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  1. Assassin's Creed: The Movie

    If they stay faithful to the series I could see myself enjoying it.
  2. What you like to receive in this Christmas?

    Gift Card, preferably Visa. You can never go wrong with a general use Gift Card because everybody likes money.
  3. TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    They handled the series pretty well to me. At first I was worried because I wasnt so sure what Nick would do because they are hit and miss these days but based on what Ive seen Im satisfied. As for the movie I loved it as well but Im hoping that in part 2 they will show more content because part 1 felt more like a showcase and not an actual full movie.
  4. Official Anime/Manga Thread

    It is good. I enjoyed it at least. I especially like the Anime Concrete Revolutio. Ive basically gotten used to its Past and Future swaps as well.
  5. As for the appeal to a wider age group. What modern sonic game in your opinion appealed to the widest age range?
  6. I sometimes wonder what Sonic 06 would be like if it wasnt so glitchy. While I may feel that the Elise kissing Sonic scene is still ugh, looking back I gotta admit that it did have a good balance to where I could see it appealing to a wider age group.
  7. The most unintentionally hilarious things in a Sonic game

    Shadow when he says "Im the coolest" in SA2 gets me everytime.
  8. Killer Is Dead [Suda51 is back with a vengeance]

    Just by the screens and Suda 51 I can tell that this will be a good game.
  9. Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga

    I would like to see more Snow this time around. It's more of a personal want than anything. I love his personality and seeing him clashing with other members as well.
  10. DmC: a new Devil May Cry

    I couldn't believe it when I saw that either. Had me laughing out loud for a sec. I love the cheesy one liners as well. Now that I think about it I do miss the old Dante but this one isn't that bad.
  11. DmC: a new Devil May Cry

    Bought it today. I'm surprised the store had it down here. Availability is pretty shitty down here where I live.
  12. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance : Let 'Er Rip!

    Gotta get used to his voice but other than that it looks good.