of these kind of messages as of late. Really didn't expect comixology to get hacked.
  5. It's definitely sonic and knuckles speaking in the trailer, go listen to the actors other voice roles and you'll be able to tell who is who. They haven't even changed the voice direction that much either. Sticking on topic, it feels like its going the chronicles route, especially with a newly discovered world and mysterious ancient races. Would like it if they expanded on knuckles' history again. Though if the inclusion of marine is true, might be another dimension hopping adventure.
  6. So I was bored and thought I'd do a little sketch of the supposed new Marine, it was a bit hard trying to get down that triangle noggin of hers.
  7. You just made me a happy duck posting that. This new sonic design is pretty much what I've been drawing for years so I'm pretty chuffed with it. I think the only design I'm a bit eh on is Amy, it seems rather slapdash, I always saw Amy as rather fashionable so seeing her clothes look like something she threw together dilly dally is a bit odd. (I mean bandages as a belt pleaseeeee)
  8. I'm actually quite sad everyone is like AHHH THIS LOOKS LIKE CRAP, I DUN LIKE IT. I don't know but it reminds me a lot of David O'Reilly's work. I'm not even bothered by the art style of the new special, they're still instantly recognisable as the Powerpuff girls, at least it's something new after all we had multiple series and a movie of the original visual look. It gives this special just a little bit of extra umph, look at other franchises, Transformers, TMNT, even Ben 10 a relatively young series compared to the rest has gone through various visual changes. As for the animation it is a bit jumpy atm but it's not much to go on with all the cuts in the trailer. I'll judge it more when the whole thing is out.
  9. This is actually a realllly nice skin, oh my god it's just such a soothing colour, I think I'm going to be in the camp that keeps using this after new years because it's so chill.
  10. Scuse me good sir, did you say there are two fan continuations of Sonic the Comic? Pray tell what's this other continuation you speak of?
  11. Speaking of GTA IV references, here's a doozy
  12. I was wondering, is it possible to get a subscription for the comic in the UK? Or do I have to to a comic shop to ask for it, would love to have it mailed to me without having to worry about it!
  13. I can't believe Penders won anything, especially ownership of what is pretty much the main characters but in different attire. Jeez what the hell happened during this case... It's a good thing the genesis wave is a thing in the comics, as bad as it is to use such an easy way out to change anything, it's really convenient considering the circumstances. Though if penders can get away with an evil sonic then couldn't Archie get away with just changing appearances and names? Maybe Elias could simply abandon his name and just always be referred to as King. Would work with normal naming conventions of the sonic series as well.
  14. Haha funny you mention that, I've already done a strip for them! It was the Tails Halloween strip from 2011!
  15. Thanks Scarz! Also I forgot to update this last week but hey here ya go two new pages!
  16. Oh when will art submissions be open? Just I wanted to try and make an album cover for this year because I can't make the awesome music you guys do ;__;
  17. I wouldn't say one is better than the other, they're both pretttty much the same thing. Loads of sonic fans, awesome music, random shizzle that happens. Actually what goes down at Sonic Boom? I don't really know much about it's content D:
  18. That sounds cushty, besides the SOS plan was always a secondary aim right? We'll just continue as normal
  19. The fancomic has BEGUN! http://sonicrelativechaos.tumblr.com/ You can also see it here on dA (higher quality because image files are TOO huge for Tumblr :< ) http://a-r-q.deviantart.com/gallery/44362404
  20. Trying to drum up interest in the comic, so have another preview! Only one day to go! I'm gonna be updating the comic pages on this thread and possibly other websites like my deviantart in my sig, I'll post links to the other sites which will include tumblr and smackjeeves on the dA page because I'm not sure if I'm allowed to advertise em here? (I haven't read the forum rules in so long with regards to posting links).
  21. Ahh that's a shame that it was announced so late, it's nice having people from abroad come for SOS. Though I'm kinda glad it's in london again, I'm trying to cut down on my expenditure so thankfully I don't have to pay for accomodation down here! So now begins the hype! I hope the ticket situation is better off this time around, with a capacity of over 2000 though I don't suspect it'll go that quickly now. One thing though that I don't like about this being announced so late is that I kinda wanted to have a table but I told myself I wasn't going to decide until the date was announced XD but now I'm like I can't be bothered, I guess I can just draw if anyone asks! Speaking of which I need to come up with a new Sonic Community Sketchbook : o
  22. Less than a week to go until this comic goes live! So have another preview!
  23. I'm saddened by this topic. Mostly because it serves to remind me we're only getting these once a week ;n; I'm loving the art so far, Jon Gray's contribution shocked the hell out of me! Also bootleg? Dude really? That's straight up insulting D: that suggests it's a non quality comic but I assure you it's far from it. Give it a read sometime before you make your opinion, you might like it. Hell in the anniversary issue of STCONLINE it has the Nigels working on it so it's almost like you're reading the original!
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