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  1. Ah, I thought this would happen when the Submit button didn't respond. Seriously though, even with what Forces has shown before I still thought they would give Infinite something better than this. Maybe the idea would be solid if it weren't for that overdramatic monologue after Shadow beat him, but after hearing that "I AM NOT WEEAAK! URAAGH" thing I would be happier if Infinite was just a projection or something like that. On top of that, Shadow's levels are just the levels from the main game with different object layout (even when that doesn't make any sense whatsoever story-wise) and most of the exposition is done through text. That would be acceptable in a handheld game, not in a game that has supposedly been in development for 4 years.
  2. So infinite is evil not because he has a troubled past, not because of the Ruby's influence, but literally just because Shadow punched him in the face and called him weak. I thought I was prepared for any new disappointments from this game but this by far exceeded my expectations.
  3. This isn't only overambitious, it probably wouldn't even be possible to make. While you could remake levels with more open design if you put enough time and effort into it (and I'm sure some other people would like to help you on that front), most of the stuff you listed would require hacking the executable and reprogramming the whole game in a low-level language, which not many people seem to know how to do. In Generations' case, the only exe hacks I've seen are replacing some stuff to add mod support, enabling the old renderer, increasing shadow resolution and removing the ring limit, so programming a whole Chao Garden system is out of the question. Besides, in the 6 years of Generations modding nobody has even figured how to make Classic Sonic not crash/glitch out when spindashing in 3d, so unless Sonic Team suddenly decided to make Classic properly playable in 3d, you can forget about that idea. While it may seem like modders can magically do whatever they want with the game if you don't have experience with modding, making a game is quite a challenge by itself, and modding an existing game is 100 times harder. You should always know what you can and can't do before planning stuff like this, otherwise you could end up with nothing but wasted effort and disappointment.
  4. I think that's actually supposed to be number 8. The upper circle is smaller when it's in the 8 position (like in the number), but both circles are the same size when it becomes the infinity symbol.
  5. I may be pessimistic, but with each new info they release I'm getting more and more dissapointed with the game. Usually I could have fun playing with my own character, but the designs they have shown just look too bland and generic. There could be more customization options, but if there were options to make the hero characters look nearly as good as actual Sonic characters we would probably have seen such designs in some of the screenshots. What I don't get is why Sonic Team can't make a Sonic game without some special gimmick for once. The last "normal" Sonic game they made would be '06, but you still have the needless realism and Silver's stages in that. Then there are guns, teamwork mechanic, gameplay roulette if you want to count that, and the last normal sonic game would be Sonic and Knuckles, released 23 years ago.
  6. I agree with every word you said. When I first heard the theme it felt kinda generic, like it lacks something that other Sonic main themes have. Unlike the rest of Sonic music, I just can't imagine myself enjoying the theme or getting hyped for the game.
  7. No need to apologize. It's an interesting design to talk about after all.
  8. That's what I'm saying. I doubt it would look off from the side.
  9. True, but that's why I said the spines should be moved just a bit upwards so they are visible, but not necessarily weird like in that shot. It just doesn't feel like the same Sonic to me without the big top spine.
  10. But isn't he looking up in that shot? The spines would still need to point upwards to be visible from the front, so moving them just a bit up would be a good compromise.
  11. CD's Sonic style shouldn't be that hard to do in 3d. Making him EXACTLY the same as in every frame of that opening would be impossible without moving spines depending on the camera, but you could just make the spines more upright and stretched outwards so they could be seen from the front and it would feel pretty similar to Sonic's CD/OVA/Megadrive comics look. I've actually tried making a CD model mod for Generations a few weeks ago and I *think* I made the model close enough to the one from CD. Unfortunately, I completely messed up the rig in the process so the mod isn't coming out anytime soon, at least until I redo it from scratch. But I'm barely an amateur at modeling so what looks good enough to me probably wouldn't to someone with actual experience.
  12. Well, my guess was that they use volumetric smoke (to make it smoother and more realistic for those that don't know what it is) and the depth texture is of lower resolution than the whole image. But my knowledge isn't too deep on this either, maybe it doesn't even work this way.
  13. So... does anyone know what's this supposed to be? It seems like the smoke effect is glitching at high resolutions. They'll probably fix this for the release, but it looks really out of place.
  14. Of course. I did know about the insta-shield though. I used it pretty much all the time so it's a pity it's not in Mania, but it's useful only in some specific cases anyway.
  15. It's weird how I never noticed that. I guess I just didn't get hit often enough during the few times I played S3&K.
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