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  1. Meemz


    Andrew's made a little update about the flash on his Tumblr. o:
  2. I don't remember when I joined, but I know that if I hadn't I wouldn't have made all the friends I have now. :3 Whoops, almost forgot to say happy birthday. d: Happy birthday, TSS!
  3. I want to lick that ice sculpture... ...that wasn't a very good explanation.
  4. Digimon Masters Online... owo

    1. Cola


      I'll play it after You Are Umasou is over~

  5. If I were Sonic Team I'd hint at everything, just to mess with all of you. :V
  6. Pink's also a light shade of red. *sneaks away from shipping thread*

  8. Guys, did you know the old Generations demo leaked Knuckles name??? :o

    1. Cola
    2. gato


      So... How is he called?

    3. azoo


      Who would've guessed he's... KNUCKLAS

    4. Phantomime


      Grapes the Monkey.

    5. Serperior


      He's called Selkcunk.

    6. Rosie the Rascal

      Rosie the Rascal

      Nipples the Enchilada

  9. ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

    1. Mr. Awesomest
    2. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    3. RhikoruFa-La-La-La-♪


      Oh cool, you guys got pics of Miyamoto at a meeting.

    4. Ferno


      "Sega wants us to make a crossover at the olympics? Who's stupid idea was that?!"

      "He says his name is Takashi Iizuka sir..."

      *flips table...fixes it a minute later when he calms down*

      "...send 'em in. I guess if we can profit off this..."partnership," it can't be too bad...."

  10. Ate too much candy again... x.x

    1. Kamicciolo


      thats a contradiction, you can never eat too much

      Unless you're a wimp >:I

    2. Blue Wisp
    3. Meemz


      *eats more candy*

  11. Cola, report to Skyyype

    1. Cola


      I can't! D:

      I'm on my 3DS.

  12. ... *backs away from forum*

  13. A bit too tired to read the rest, but I feel like your intro paragraph isn't very clear. It feels like it's running in circles or something. The flow seems rather weird too. Though as I have said, I'm tired. So it might just be that. What's the prompt for this essay, and what class is this for?
  14. Well, first I get up around 8 AM, cook up some eggs and eat breakfast. Then I go to school, study for a bit there and attend classes, come home and mess around on the internet, then go to bed. And that is how I deal with being a Sonic fan. :V
  15. I wander into this topic... My eyes... it's like eating the most delicious blackberry ice cream... Trippy, this is all so beautiful and I have no words to describe it any better than that. ;A;
  16. Happy Birthday to you and your hats :3

    1. Meemz
    2. Soniman


      Two series that should have ended a long time ago supporting eachother, how ironic.


    3. sonfan1984


      ^Not funny, even if you are joking.

    4. Place


      This is going to be...interesting to say the least.

  17. >That feeling you get when you're hungry

  18. Meemz


    Guys. GUYS. This is the best use of the creative server. My game crashed because chickens. Serpi, this was the best use of time EVER.
  19. What a terrible night for a collab picture... <.< >.>
  20. Kitty! :3 Ooh, everything's so pretty... and shiny... and pretty. Like, this whole topic is beautiful. owo
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