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  1. 9 hours ago, Birthday Blur CC14 said:

    Heard you peeps like #284 peeks:


      Reveal hidden contents


    This line just exudes Shardiness. XD




    Bit more refined than his magical flying underpants. XD


    Also, Off-Panel:





    and this is just part 1!!! this is gonna be quite a finale :D

  2. 9 hours ago, Komaru Naegi said:

    Worlds Collide was the crossover I dreamed about with Sonic and Mega Man. It really does show that Sonic and Mega Man have way better chemistry for crossover material than say a certain fat plumber who's only comparisons are...they're both platformers. I always read a random issue now and again of it, damn shame about World's Unite being pretty bad looks like no one wanted to even work on it.

    worlds collide to me is pretty much  super mario bros z but instead of sonic its classic megaman and it works incridbly well.

    sadly i think worlds unite was doomed from the moment more sega and capcom were shown. it couldnt work in the same amount chapters wc. after seeing project x zone 2 playthrough i think it could of work as a game instead.

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