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  1. Well, my guess was that they use volumetric smoke (to make it smoother and more realistic for those that don't know what it is) and the depth texture is of lower resolution than the whole image. But my knowledge isn't too deep on this either, maybe it doesn't even work this way.
  2. So... does anyone know what's this supposed to be? It seems like the smoke effect is glitching at high resolutions. They'll probably fix this for the release, but it looks really out of place.
  3. I'd say the problem here isn't even about the plot, but rather the way Goku's portrayed and animated in the Anime. Some people pointed out that DBZ has messed up Goku's character by making him seem more heroic than he is supposed to be (even moreso in the English dub), but Super is definitely doing the exact same thing in the opposite direction. It's not really out of his character that he messes something up on the universal scale just because he wants to fight, but him being completely unconcerned and not feeling responsibility really seems to be due to the Anime portrayal rather than his actual character. I guess we can hope that the English dub fixes him a bit, but I doubt it since it doesn't seem they want to change stuff like they did for DBZ.
  4. Of course. I did know about the insta-shield though. I used it pretty much all the time so it's a pity it's not in Mania, but it's useful only in some specific cases anyway.
  5. It's weird how I never noticed that. I guess I just didn't get hit often enough during the few times I played S3&K.
  6. Doesn't only the bubble shield deflect projectiles?
  7. That's why calling the game "Sonic Adventure 3" probably wouldn't be such a good decision from SEGA. I'm sure people would be happy if the game just has Adventure like gameplay and tone. As for other stuff: Hub worlds would be OK if they don't break the pace of the game, otherwise, stage-to-stage progression would be a better solution, like in SA2. Multiple playable characters are welcome if they are polished and fun enough and if they don't break the flow of the game. The option to choose a character would be a nice and simple solution, although that would require the stage to be designed with different abilities in mind. There could be both more realistic and more surreal levels. Most Sonic games are somewhere in-between anyway and stages like Pumpkin Hill don't feel out of place with other stages. It's not like all Adventure levels are realistic and most Classic stages don't have abstract palettes. There could be a new Monster of the Week as long as the "final twist" isn't predictable or already used and Eggman actually has an important, threatening role. The problem was never in Eggman not being the main villain, it's that in every game, the real bad guy would appear at the end and Eggman would then cooperate with the heroes, which became repetitive. Its not like they can't mess up Eggman as the final boss. It was refreshing in Colors, but I don't think many people were pleased with Lost World's final boss. While there are people who would like a dark story, the reason why so many Adventure fans are upset with the current direction is because the plots are too simple, even when they introduce a darker or interesting element it leads nowhere, the characterizations are off and the stories have many objective problems. Unleashed doesn't have "dark" elements like the Adventures do, yet I haven't seen people complain about it. The "edge" that has been massively misinterpreted really just means more action-packed adventures, intense and cool moments, not that the game needs evil uncontrollable monsters or having a 12-year-old killed by a soldier. Most people, Adventure fans or not, would be satisfied if the game simply has a well-written story, lighthearted or dark. I really doubt that many people would be upset if the game isn't exactly what they imagined. The execution is key here.
  8. I think that all these people with such "diverse opinions" just want a good Sonic game, which is also why there are more complaints on recent games than discussions on what made the Adventure games great and unique. No one is asking for a game that exactly replicates the gameplay or tone of the Adventure series - as has already been said, the two games are quite different themselves. While stuff like a Chao Garden, hub worlds or having "Adventure" in the game's title would be nice bonuses for the fans, not many people would be upset if the game lacked these elements since most people just want things like a proper 3D spindash, no 2D sections, more freedom in the environments (which the Adventure games didn't really do right, but they still feel more free than the boost games) and a proper, engaging story which can be taken seriously (meaning that it doesn't have to be serious). Honestly, even if they made a game with more serious tone and similar gameplay to the Adventures, I'm sure many people would still be upset as it could still just be nostalgia pandering instead of reusing the good and successful elements of past games. This is why I'm concerned about Project 2017's tone; the trailer could either be a message that they are returning to stories with more Action, or it could mean that they are trying to make the story try-hard edgy, and that's exactly what resulted in games like Shadow or '06.
  9. I doubt the output has anything to do with the glitches since pretty much any bone can get deformed and only a few of them are mentioned in the log. The animation usually does fix itself after reimporting it a few times, just make sure to check all the fingers since they can easily be overlooked. I actually haven't touched Generations ripping in quite some time, so maybe someone has already found the solution. If it doesn't eventually load right you could try searching on Sonic Retro since hacking community is the most active there.
  10. That glitch happens quite often when you import Generations animations. AFAIK there's no solution besides reloading the animation until all bones happen to load right. The model usually doesn't get THAT deformed though, so maybe there's another problem with loading. Have you tried other animations?
  11. What version of the game did you play? When I played the game on the Dreamcast emulator for the first time a few years ago I quite enjoyed it, but when I got the PC port, I had the same issues like you. I've heard that each port they make is even buggier and less polished than the last one and even the lighting is much better on the original.
  12. That actually was found a few days after the party. It could mean something but it could also just be a coincidence. We'll find out in time, I guess.
  13. Was it ever stated in the games that Gerald was executed immediately after the incident? Both of his journals in SA2 and Sonic Battle imply that he continued working on his projects after he was arrested. In fact, forcing the greatest scientific mind of history to work under strict supervision would make much more sense than just killing him, especially since the government shut the project down because they were afraid of things getting out of hand. He probably had enough time to change Shadow's memories and remotely reprogram the ARK. As for his final speech, he either programmed the GUN computers so that they stream it to the ARK, or Shadow did that for him as Diogenes said.
  14. I guess I forgot how many changes unleashed had. Could we actually say that the soft reboots occured over multiple games? Since while none of the games single handedly changed the style, we can still divide the series into eras, just with more "blured" lines. So the first soft reboot would actually slowly start with S3&K by having more detailed and realistic environments and it would fully launch with the transistion to 3D, while the second one would span over Unleashed and Colors, since both games introduced different elements of a new era. But really this "eras" thing is purely subjective. While we mostly divide Sonic into 3 eras with different starting and ending points, some people will say that each game is an isolated experience, gameplay-wise or story-wise, while some people see only one series that gradually changed its style over the years and find the division into eras from Generations unnecessary.
  15. Well, the actual soft reboots would be SA1 (While I don't think it really changed the tone from S3&K, it has enough differences in the story progression and art style, most notably the new character designs) and Colors, which drastically changed the tone and brought back the Acts system. The weird thing with 06 is that while the reboot idea was abandoned, they still left a lot of other ideas that would indicate it being a reboot, like its much more realistic look (Despite ShtH having more realistic cities, there's no reason why it couldn't exist in the same world as any main game before it, while 06 even redesigned Eggman), Blaze being from the future and not from the Sol Dimension, the Emeralds suddenly having time travel powers with no story explanations (which would make Time Stones redundant from an external perspective) and the game being called just Sonic The Hedgehog, like it's the beginning af a new series. With all that, and other games also being inconsistent, it could be counted as a non-canon story, a canon one that's just erased from the main timeline, or a full reboot that has nothing to do with previous installments, since the games after it also have little to no connections to past lore.