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    TheDuckGod got a reaction from redhellc in [COLLAB] Sonic's 21st Anniversary Art Collaboration   
    Is venice....like dead? D': Really want to see this come to fruition, one can only live off the hope the teaser gave for so long.
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    TheDuckGod got a reaction from Rabid-Noodles in [COLLAB] Sonic's 21st Anniversary Art Collaboration   
    Have we heard anything from the last person? D: WE'RE SOOOO CLOSEEE
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    TheDuckGod reacted to DJ FLiGHTS in [COLLAB] Sonic's 21st Anniversary Art Collaboration   
    Hey folks of SSMB, do I have a neato idea for you. It's another collab! Sequeling-up last year's successful collab celebrating Sonic's 20, we're gonna do the same this year! Though this time, we're going with a theme. This year's theme: Past Meets Present. That's right, we're including Classic characters! With Generations being the success it is, we're inspired to use this year's collab to bring together both new and old versions of characters together. This theme is itself the catch. We're ONLY including characters that actually have both Classic and Modern designs. Not only that, but with Sonic 4: Episode II on the way, we're trying something else out. You will be teaming up with someone to draw with ya! It's simple - one picks the Classic design, the other gets Modern. They can be interacting, but they don't have to. (Keep in mind how last year's final layout was done to help think about it!)

    Also, new guidelines to help in organization, fairness, and to make sure this year's theme goes off without a hitch. Here's the rundown:
    You MUST be an active member to partake in this. And by active, I mean you were able to log in and read this. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    First come, first serve, and one choice per member. Post your choice as a comment in this thread only. Check the list often to see what's picked, and/or think about who you'd like to team-up with. Only PM me with submissions.
    Once you choose a character from the list, you have 3 weeks from the date of your post to complete the character in any media you choose. 1000x1000 transparent PNG's are still a neccesity, and no previously made works.
    If one team member fails to complete their character, the other person cannot submit until the slot is refilled. Make sure to help each other out if when needed - Teamwork is important! There's no harm in asking for help, especially if it'll make the whole piece better!
    After a successful sumbission, you may pick a remainding character from the list, but mind that if it requires a teammate, you'll need to wait for/get one. (You can still work on it though in the meantime.)
    If all slots are filled, you may choose from the secondary list that will be posted once the first list is actually filled. (Trust me, having a secondary list will be a godsend.)
    Don't ask to have a character not on the list added. Nor ask to make up a design for an unlisted character just to get added.
    There will be a background for the completed work, but that job will fall upon an artist chosen at our discretion. So don't ask.
    Final submissions are due June 15. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    Don't post your work anywhere public until the revealing of the final piece on the 23rd.
    Remember to actually collaborate and be creative!
    NEW - If you picked a character, and a teammate position still hasn't been filled out for more than a few days, you can still draw the character, and lay a guideline for how the other character will interact with them for when a teammate has actually joined you. They will have to work with what you started in order to get the work in on time.
    New - I will cross off pairs as I get them, and not individuals. This is further encourage you all to work together more efficiently.

    Ch-ch-choose your character!
    C. Sonic - Rawrdom
    M. Sonic - Briaaaah
    C. Tails - The Kid
    M. Tails - Nemain
    C. Knuckles - Hybrid
    M. Knuckles - Emerald Lance
    C. Amy - Rabid Noodles
    M. Amy - Quacku
    C. Eggman - Swiss
    M. Eggman - Azukara
    C. Metal Sonic - Rabid-Noodles
    M. Metal Sonic - Samus Aran
    C. Vector - Katzii
    M. Vector - Venice
    C. Espio - KKM
    M. Espio - redhellc
    C. Charmy - Dan-imeJ86
    M. Charmy - Venice

    Secondary List: (Pick from the left or right of every entry.)
    Mighty/Shadow - SonHOG/Briaaaah
    Bean/Jet - debug ring/Kamicciolo
    Bark/Big - Venice/Rabid-Noodles
    Nack/Rouge - Noku_Crocodile/Mimi
    Honey/Blaze - Voy-Boy/Samus Aran
    Gamma/Omega - Quacku/D-Metal X
    Bomb & Heavy/Orbot & Cubot - Dan-imeJ86/Pixel Brain
    Eggrobo/Eggpawn - SegaDogTagz/SegaDogTagz
    C. Motobug/M. Motobug - Dan-imeJ86/ProfessorZolo
    C. Crabmeat/M. Crabmeat - sandwichbars/debug ring

    If you're curious on why I would pick these, or enraged for any reason, please read out my detailed explanation. (Spoilered for length.)

    (I will see how this goes and adjust along the way too accommodate changes to help this project succeed.)
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    TheDuckGod got a reaction from Sonic the Hedgehog in 3D in [COLLAB] Sonic's 21st Anniversary Art Collaboration   
    I'm almost done with Gamma! Hopefully I'll have him done by tonight.
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    TheDuckGod reacted to Soniman in Are the 2D sections in Modern Sonic gameplay even needed?   
    Quit being so melodramatic, im just saying that there is no point in having 2D sections in the grand scheme of things and id rather have a full 3D Sonic game
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    TheDuckGod got a reaction from Invictus Ordo in The Death of Spider-man. (Ultimate Version)   
    While it's obviously a make him ethnic for the sake of it kinda thing, I'm interested in how this turns out, with this being the ultimate series I'm actually inclined to believe that this time Peter might just stay dead. It would be an incredible feat if they pull it off, and after all the real Peter parker is still alive in the original universe.
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    TheDuckGod reacted to mikeblastdude in Sonic Boom: Generations Impressions & Videos Thread   
    I just got back home from the Sonic Boom event, here are my impressions of Generations:

    Overall I thought it was pretty awesome. They really pulled off the feel of Classic Sonic, other than a few differences it played just like the Genesis games. I wasn't paying too much attention to the physics or seeing if I could get stuck on walls or anything, but everything seemed perfectly fine to me. The only real difference I noticed is that Sonic accelerates a lot faster than in the classics, for better or worse. Playing as Modern Sonic felt just like the daytime gameplay from Sonic Unleashed HD, which was definitely a good thing to me. I can't wait for the demo to be released so I can play it some more!

    As for the City Escape remix, I actually quite liked it.
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    TheDuckGod got a reaction from Mr. Awesomest in ARTWORK: DSP's Gallery of assorted thingys   
    Hallo thar, I'm surprised I haven't made an art topic on this version of SSMB D: shows how long I've been absent eh? XD

    Anyways a few of my recent pieces of work, a few comic pages I did to try and get a spot on STC-O and the first part of my anniversary piece :3 hope you enjoy and crits are welcome~

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    TheDuckGod got a reaction from DJ FLiGHTS in ARTWORK: DSP's Gallery of assorted thingys   
    Hallo thar, I'm surprised I haven't made an art topic on this version of SSMB D: shows how long I've been absent eh? XD

    Anyways a few of my recent pieces of work, a few comic pages I did to try and get a spot on STC-O and the first part of my anniversary piece :3 hope you enjoy and crits are welcome~

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    TheDuckGod got a reaction from \gunther in Kamen Rider   
    Ohhh not the first time I've made this topic on these forums, however the last one went with ze old SSMB so alas I once again would like lovely peoplez the world of Kamen rider, now I only know one other fan in the form of RR-sama but considering how many kamen rider fans I've seen on tokusatsu sites liking sonic, I thought I'd try my luck opening a topic here C:

    Anyway Kamen Rider is a live action Japanese sci-fi show, I would dare say the closest most people have ever gotten to something similar to it is Power Rangers, incidentally the japanese version of power rangers, super sentai is produced by the same company as Kamen Rider, Toei (who have also had part in the godzilla franchise at times). Anyway Kamen Rider translates to Masked Rider (if you remember the US version with the furby, please erase it from your memory, for the real masked rider is much better) it is often based around a hero, the Kamen (masked) rider and their story of defeating evil, now kamen rider comes in the form of many series, each different from each other, more so in the modern kamen rider which started in 2000.

    Kamen rider as a whole started way back in 1971, and often involved cyborg heroes, changed by the evil organizations into doing their evil biddings only to rebel and fight them in the name of justice. These heroes would change from their civilian selves into the iconic heroes with a few hand gestures and the phrase HENSHIN which I think translates to transform. Below is a vid showing off the Heisei (modern since heisei shows the mark of the new emperor in japan) Kamen Rider Henshins, I would show the old ones, but they're coupled with incomplete modern rider henshins and the modern ones would appeal more imo, anyway these are the riders from 2000-2009. They are in order Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto(has two parts), Den-O, Kiva and Decade.


    Personally I enjoy these series for the stories, and of course the amazing special effects that go into these shows despite them being made for television broadcast. Also if you like Japanese dramas, these shows have a fair bit of it XD
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