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  1. didnt aaron say in the stream 2 weeks ago that they will talk more about mania and forces this week? maybe there actually IS a slightly bigger reveal tomorrow.
  2. the water simply flashes when you enter it. maybe thats one of the things they still have to implement, but i'm sure that'll be adressed.
  3. oh well. that was actually the first time i bought anything archie sonic related and now its cancelled..just my luck.
  4. so..what about the mega drive thing? i hope the last part does still come out.
  5. I pre ordered the PS4 CE and will get the steam version the night it comes out so I don't have to wait until the delivery guy comes.
  6. Well, I for one will do a no save run first with all 3 characters before I begin saving my game. I want this to be as much like the old days as possible. I can't freaking wait.
  7. I hope this game features a no save mode. I want to beat it like I beat Sonic 2 23 years ago, when I was 4 freakin years old.
  8. I bet the special stage rings work in this build.
  9. every new update we get is making the waiting game even worse. I really dig that GHZ2 mix, you can really tell who made it.
  10. nah, that one was probably a gimmick in studiopolis act 2.
  11. I doubt that we'll get a release date. But I would be fine with even the tiniest amount of new information, I dont expect anything at all out of the stream.
  12. isnt there supposed to be a stream later tonight? I wonder if we get any new tidbits of info out of that.
  13. at least one classic sonic game to release this spring. kek cant wait, really excited to see what you have done there.