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  1. To be fair, he was asked about a sequel for mania, not for another classic game. Sonic 5 from evening star would be nuts.
  2. but..how can you delay something that is not even announced yet? we all need to come down. there will be a new game and sega will show it once it is ready to be shown. sure, it's his 30th this year, but I really don't want another forces. give them all the time they need.
  3. just got an invitation for a job interview that would double my current income. I'm a little bit scared...and surprised I actually made it this far. O:

  4. Oh god...I thought we've been through this.. D= Jokes aside. I agree with what you said, and honestly if I were in charge of the franchise then I would probably try something new as well. 2D is easy..but I can't think of a 3D playstyle that would suit the Character well without having too short levels for example, since they need to be big to get the feeling of speed as you run through them. The SA style is kinda slow paced, and lost world was...eh. What I'm trying to say is..every thing they try has one or more downsides somewhere. I cant really think of anything else then approaching it 2.5D style. Sure, there are a few good looking 3D fangames out there (hello utopia!) But at this point I don't think that sega is willing to try something like that.
  5. Kingdom Hearts probably. I got the first one with another game for free back in 2005 or so, I didn't bother with disney stuff anymore back then. Got me by surprise.
  6. Mania is not a Sequel, Mania is a best of and a little extra.
  7. A proper Sonic 4. Lets just forget that other "Sonic 4" ever happened.
  8. just had a job interview for a job that would double my current income. everything is looking good so far..I hate waiting.

  9. The only thing I'm quite optimistic about is the split between classic and modern, since I really can't stand modern Sonics direction anymore...but classic is fine. Mania 2 or proper Sonic 5 pls.
  10. yeah, there are some people who do that. but I honestly don't care, it's their opinion and if they start to annoy me I simply ignore them. Easy as that.
  11. heh. looks like someone has made a new account, I wonder when the next "wedding" is announced here..

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Mods are aware. I think the decision to lay him stay must have been made.

    2. FReaK


      Something should happen imho. This is getting out of hand.

  12. Quite likely, considering Iizuka himself said that he wants to remake Adventure.
  13. Not really a reason for it's own thread, you could have just looked at youtube, first result.
  14. just leaving this here, I honestly don't know what to make out of it..but since nobody has talked about that yet..
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