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  1. Suppose I've been out of the loops for a bit. Somethings never change. Meh.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. ﮎђađíққú


      Thanks! (long belated reply evrr)

  3. Who the hell wants BaeBaes kids anyways?


    1. TCB



    2. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      To quote the above user: What?

    3. Nepenthe


      I guess you guys don't know about Bebe's Kids?

    4. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      Care to tell Nepenthe?

    5. Nepenthe


      It was a stand-up routine by the late comedian Robin Harris about a group of kids belonging to a woman named Bebe whose poor social behavior was basically legendary. The bit was successful enough to get made into a pretty damn funny animated film.

    6. TCB


      Is it bad that I'm black and I never heard of this.

    7. Nepenthe


      Nah. Robin Harris and the whole bit have faded into obscurity, sadly enough.

      I mean, it's not like you said you don't get the joke "red flavor." That's when I would've revoked your black license.

    8. TCB
  4. According to my playlist I was, am, and going to listen too are these songs. (: Previous song: Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) - Within Temptation. Current song: I'm The One - Christine McVie Next song: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly
  5. I'm not much a big commenter on videos, replies, etc.. but I do message from time to time, but like what the actual fuck?! This one is retarded. I would make a comment box and host it on a separate URL and post it to videos, description before I'd ever join "Google​-" Google what the hell happened?! ):​ ​ ​ ​
  6. I change my desktop more then I do my own clothes e.e
  7. Lolwut really? I've never even heard if that.
  8. I use it for GTA mostly. Easy as pie to configure. Google it. "Xpadder"
  9. I think it happened to some if not most of us, Most of my memories were always late at night lurking the chatbox, and talking about absolutely nothing that made any since (some of the time)
  10. Insanity isn't the word for it and How have you been?!
  11. I have a Xbox 360 "Wired" Controller and Xpadder. Way ahead of you mate.
  12. Well it's not like I wanted to, habit. Hell I wanted to make this exact post myself but I was to chicken to do it. and I've been here 3 years! and never posted until I saw this. My reaction was quite surprising That about summed it up. You don't forget people, even if they are or are not your friends.
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