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  1. I know Boom is pretty much irrelevant now but if I had a least favorite character, it would definitely be Boom Shadow. He was a one dimensional prick who hated friendship for whatever reason and he just so happened to be furry Vegeta. Honestly, he had no reason to be in the Boom universe except for fan service.
  2. Probably not. I’ve grown quite pessimistic towards Sonic despite still being a fan. I can’t trust current Sonic Team to be competent enough to make an Adventure remake.
  3. It's like all the worst nightmares in the world combined into one single being.
  4. It'll most likely be in the low 70s. If we're lucky, then it might be a bit higher than that. I feel like the avatar gameplay is what's holding this game back.
  5. I'd rather have an adventurous story. Like Adventure 1, Unleashed, or even Black Knight . I like Adventure 2's story, but the darker tone felt a bit too out of place though. A 12 year old girl getting shot by the military and a mad scientist getting shot to death by a firing squad? Um.. are you sure we're talking about a Sonic the hedgehog story. Anyway, an adventurous story with a balanced tone is the way to go, in my opinion. But I think problem is the writers they hire. They should definitely hire Ian Flynn. He knows how to write drama and comedy without going too far with either.
  6. Kinda. I mean, hearing cheesy vocal songs and a serious story DOES bring me back memories from the early 2000s Sonic games, since I was a just little kid when I played them. Oh, yeah, and fuck Green Hll Zone btw. I don't want to see that shit ever again after Forces.
  7. Well, to be blunt, I want to see it not suck. Not a lot of stories in Sonic games are good, so I'm keeping exceptions VERY low. I welcome the more serious tone though. It's a nice change of pace after the Pontaff games. A tone more akin to Adventure 1 or Unleashed please.
  8. I remember those two games, and it's been years since I last played them. I always found them to be fun games with high replay value. The costumes looked pretty cool on the characters too.
  9. Back in 2003, my brother got Sonic Heroes(PS2 version) for Christmas. He would always let me give story mode a shot form time to time, but most of time I would always watch him play the game, and I remember being amazed at how fast it was. From then on, I hooked on the series. I bought the most of the games, watched the so bad it's good 4kids dub of Sonic X, and I had a lot of Sonic merchandise.
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