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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  2. When In Doubt Spin Dash!

    1. WarioBone


      This applies only to Sonic 3&K and Generations.

      Otherwise it will kill you.

    2. Celestia


      And if the doubt is about a bottomless pit right beside you, aim the spin dash in the opposite direction.

    3. WarioBone


      You could always Dash-Jump over it.

  3. *Insert Something Random Here*

    1. Sly4Good


      *Insert Something Hilariously Weird Here*

    2. Ferno


      *insert quarter*

  4. Happy Last Hour of Halloween to everyone in the UK & to everyone else, keep on enjoying it :D

  5. EGAD I'M ALIVE!!!!! Hello fellow awesome Sonic fan guys & girls, i've been so busy with work and with some personal things as well I never had the time to chat on here, but that's all about to change and this time I mean it look out SSMB THETALLGUY IS BACK BABY!!!!! :D

    1. Tracker_TD


      And as such, today was an awesome day!

    2. Sly4Good



    3. TCB


      Tall-Guy...on SSMB? Wow that I didn't know XD

    4. Tall-Guy91


      Well it is Halloween after all lol so of course it's a awesome day. :D

    5. Tall-Guy91


      @Sly4Good Lol i'm just a oldie in the Sonic Community that use to post here a while ago but left due to some things.....UNTIL NOW!!!!! :D

    6. Tall-Guy91


      @Sly4Good Lol i'm just a oldie in the Sonic Community that use to post here a while ago but left due to some things.....UNTIL NOW!!!!! :D

    7. Bisylizzie


      Haaaiiiii!!! *waves8

    8. Tall-Guy91


      @Bisylizzie HIIIIIIIIIIII BECKY!!!!!!! *Waves back* :D

    9. Tall-Guy91


      @Bisylizzie HIIIIIIIIIIII BECKY!!!!!!! *Waves back* :D

  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. Tall-Guy91


      Hey there dude thank you so much for the Birthday wish really awesome of you. :D

  7. Work is almost over, only one more day to go and then I shall have a day of R&R. :D

  8. Ah BroNYcon (or Brony Con as it's called now because it's not in New York for the next con lol XD), it was a shame I couldn't go to the last one but, I am so planning to go to the June/July one. Already booked mine and a friends con tickets and now we just got to get the flights and hostel booked and then we are ready to party....PINKIE PIE STYLE AWWWW YER!!!!! If any of you Super Sonic Bronies are planning on going to the June/July con, then I shall most probably see you there as well HOORAH!!!!
  9. Oh yer and Rush Adventure was fun to play in online mode, even if you couldn't see your opponent lol but, if we had a Sonic game that had full on online where you can see the other players characters and you can interact with them when your say playing co-op mode, then that would be great and that would probably go down really well with the fans.
  10. Having online multiplayer for a Sonic game I think would be a very good idea, it's something new to have for the games and i'm sure it will be tons of fun to either race, fight or team up with people around the world as your favourite Sonic characters. I have had this thought of maybe having like say a Sonic MMORPG game in my head for like a good few years now, where it's like you create your character, choose which class he/she is (Speed, Flight or Power) and then you go about on your adventure (I would say quest but come on this would be Sonic game, so it would have to be an adventure ) to either to defeat the EGGMAN Empire or join it, that's just a little idea i've been thinking of, it might sound like a dumb one but it would be pretty cool to have a Sonic MMORPG. But yes I agree one day soon we should have a Sonic game that has online multiplayer gameplay, because that would be AWESOME!!!!
  11. Hey what's up everyone, I hope you are all doing ok and are all well. ^__^ I just wanted to do a post about my new live audio show which is called: Ultra Wave Ultra Wave is a live radio show which is mainly focusing on three communities that I know and love which are the My Little Pony & Furry Communities and of course the ever so awesome Sonic Community. There will be news on what's going on in and around the communities, i'll be talking about Pony/Sonic/Furry items that you can get your super sonic hands on plus, i'll be also talking about what fanfics i've been reading and what games i've been playing and will be telling you if their any good to read/play. And of course no radio show is complete without music, i'll be having music breaks on the show plus a warm up segment where i'll be starting up the stream half an hour before the show, so you can listen to some music and plus also you can get the chance to request any song you want, whether it's Pony, Sonic, Linkin Park, Sum 41 or Limp Bizkit if you want it i'll play it. The first live show will be on tonight at 7pm (GMT), so if you would like to tune and join in, in all the random lulz then here is the link to take you straight to the stream: http://ultrawave.caster.fm/ Plus i've also done a pilot episode which was made in December (so expect some Christmas stuff lol XD), if you would like to listen to the pilot show and want to find out what tonight's and the future shows will be like, then here's the download link to Episode 00 and I hope you all enjoy: http://www.mediafire...buxubks2gestlx5 I hope to see some of you tomorrow and I hope you all have a very good Monday.
  12. What's up everyone (don't know if i'm allowed to re-introduce myself because I haven't been on here for a looooooong time but ah the heck with it ), I was on here for a little while but due to some issues and being really busy with work and other stuff I never had the chance to come on here and chat to everyone. But now I feel is the time to properly come back here and join in, in all the random crazy and down right AWESOME stuff that happens here once again. In case your thinking to yourself ".....Who the hell is this guy????" I'll make a new introduction lol. XD I go by Tall-Guy91 or TheTallGuy91 around the whole interwebz but you just call me Andy. I'm just a normal average type of guy that's just living life to the full, I always like to help people when they are in need and I always like talking to people, so if anyone wants to have a chat feel free to say hello. Other random interests, i'm of course a hard core gamer love playing video games especially the classical games on dem awesome consoles back in the 90's, best gaming era was most definitely the good old 90's. Plus of course i'm a HUGE Sonic The Hedgehog fan, been playing all the Sonic games since I was 5 years old and i'm still a hardcore fan to this day, best Sonic game EVER has to be without a doubt Sonic Adventure. I hope to meet and speak to you all very soon and I hope each and everyone of you has a very Happy New Year.
  13. OMG!!!!! I haven't been on here in like FOREVER!!!! Well that is definitely gonna change RIGHT NOW!!!!! :D

    1. Badnik Mechanic
    2. #EndyGate
    3. Tall-Guy91


      Hogfather: HELLO THERE SIR!!!! Long time no speak how the devil are you? :D

      Cero: I'm someone who hasn't been on here for a LONG TIME!!!! But you can call me Tall-Guy....or Andy lol. XD

  14. HELLO SSMB!!!!!! Hows everyone doing? :D

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's been a while, hasn't it?

    2. Smock


      i m noob

      this is

      anyway herro

    3. Swiss


      Hello thar! By the looks of things we're all doing pretty good I think! How are you good sir? :D

    4. Komodin
    5. Tall-Guy91


      Blue Blood: Lol it sure has. XD

      SockDrawer: Hello there sir. :)

      Swiss: AWESOME STUFF!!!! I am doing very good thank you. :D

    6. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      I'm tired and got a pain in me leg.

    7. King Frosty
  15. JAY!!!!!!! Hi. :D

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