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  1. I just want to clarify I was arguing about having no sympathy for her death just because she's a celebrity and it was drug related. The idea that she doesn't deserve sympathy because it's a drug related death is what troubles me. Drugs are terrible. Over time they alter the brain physically and chemically. The person is no longer who they were anymore, and are no longer in a position to help themselves. They need outside help if they want any hope of getting better. It's incredibly irresponsible to get mixed up with drugs, but the whole process of addiction is gruesome and torturous. Anyone who succumbs to drug addiction deserves at least some pity, even if they were a celebrity. I do believe that those dying for their causes out in the world deserve more attention than her particular death though. There's a lot in the world that deserves more attention than this. I agree with you on that, but what I was trying to argue was that you shouldn't have lack of sympathy for someone just because they were a celebrity and their death was drug related.
  2. Just one more day until Ultimate Discount Candy Day...

  3. Pretend it wasn't a celebrity, but rather a family member of yours or a HUMAN BEING. We don't know her life and the troubles that plagued her. That goes with any celebrity. Each is still an individual human being with their own problems that unfortunately led to similar demises.
  4. So... Chris Brown and the Grammy awards... Who to punch first...

    1. Jacky


      punch an awards show IN THE MOTHERFUCKING FACE

    2. Jix Hedgehog

      Jix Hedgehog

      Taylor Swift followed by Adele please

    3. Meemz


      I prefer to set my aim at the guy who sent his girlfriend to the hospital, or the award show who thinks they're the true victims of that whole ordeal.

  5. Good Eats is airing its last episode? Noooooooo! D:

    1. Octarine



      ...well, it had a good run, I guess. I'm gonna miss it, though.

    2. Tornado



    3. Cola


      I am the sads.

    4. azoo



    5. Solkia




      *has never heard of it*

  6. I don't have much of an issue with destroying the laptop (well, maybe the gun part...). Chances are they bought it or helped her buy it anyways. If she needs to do schoolwork there's going to be computers at her school to work on. I've never been to a school that hasn't provided computer labs to students to work in. It wouldn't make sense, especially since there's still a lot of people who can't afford to keep one at home. The public humiliation however was way out of line. That's more psychological torture than anything, especially for a kid.
  7. Dragon asploded.

  8. Sticking a real ice cream sandwich into your keyboard doesn't work. Just a heads up.

  9. That S4E2 footage... was amazing. o.o

  10. Megaman X Zero is the best and you're just jealouuus. ;.; But to address the topic, it's quite important for a character to get a redesign every now and then. It's like music. You either evolve and change or you get washed away into the past. Now should it be one as drastic as Spyro's? It has a lot to do with the audience they're aiming at and what they want to get across. I'm pretty sure they're not aiming at older fans in any way, so there's no need to stick with the old design. I much prefer small changes in design though. Drastic changes take some time to get used to, especially if the previous one was so lovable to begin with.
  11. Oh dear, one of these again... Azu, you're a lovely writer. I'm certain the fesh would agree with me if he was still with us today.
  12. Heeey everybody. :3 So I was one of the top 50 US winners for the Sonic CD art contest Sega had. My picture took a while to make, and I think I could have done a better job with his eyes, but it still looks pretty nice. So... here's the picture I entered. :3
  13. Oh whoa, I didn't know this was your SSMB account Miku person. :P

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