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  1. I'm sure I'll get more than 10 posts before the submission date, so count me in to whip up something. I used to love remixing Sonic music back in the day
  2. Ah and you even used my favourite of the modern Doctors! And thanks
  3. I have no idea why but I really fancied joining a Sonic forum again... I guess I must be feeling nostalgia or something but I used to spend most of my time as a kid on these things. (I used also make tons of unfinished fan-games as you do.) Anyway, I'm just an average nerd I guess, who dabbles with video games for a living. I also have a tattoo of classic Sonic on my right arm and I'm British. I'm just saying 'ello, and we'll see how active I'll become or what awesome new friends I might make on my adventure! ^^
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