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  1. And that's exactly what I hate about modern gaming, every dev makes their games easy af because players cant beat it, tutorials everywhere, etc..I'm glad they kept it classic there. I agree that an optional modern mode would be okay though. Other then that..the only thing I did not like about mania was the ending and that it basically only said 'go buy forces'. It should've had it's own proper ending.
  2. Waiting for crash 4 to finish installing. Whoop.

  3. PS5 pre ordered. whoop.

  4. I liked it when it came out, but that was basically because I was starving for a new 2D sonic and the name got me hyped up because the classic trilogy are my favourite games of all time. Then Mania came out. I haven't touched it since then..and I never bothered enough about it to get all the trophies. It just feels wrong on so many levels.
  5. holy, this sounds much better then the actual song in forces..


    1. iambitter21


      I liked the original, but this is a better fit IMO.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The actual Lost Valley is okay, but it lacks any emotion or gravitas whatsoever. It sounds like just another one of Sonic's fun romps through sunny, grassy fields and doesn't reflect the nature of the environment or story.

      This remix of GHZ proper gets a real sense of panic and disorder through its strained synths and familiar melody. Not the first time that a SiivaGunner rip has been an improvement!

    3. JezMM


      Wow they nailed the musical style of Forces perfectly, this is super impressive.

    4. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      The true Green Hill bad future mix. Would look lovely sitting right next to the concept art where it got turn into a prison

  6. 1) Do you think a teaser trailer/official announcement will happen this year or next? - I don't think so. with the US still being hit hard by the pandemic I think it's save to say that anything announcement related is postponed until this is under control. Maybe if they make the games in Japan..but I'll doubt that they'll do that. 2) Do you think we will be getting a new 2D or 3D game or both? - I personally only want another 2D game. And since we still do not know what Team Evening Star is up to, I still have my fingers crossed. But it's pretty much save to say that there is another 3D game on the way. 3) Would you prefer the next game to be 2D or 3D? - 2D. 4) Would you prefer a remake or remaster? Or something brand new? - At this point I'd like them to go the Crash route and remake SA1 and 2, only to follow up with a proper SA3 in the future. 5) This is just a dream that would never happen.. but how would you guys feel if Sega announced an Ultimate Anniversary Collection with all 2D and 3D games included? Obviously impossible on Switch but maybe a 2-3 Disc set for PS5/the new Xbox - Neat.
  7. probably not. I think @expansivelovestories is refering to the japanese monthly sonic stream that's happening on that day. but so far, there was never something big out of those streams.
  8. who the actual fck plays a moba on something thats not a pc? looks neat, but the controls kill it for me. and probably microtransactions..
  9. oooh, nice! rayman 1 is one of the few games I always love going back to!
  10. Doesn't look bad imho. can't wait to see it in motion. also, release only a little bit more then 3 months away, thats amazing!
  11. I hope I won't be disappointed like the last time I have waited for a game with a 4 in it's title...

  12. so in about 11 hours my final exam for becoming an Electronics technician for devices and systems will start. I'm more then ready but I still feel nervous. I hate exams.

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Best of luck.

  13. I honestly dont think that this is the big revolutionary announcement. Still neat tho.
  14. very interesting. I honestly doubt that it is new SEGA hardware..but given it's their 60th anniversary on june 3rd everything could be happening. I'm getting a little bit excited here. What if..what if it is Blast Processing 2.0?
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