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  1. Sega should really consider porting Sonic Unleashed to PC, since its one of my all time favs...but sadly my ps3 doesnt work that well anymore.

    1. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      It would actually be nice to see, plus it might end up being better with improvements (e.g. smooth 60fps that will benefit Adabat and Shamar the most, hacks for the Werehog).

      Failing that, there's emulation and can see it be possible in a couple of years time due to PS3 emulation is improving (Demons Souls boots up now) and maybe 360 too.

    2. FReaK


      ye im always keeping track about emulation, since i use my raspberry pi almost every day to play my holy retro games..but ps3/360 emulation should take at least another 3-6 years, at least that's my guess.

  2. on another topic, they have teased another new zone yesterday. to me that brown thing in the front looks a little bit like an echidna statue, maybe some sort of new knux related level? the background looks like clouds, but could be icebergs either.
  3. since taxman said the game is longer then generations, and considering that generations had 9 Zones...I think it's pretty safe to say that we will get at LEAST 10 zones total. my bet is 5 to 6 original zones and 8 to 10 returning zones, maybe a little bit less.
  4. you guys know what? we could actually figure out the amount of original zones from the stream, since they have confirmed that the hard boiled heavies only appear in the original zones. thing is, i dont know where the shady picture of them, that was shown in stream, is.
  5. then I would hate nintendo even more than I do now. (yes, I really dont like them.)
  6. the delay really makes me sad. but oh well, I have waited 22 years for a proper 3k sequel so...those 3-4 extra months wont kill me I guess.
  7. ye, that was my tweet actually. buuuuut I heard that is streaming from the event, so we may have a stream after all. just not in the best possible quality i guess.
  8. most german sonic boards are pretty much dead by now, so that's when i have decided to go international. kek.
  9. that's all I say regarding that. let's just wait until the panel on thursday.
  10. so where does the second stream start? guess not on the same stream as the other one, right?
  11. looks like they changed knuckles route for studiopolis 1. Also, Eggrobo in the Eggmobile. looks like knux gets tricked again.
  12. *Thursday. I think it's just a teaser, with more to come at the SXSW event next week.