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    It's what my cutiemark is telling me
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    Pelicans (:
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    Where the wild things are ;D

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    Pellyo - but I will delete you if we don't talk often :(

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About Me



1.-A derrogatory racial term for people of European origin.

Considered extremely offensive.

2. An arrogant, out of touch, universally despised white man- a rich white business man who looks down upon others.


"Get your ass out of here, and take those two Pellys with you!"

"You ain't nothin but a filthy Pelly whore!"

"There was a couple of Pelly's down at the spot last night, man we whipped some Pelly ass up in that piece"


Hello, we would like to thank you for your interest in Pelly. We understand you may have a couple questions such as:

Where is Pelly?

How do I get to Pelly?

What is there to do in Pelly? *Wink*

All these questions and more will be answered in your travel brochures.

For further inquires please contact our offices via:

MSN - silverkitty@hotmail.com (lol ya I was like 8 when I made it k)

Xboxlive- Arrafay

Skype - Pellyo

Thank you and we hope you plan your next visit to Pelly soon.

RAWR! -Jake

woof! -Blur

wuddup wit u (claire sound) -Claire

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