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  1. I am having conflicting feelings about seeing the chaotix house from x agian...
  2. could a mix of the two, its just what it reminded me of
  3. i thought that sth cover looked famillar
  4. the only thing keeping gemerl from being exactly like shard is the fact that he lacks the ability to make facial expressions
  5. im just gonna say something dumb here, but does anyone else think that the zeti's are somehow linked to ixis or the trolls?
  6. and this is just part 1!!! this is gonna be quite a finale
  7. yknow a thought just occured to me with ken's charecter design. but has that generic furry creature with human anatomy ever made it in mainstream?
  8. worlds collide to me is pretty much super mario bros z but instead of sonic its classic megaman and it works incridbly well. sadly i think worlds unite was doomed from the moment more sega and capcom were shown. it couldnt work in the same amount chapters wc. after seeing project x zone 2 playthrough i think it could of work as a game instead.
  9. is it just me or does that cobra mech look like a call back to E.V.E from the old issues? or i am i just reaching?
  10. i remember seeing a japanese fan animation that had archie charecters back in like 2009 so some japanese fan must have some sort of grasp on it. said video-
  11. oh, i cannot wait to see all the action and especially backstabing unfold seeing how its clear more than half the bosses DONT want to work here.
  12. imma go out on limb here and say they mistook master emerald for super emeralds
  13. you think silver would have said that during sonic universe 75, i mean siver age was realeased AFTER but it takes place before, sonic universe 75
  14. if this book and franchise lives to be 50, the anniversary story better be titled dreamcast.
  15. i think shes like the cassia to the orca boss.
  16. is the other youngest thunderbolt? i bet its thunderbolt.
  17. as much as i dont care for steven butler's artstyle, it does make things like age (and espicaily gender) obvious, as teens like sally and bunnie have the same build while amy whos younger dosent.
  18. honey will might be involved in an arc after the world is fixed? also clove is 13? i could tell she was young but not that young
  19. have the babyloon rouges shown up anywhere post reboot? seeing as the battle bird armarda is showing up makes me think thats when they'll re-appear seeing as there isnt a story with focous on the armada that dosent have the rouges appear at least once.
  20. isnt there a justice leauge arc called panic in the sky? also GEMEL! YES!
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