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  1. thinking about it, a new metal sonic revision to fight in mania would be pretty nice.
  2. that actually sounds pretty f*cking amazing. not a high chance that it'll come to germany though.
  3. possible. I can see them going the marble garden route, where knux had an entirely different boss fight.
  4. just stick to eggman. i really did not like them tbh. i hope lost world was a one time thing..
  5. I think amazons april 25th is way more accurate, since it's a tuesday and most games arrive on tuesdays, at least here in germany. could be april 26th though since wednesday is the day the playstation store usually does it's updates. but we still can't be sure without an official confirmation.
  6. this. I dont even want more then that. Just keep it as simple as possible, S3K level of storytelling would be perfectly fine for me.
  7. anyone else here curious to see 1 eggman boss fight? thats one thing i would like to see before release. they could even show ghz in all it's glory, wouldnt really mind that. but not more. i dont even want to see another zone at this point close to release.
  8. if this turns out to be true then i hope that they will upgrade the collectors edition with it.
  9. pretty much all i care for right now is a release date.
  10. Magnets and Butter.
  11. unleashed needs to be way up there. at LEAST on par with generations, if not higher.
  12. that's true, didn't think about that. maybe they only changed the music in the pc version because of midi problems after all.
  13. I really don't think the music is going to be a problem regarding Ice Cap Zone. If they want to do it, they probably will do it. Maybe the licensing problem was a time restricted problem? S3K collection came out 1997 iirc, that marks 20 years this year..and 23 years after the original release, the license may not be that big of a problem after all this time.
  14. why not both? heck, I'm so freakin thirsty for news.