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  1. will try that too on monday. usually my game shops here in germany get games 5-7 days early. hope it still applies this time.
  2. even I as a hardcore classic sonic fan don't want him in forces. why? - his gameplay felt off in generations, and it seems like they are using the same engine for him as in generations - he has his own game. mania does everything right physics wise, so why in forces? we classic fans are more then happy with what mania will give us.
  3. I simply hope they wont spoil the track list when pre orders go live, I don't want an unrevealed zone to be revealed before release anymore... :x
  4. The release also includes a download code of the album in both lossy and lossless formats. the Version of studiopolis on the site also sounds different. Final Version perhaps?
  5. I expect at least 12-14 zones honestly. I dont think we will get only one classic Zone per game, I expect at least 2 for sonic 1, 2 and 3k.
  6. Happy birthday, blue blur! 


    also 53 days left!


  7. Well..I dont need to. Sonic mania is coming out soon.
  8. whoo I've got my first award. feels like a pokemon badge. lel.


    also 54 days left!


    1. Kiah


      I have no idea what that that a good or a bad thing? :) 

  9. probably. I do think that the hard boiled heavies would have been the real enemy of that game though. I have to give credit to Iizuka though, it was a brilliant idea to combine completely revamped classic stages with that, rather than releasing ports for the 2413141th time. Let's just hope that this isn't a one time thing.
  10. well...the modern gameplay looks good. not a fan of the rest though..
  11. you just blew my freakin' mind there.
  12. wow, street date broken 2 weeks before release..and I have to wait another 11 days for amazon to ship it to me..oh well.
  13. Currently I'm in love with Eggman's Theme. I'm listening to it pretty much every day...we really need a clean rip of that. I'm also really freakin' curious to what Studiopolis Act 2 may sound like. 2 months to go..
  14. my call is that it will be either Hydrociry or Ice Cap. I would really love to see Hydrocity make it over ice cap though, it's such a fun zone. And I honestly like the Hydrocity theme more than Ice Cap..
  15. Dont say that until you played the whole thing. The classics are sacred amongst us veteran sonic fans. Act 2 looks amazing. Act 1 is pretty much sonic 2 chemical plant linked together. Same goes for ghz1 and even the Bits of flying battery we saw. I think we got a pattern here. But since i absolutely love the classics and play them pretty much every freaking week i dont really care about that.