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    Sonic, Pokemon, Mega Man, Freen in Green, bioengineering
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About Me

I am Mimi!

Tinychat Megaman Puns

I guess you don't make the cut. -Cutman

Gutsman doesn't have the guts. -Gutsman

You just couldn't take the heat. *takes off sunglasses* YEEEEEOOOWWWW! -Heat man

Guess you weren't so cool after all. -Chillman

Guess he was on thin ice. -Iceman

Looks like you need to chill. -Chillman    

His defeat was out of this world. -Astro man

Well, I sure did burst your bubble. -Bubbleman

Go cry to your mummy. -Pharohman

Off to the scrap heap with you. -Junkman

Well, he sure didn't blow me away. -Airman

You better leaf me alone. -Woodman

That's what you get for giving me the cold shoulder. -Coldman

Wood you please go away? -Woodman

He was all bark and no bite. -Woodman

Bet he didn't saw that coming. -Metalman

Guess he was rusty. -Metalman

Too bad he couldn't stay on top. -Topman

Looks like your star has faded. -Starman

We caught that guy TOADally off guard. -Toadman

It's time to wave goodbye. -Waveman

He's all washed up. -Waveman

He didn't go with the flow. -Waveman

She made quite a splash. -Splashwoman

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