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  1. I liked the new game. The levels are pretty nice and like the music gave me that feel of older sonic games. I mean Splash Hill zone reminds me like a mixture of Green Hill zone and Emerald hill zone. And the special stage, I mean that's a no brainier where that came from. (For those of you who sadly don't know sonic 1. oh wait. Spoiler alert!) I have episode one on my Wii and on my iPod touch. And I like it better on the wii but thats because of the console and not the game itself. I just can't deal with the touch screen d-pad. And overall? It does bring back memories even if he has green eyes which personally don't see as a prob. Now Knuckles his are purple that's not normal. But anyways. A very well done game. And in any case it shows that SEGA and sonic team are heading in the right direction.
  2. Thinking about buying PS3 320GBs. Either that or a major upgrade to my XPS 8100 PC

  3. Dancing in the rain.

  4. Yea I tend to just blab random things at well....random.

  5. Ohhh that makes more sense now. :P

  6. I was going to say do you have a deviantart. But as soon as I sent it. It says right under your sig. your deviantart profile url. Wow. I really feel stupid now. lol.

  7. What I meant was, what about deviantart?

  8. Yea sorry. Typo. lol.

  9. Lol, it's a screen cap from this short.

  10. Deviantart?

  11. Let me guess... deviant art?

  12. I would have to say your profile pic is really epic. What is it? pikachu hyped on caffine and coke?

  13. Not in this lifetime. Or the next.
  14. It's supposed to be blue cat. And no offense taken about the rat tail thing, I was thinking the same thing. I've actually changed the tail since I've made that picture, it looks more like a cat's now.

  15. Actually it was your profile pic. Ugh I fail. But oh well I have to get use to it and just get better at it hahaha. but what is that? it looks like a fox with a rats tail... no offense.

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