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    ﮎђađíққú reacted to Nepenthe in Sonic Zone Forum- who here was a member?   
    Yeeeaaah, one of those images was a bit too graphic, so I removed it.
    Also a quick reminder, not that anyone's particularly broken the rule: A little wayback machine posting is all well and good, but try to keep this mainly impressions and meet-up discussion? SSMB is not SZF, after all. xP
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    ﮎђađíққú got a reaction from Cyalume in Sonic Zone Forum- who here was a member?   
    Well it's not like I wanted to, habit. Hell I wanted to make this exact post myself but I was to chicken to do it. and I've been here 3 years! and never posted until I saw this. My reaction was quite surprising
    That about summed it up. You don't forget people, even if they are or are not your friends.
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    ﮎђađíққú got a reaction from SnipSnap in I need a helpful opinion.   
    I'll have to think about that.
    Thank you, everyone. (:
    I will watch trailers of these games and compare. :3
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